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Naamkaran 8th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 8th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Ashish trying to tell Asha why did he not come. Asha says I m sure you had some work. He says no and cries. Neela calls Dayaben and tells about Ashish’s emergency, he left from dinner. Dayaben says don’t know when will he change. Neela asks Dayaben why does it look emptiness when they want some thing badly and then they get it. Dayaben says this is life, there is always thirst for something, something is always incomplete. Neela says you said right, thanks. Dayaben asks her to sleep. Neela ends call and misses Ashish. Dayaben wonders about emergency…..


Ashish has the ring in his hand and comes home. He hears some sound and goes to his room. Dayaben asks servant to check well. Ashish asks whats all this. Dayaben says Asha is snatching you from us, she did the magic, don’t worry, I m there and nothing will happen. She says there is something like thread. Ashish says there is nothing like black magic. Dayaben says it happens, I m raised in jungle, I have seen people doing black magic, my heart is saying there is something. She removes the painting. Ashish says there is nothing and shouts.

Dayaben says its magic, see your face color got pale. He says there is nothing, calm down. She asks does she tie any thread to you. She checks him. He shouts Maa enough. He asks servant to make room fine. He asks Dayaben to calm down. She says she would serve you food and water. He says yes, she gives me food and water, there is magic. She says I told you, there is magic.

He says yes, its magic of love, they are my family, Avni is my blood, my daughter, like I love you, I love them too. She pushes him and asks are you not ashamed to say this, how can you call them your family. He says they are my family, I can’t leave them, I love them, I could not meet my daughter’s eyes today, I could not keep the promise, I hate myself. He shouts. Dayaben says fine, hate yourself, you will marry Neela, you won’t cheat Neela, I won’t let this happen. He folds hands and asks her not to do this. He says if you want nothing wrong happens with Neela, stop this marriage. He says don’t make me do this, I feel like I leave everything and go there, I felt this for the first time.

Dayaben holds him and says come with me. All family members come and see. Dayaben asks Ashish to get out and throws him outside the door. She says Asha ruined you and asks Devi Maa to help her and protect her son. She says its some magic, so my son is saying he will leave the house. Ashish gets shocked and asks Dayaben to stop it. She cries. He says enough, I won’t go anywhere, calm down. She asks are you saying true. Ashish hugs her.

Asha prays for Ashish. Ashish calls her and talks about Avni. He tells her that he wanted to come. She says don’t worry, Avni’s anger won’t be for long. He holds the ring and says I want to tell something imp. She asks him to say. He sees Dayaben coming and says I will meet at night, and tell you everything. He ends call.

Asha looks for Avni. Dayaben hugs Ashish and tells him that she got a thread to tie to his hand. He says I don’t believe this. She says but I do, I have bear many sorrows, I will not lose so soon, get freshen up, you have to meet Neela. Asha tries to tell Avni that Ashish was really busy and could not come. Avni says she wants to know truth.

Asha tries to pacify Avni and ties her hair plaits. She asks what will you have in breakfast. Avni says I m not hungry. Asha asks her to give sandwiches to Ali, anyways he will take his share. Asha says your Papa will come today, he loves you a lot, you know it. Avni says I want to know truth, Papa should say truth why he did not come on sports day, whats important than me that he broke promise to me.

Kia takes Avni’s copy and reads it. She reads Avni’s statement that she will not be angry with her father.

Update Credit to: Amena

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