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Hello everyone.. I am back… now no talks.. as all are waiting for story.. so I will talk you at the end.. let’s move to story..
Abhigya was looking at that car.. someone gets out from it.. he is looking 60-70 year old man.. but he is looking shocked by seeing abhigya… suddenly maniyan came rushing..
Mani; welcome sir… it’s really a surprise.. as after 40 years you are coming back…
Man: are you maniyan?
Mani: yes sir..
Man: – who are they?
Mani: sir this is our new tourists.. this is abhishek mehra… pragya abhishek mehra… abhigya look at confused..
Mani: sir this is rajavarma.. owner of this resort… abhigya is also shocked by this.. Raja sir.. come in.. I have arranged everything.. Raja gets in.. but he is looking at abhigya… they both leaves..
Pra: abhishek.. this is rajavarma.. we can knew further story from him..
Ab: no fuggi.. do you watch his expressions.. he is really shocked to see us..
Pra: that’s usual na.. because he is seeing his friends in US..
Ab; but he has not excitement by seeing us..
Pra: haa abhishek.. as he knees that they had died..
Ab; no pragya… when seeing both of is he has some anger and fear.. may be he is the villain of this story
Pra: may be.. but how can we find that?
Ab: it’s only through maniyan. Uske mom can help us..
Pra: ya that’s right..

Scene shifted to rajas room.. Raja after maniyan leaves the room closed the door..
Ra: who’s that possible? How they both look like arunthathi and veer.. if they have come back.. no.. no way.. it’s me who killed them then how..
Background sound..
Rajavarma… are you feeling fear.. ha.. ha… we are waiting for this time.. for this… for your return back to the same place.. for that we need to wait 40 years… ha.. ha..
Sound ends..
Raja started to sweat…
Arundhathi.. arundhathi ki voice..
Fb shows…
Black magician : Raja.. now I tied both souls.. but they will surely come out and will came in front of you.. because what you did was really wrong..
Raja; hey swami.. don’t talk too much.. I have given you amount for what you did for me..
Blac: Raja.. arunthathi ka soul is free.. but she can’t do anything.. as she will only get power when veer set free..
Fb ends..
Ra: arunthathi.. you can anything.. you can’t harm me.. because your veer is not with you.. what you can do is only make me fear.. but this Raja will not fear.. by your sounds.. because I love you that much.. if you stand with me.. now you both will be alive.. and we will led a happy life.. it’s all your mistake.. you loves him.. and neglect my love… do you knew why i return back.. when maniyan send photos of new tourist.. i see you.. my arunthathi.. that’s make me to come back to this place.. the place I hated more because I lose you..
When Raja look through windows he sees abhigya sitting and chatting… rajas eyes roam around pragya.. abhi is watching this.. and signs pragya.. when pragya look at Raja.. he hides..
Ab:pragya… I told you na.. he is surely the villain..
Maniyan cames there.
Ab: maniyan.. can I talk with your mom..
Mani: of course sir.. I will drop you both at my home.. and I will leaves.. as Raja sir is here.. I can’t be there..
Ab: no mani.. you just tell the route we will go…
Abhigya goes to maniyans house..
Purbul alikhil reached the resort..
Pur: mani.. where is Bhai and pragya ?
Mani; they went out..
Bul:look purab.. we thought pragya take rest.. but they both go out..
Ali: they are married couple.. they want to spend some time alone na.
Pur; aliya is right.. they sees Raja..
Pu: are you new guest?
Ra; no I am the owner..
Pu:hllo sir.. actually this was a nice place.. just gave us a homely atmosphere..
Ra: haa.. it’s actually my old home..
Pu: so nice..
Ra: k.. I have already met your Bhai. And his wife.. if you don’t mind.. can you introduce you all..
Raja from purab collects all the data which he needs.. and goes out..
Scene shifted to maniyans house


Ab: aunty… we need some help.. can you help us..
Mani mom: ya beta.. what can I do for you..
Pr: we need to knew about arunthathi And veer..
Manimom: I knew you both will came in front of me to knew about them.. what you need to knew..
Pr: we knew they both love each other.. and now they are not alive..
Manimom; now they are not.. and sees the ring on pragyas hand.
Manimom:from where you got this..
Pra: from that waterfall..
Manimom: which means you make veer free..
Pra: what?
Manimom: haa.. beti… I knew this day will arrives.. because that Raja must feel for what sin he did..
Ab: aunty.. do you tell everything clearly..
Manimom: yes..
When arunthathi and veer confess their love there is an extra third person who sees this.. and extended his help.. it was raja.. but his plan was not to make them both unite..
Raja loves arunthathi a lot.. but arunthathi considered him as brother.. Raja knew her character very well and it’s not easy to get her into his life.. so he did a drama.. he plays a dual role in which in front of arunthathi and veer he stands as their supporter.. and in front of rajendra varma.. who is dad of arunthathi stand against veer.. as rajendra varma hates veer.. rajendra varma decided aruthathis marriage with raja..Raja make arunthathi and veer believes that he is doing just a drama.. and on the marriage day I have a plan.. through which you both get united…
Pr: then what happens on that marriage day?
Episode ends…
Hope you all like this part.. I don’t knew I write it up to your expectations.. and this track of arunthathi and ever will ends with 2 or 3 episodes.. as I thinks it’s not good to drag it a lot.. and this is my 50 th episode.. thanks everyone to making me reach at this half century point.. at this I need to tell some special thanks to my friends and sis..
First of all I will thank to the one who is the reason of my writing its my priya ( riya).. I don’t if she is angry on me.. sorry actually that was a error while typing..thank you dear.. as it’s your comments make me to write with out fear.. thanks for coming in my life….
Thanks a lot for my group of pyaari sis… monesha ( chotu), asmitha ( achu), suhani ( suha), vishu ( vishwaja), saranya ( darlu), lokha, ani.. maha.. sugan di… di ( di can you tell your real name ), prathi… riyadicruz… reshma (reshu)..nini.. adithi.. Emmy.. elinor.. nirmal.. sandy.. varshavenkat.. vaishali.. ammu.. priyamvada.. nadana.. anu.. ammu.. silentreader Kristy.. Maya.. I am his chashmish.. balasonika.. lucky.. sweety.. rose.. I am his chashmish… princess.. princesskrisha.. Trisha.. roli.. Mzaher… priyanka.. durga..( missing you alot) sheerapthinisd.. sethidisha.. abiya…

Thanks alot.. rajesh.. mukund..
Sorry if I missed anyone.. because of all your support I reached at this point.. thanks a lot for coming to my life. Giving your love and supports…. see you with next episode..

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