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Hello everyone.. I am Back with my ff.. I knew all are waiting for me.. k if any one forget the story.. I will have you all a short summary..
Pragya came to a new place for a job.. she is working at nikhils company.. the first meeting of abhigya take place on the day she came to this place… but it was not sweet one.. because pragya mistakes abhi in this first meeting itself as goon.. then they met more than two times but situations always create clash between them.. abhi is the member of Mehta family.. whose father is abhinav.. mother preethu.. sister bulbul.. there is another family too sarla her children purab and aliya.. they are considered as part of this family even though are not.. when there is no one for sarla and family.. they gave a place to live.. pragya and bulbul are friends from college.. when nikhil tries to misbehave with pragya.. it’s abhi saves her and give a job too.. slowly abhi and pragya starts to melt for each other.. and started to love each other.. pragya have no one other than dadi.. because she lose her family in accident.. later it’s known that pragya is sarlas daughter and abhigyas engagement happens.. it was during that time abhi knew a big truth of his life.. as what he thought as his family is not his.. he loses his parents at childhood.. and abhinav is servant of his father.. and gave promise to father that he will look after him.. and nikhil is his brother as takur is his fathers brother.. he is not a bad man. Loves abhi a lot.. after that it’s known that purab and bulbul love each other and aliya and nikhil too.. abhigyas marriage got fixed.. and they have to face a lot troubles during that time. And marriage got happen.. abhi finds his fuggi who is kidnapped by Mr. X who create trouble between them.. now abhi.. purab pragya is coming back to house after all drama.. lets move on to story now
They reached home.. bulbul and aliya is waiting for them..

Bul:pragya and hugs her.. aliya:di and started to cry.. di its all because of me.. sorry sorry di..
Pr: alu.. no need of this.. I knew my sister and she can’t be think bad of me.. aliya hugs her..
Pu: alu.. don’t get tensed all problems get solved.. from now nothing will trouble us.. and sorry..
Aliya hugs purab..
Ali: no sorry bhudhus..
Sarla: so you trio come back.. abhi what is this? Doctor ask you take rest but you.. and pragya… I have kept food for you but where you go.. I was watching you three as nowadays there are lot of secrets between you.. secret meeting.. what’s all happening
Abhi placed his hands on sarlas shoulder..
Ab: maa.. don’t worry.. nothing secret.. maa.. bring food to room I will make my fuggi to eat it..
Sar: k beta..


Abhigya goes to their room.. pragya make him sit..
Pragya removes his shirt and look at stich… actually it’s bleeding..
Ab: ouch… pragya slowly removes bandage and tie again.. she is crying.. abhi make her sit on bed..
Abhi wipe her tears.. and placed his hands on her face..
Ab: look fuggi.. don’t cry.. as this is not paining when you are with me.. your absence is pain for me.. so don’t go away from me.. pragya hugs him.. Ab: fuggi… from this dayonwards we are going for a new start.. a new journey of our life.. so let’s start it with a romantic kiss pragya get shy.. abhi moves his lips to his far.. suddenly..someone knocks the door..
Ab: oh… correct timing pragya smiles.. she goes and opened door.. it was sarla..
Sa: I have taken food for both of you.. and goes..
Pragya takes food and sits in bed..
Pr; I will make you eat and you must do the same with me.. let’s start our new life with this..
Ab: with this.. not kiss.. too bad fuggi..
Pr: we must have that after sometime.

Ab: aftersometime so sweet of you.. both have food..
Pr: abhishek.. I just fresh up and come..
Ab: there is no need of that now.. and hold her hands and pulled her close to him.. he place his hands on waist.. and make her close..
Pr: abhishek.. what are you doing now? Just leave me..
Ab: it’s really tough for you to get away from me..
Pr: I can because now you can’t move that shoulder.. but I don’t wish.. pragya smiles.. someone knock the door again..
Ab: aagayi… new enemy.. I don’t knew whenever I try to close with you always someone disturbs us.. I think godji too don’t like this.. pragya smiles seeing his condition.. it was purab… abhi gave an angry look..
Pu: Bhai… why are you looking me like this.. is my entry at wrong time..
Ab: haa..
Pu: can I go now?
Pr: no you just wait here.. I will go and fresh up.. abhi look at pragya.. pragya smiles
Pu:Bhai.. I came to tell you that my engagement date get confirmed..
Abhi : wow that’s great..
Pu: but Bhai.. there is a problem
Abhi: what?

Pu: nikhil.. how will me make takur uncle for that..
Ab: don’t worry purab I will take care of it.. you just start to dream about bulbul.. its I and pragyas duty to make it as dhamakidal..
Purab smiles…
Pu: pragya aagayi.. so I am leaving.. you both must be too tried so sleep well.. Good night Bhai.. and pragya..
Purab leaves..
Abhi lock the door..
Ab: now let’s see who will come between us.. abhi starts to move forward and pragya backward..
Ab: today you can’t escape from me fuggi.. abhi holds her waist.. and make her close to his chest..
Ab: you are breathing so heavily.. may be because of me right and touched her lips.. and gave liplock..
They broke the kiss..
Suddenly another knock..
Ab; again.. how much time this drama goes on..
It’s bulbul..
Bul: pragya.. come fast with me there is something important.. and make her go with her..
Abhi; fuggi.. fuggi… they both leaves.. he waits for her a long time and falls in sleep.. pragya returns and sees him sleeping.. she make him wear blanket and give a kiss on forehead..
Episode ends…

Guys I knew its really short.. but I will update next part soon.. and I need to make a new path to story.. I am just working for that.. so please wait for me..

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