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Hello everyone lets go to story directly…
abhi brings pragya to his room.. and make her sit in bed.. he can see her tensed face..
Ab: fuggi.. why are you tensed. It must be somewhat illusion..
Pr: no abhishek.. I have seen it our images… and I with someone else.. but I don’t knew him..
Abhi placed his head on her shoulder.. pragya placed her head on his.. abhi holds her hands and gives a kiss on it..
Ab: don’t worry fuggi.. I am with you na.. they both smiles.. suddenly pragya turns her face to other side.. and looking as tensed.. ( the reason is now she can feel the presence someone. As she feels his/ her head on her shoulder )but can’t see anything.. suddenly pragya moves.. while abhi falls on bed..
Ab: fuggi.. what are you doing?
Pr:I am really sorry abhishek..
Someone knocks at door.. it’s purbul and taakhil..
Pur: hllo what’s you both are doing.. are you planned to stay here..
Ali: di.. why are you looking tensed..
Ab: because your di have seen some photo..
Ali; photos…
Ab: it’s just her illusion..
Bul: pragya lets go out..
Pr; k I will come after changing my dress..
All leaves…

Pragya by looking at mirror.. is that’s my illusion.. but I really seems it.. and feel something too.. I don’t knew what is happening around me.. but there is something mischievous here..
While pragya talking to mirror.she can see an another pragya and abhi in mirror.. as there were in same dress what she seems..
Pragya is moving angrily..
Abhi calls her.. arundhathi… sees stops.
Aru:veer what you need now.. ( actually veer is abhis name )
Veer: aru.. don’t get angry..
Aru: I told you don’t call me like that.. if you need to call me with any other name call me as achu
Veer: k achu.. it’s just a drama.. as just to see your love..
Aru: love.. who told you I loves u..
Veer: so you don’t love me right..
Aru: haa I don’t..
Veer:but this eyes is telling that you are in love with veer..
Aru:then what all things this eyes told you..
Veer: achu.. become jealous by seeing me with an another.. that too as I hold her hands and talking a lot..
Aru: veer.. what you think about me.. can I love someone like you..
Veer holds her by waist..


Veer: so tell me achu.. you don’t love me..
As his grip and gaze was too intense.. she can’t hide her feelings..
Aru: I love you veer and hugs her..
Veer:I love you achu..
This is scene being watched by someone…
As this scenes get away when abhi comes to room by calling fuggi..
Ab:fuggi.. you didn’t even change your dress..
Pragya stand like a statue..
Ab: fuggi..
Pr:sorry just one minute..
Ab: if you wishes so I will help you in changing the dress…
Pr: I don’t need your help.. just stand out..
Ab: what is the need of I am standing outside.. I am your husband.. and I have no problem if you change it in front of me..
Pr: you have no problem.. but I have.. she forced him to stand out..
Pr: what I saw is real.. veer.. arundhathi.. they are look just like me and abhishek.. who is that person.. she look one more time in mirror.. but can’t see anything…
Pragya dressed up and came down with abhi..
Nik: wow.. at last bhabhi… aagayi..
Pr: so purab.. where are we going?
Pu: pragya… first we go to watch water fall..
Ab: that’s nice.. they reach near waterfall.. it’s villagan falls.. really most beautiful pic drawn by nature… by seeking it from a long distance we just feel that we are watching milk flowing out from pot.. it’s too depth and with intense flow..
All looked amazed..

Bul:purab lets go to that part..
She pointed to other side of waterfall to reach there .. they need to cross the fall.. all 3 pairs walks slowly and reached at that spot..
Ab; fuggi.. it’s really a nice place na.. truly beautiful and romantic.. this spot reminds me that cave.. they both smiles..
Pr: abhishek can we walk.. as through the bank’s.. they can walk. Abhigya started to walk. Where purbul and alikhil are enjoying in water.. pragya holds his hand….
Ab: fuggi.. how much problems come between us na.. at one point I just feel that I lost you.. pragya sees abhis wet eyes
Pr:abhishek.. what are you speaking. How can I forget my promise.. how can I go away from you.. my life is you.. each of your heart beat is for me.. she hugs him.. and he hugs back.. it was at that time pragya sees a tree there.. she walks near to it.. and touches it spark… there she saw a love shape scarved at his bark.. she takes a stone.. and writes.. pragya and abhishek… on either side and shows abhi..
Pr: this is a symbol of our love.. it will stay longer here.. even if we died too..
Purab calls them..
Ab: coming purab… fuggi lets go.. while moving her dupatta got stuck in something.. and she checked it and gets some ring.. it was a simple.. beautiful ring.. in love shape on it.. she wears it on her hand and goes…
Bul: lets go.. as night came.. so many wild animals passes through this route.. k.. they leaves..
All reached home and goes to respective rooms..
Pragya sits near dressing table.. to remove her earnings.. and bangles.. abhi comes close to her and helps her to remove her ear rings.. and bangles.. and take her in arm’s.. and placed on bed.. abhi falls over her..
Pr: abhishek.. what are you doing… I need to fresh..
Ab: there is no fresh now.. and places his hands on her lips..
Pr:a.. a.. he gave a liplock to her.. pragya too respond to it.. abhi removes her dupatta.. he holds her in her waist… he make her so close to him.. pragya place her heads on abhis chest.. and remove his shirt.. and moves her hands through his chest.. abhi falls in sleep.. pragya too.. as suddenly she turns to next side.. sees an ugly figure.. screen shifts at her shocked face..
Episode ends..

So guys what’s really happened around pragya is all her illusion or not.. lets wait and see

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