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Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 9

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Let’s begin
In the morning
All the youngsters decided to go for shopping kaira ashna and raj were in one car car and naksha and gayu were in one car
In kaira car
Kaira were sitting in front and ashna and raj were sitting back


Naira looked at kartik and smiled he also responded
Then naira tried to start a conversation
Naira:umm kartik actually
Kartik:wht happen naira
Naira:no nothing
Ashna:naira u know I’m so happy today
Naira:why ashna
Ashna:today I proposed my love and he accepted first he told that he loves someone else but then he told that she doesn’t love him so we can give it a try
Naira sees that ashna is looking at kartik and saying all this she thought that she is talking about kartik

They reach the mall naira wants to cry but she composed herself
Naira(monologue):why God why today I was going to tell kartik how much I love him but now no first I’ve to confirm if kartik is the boy about whom ashna was telling

Naira:what is your bf name ashna
Now naira was shocked she excused herself and went to the washroom and cried her heart out
After she came out she saw kartik and ashna hugging eo

On try other side
Naksha and gayu are in the mall they are shopping for Trisha sangeet
Gayu:bhabhi I think you And Bhai should wear the same colour clothes on sangeet it will look nice
Naksha looked at eo
Naksh:gayu you both do shopping I’ll come in a few minutes
Gayu:no how can u go u have to be hear
Then they went inside the shop
Gayu:bhaiya show latest lehenga designs
The salesman shows many designs but Trisha doesn’t like any and when gayu asks naksh to choose he also doesn’t like
Then the salesman shows a beautiful purple color lehenga with pink border
Both naksha select the lehenga at the smae time and look at eo
Gayu:arre wah your both choice is same
Naksha look at eo and smile shyly

They buy the lehenga and go out of the shop they hear that a girl is shouting at a boy they go to see and are shocked to see naira shouting at kartik

Naira Held kartik collar and said
Naira:how dare you kartik you told me that you love me and will always love me then why did u accept ashna proposal haan can’t you wait for my answer
Kartik:What r u saying naira
Naira:don’t act innocent ok today I was going to tell you that I love you but u didn’t wait u huh u don’t love me u told a lie
And she cries like a baby

Kartik :no naira u r misunderstanding me the boy ashna is talking about is not me only his name is kartik I love u and will always love only you
She asked innocently
Kartik:sacchi waise what u told now that u love me
Naira:yes Mr kartik sinha I love you a lot
Kartik:what omg I can’t believe it am I dreaming pls pinch me someone
Naira pinched him and he shouted
Kartik:yes it’s not a dream I’m so happy
And he hugs naira
Naksha rayu and ashna are very happy for them

Then they break the hug
Everyone come to the home now is the main task kaira are thinking how to tell Thai to family members

Jaideep and Trisha are still in sm (singhania mansion)

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