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Naamkaran 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Neela telling Ashish about dating etiquettes. He laughs. She says look at your expression, I love you so much. Ketan and everyone is engagement pics at home. Dayaben comes home and asks for Ashish. Diksha says he won’t come so soon, he went on date. Ketan asks Dayaben to see engagement pics. Dayaben asks them to carry on. Diksha says don’t know to whom Hasmukh talks so much. Dayaben asks where is Hasmukh, tell him to meet me at office tomorrow.

Asha and Avni sit making the candy stick house. Asha says your Papa came, have food with him. Ashish comes to meet them. Asha opens the door. She hugs him. He apologizes. She asks why are you saying sorry. He says because I should have come before. She asks Avni to see Papa has come. She asks Ashish to talk to Avni, she is much annoyed. She shuts the windows and pulls curtains. Ashish holds his emotions and smiles. He goes to Avni and hugs her.

He asks Avni is she angry, I broke the promise. He says sorry many times and hugs her. She goes. He goes after her and says I m sorry, forgive me. He asks Asha to help. Asha asks Avni to forgive Ashish. Ashish says please forgive me. Avni goes. Asha says Ashish, I m scared of her silence. He nods and goes to Avni. He checks the trophy and acts. He says its heavy and falls down. He crawls to Avni and tries to make her smile. He says I m proud of you, you came first.

Avni sits annoyed. He says I will do what you say, promise, tell me what you want, I will get it, if I could not get, then you don’t talk to me ever. He says I think Avni wants to punish me, fine, I will do sit ups, holding ears. He does situps. Avni cries and asks will you give what I ask for. He says yes, I will give whatever you ask, tell me what you want. She says I want truth. Asha and Ashish worry. Ashish asks what truth. Avni asks why did he not come. He says I got stuck in work. She asks him not to lie, eyes never lie, what imp work he had. Asha asks her whats this way to talk to Papa. Ashish stops Asha.

Ashish says flight got delayed. Avni says say truth. Ashish says there was traffic. Avni says say truth and throws her trophy. Asha slaps Avni. Ashish hugs Avni. Avni gets away and says Papa broke promise, why did you slap me, I won race, Papa lied, why did you slap me, you elders ask children to say truth, why do you lie then. Asha cries.

Ashish asks Avni to listen, the truth is there are some things which I don’t know how to explain you. Avni says there are many things, you don’t stay with us, mum shuts windows when you come, you don’t stay here at night, why are we not a normal family, I want to know truth, tell me Papa. She shouts and runs to her room.

Asha cries and gives water to Ashish. He says Avni said right, we taught her to say truth, then why do we lie. He cries and says its all my mistake. Asha says Avni has become stubborn, I will explain her, we started our lives on our terms, even she has to accept it. He asks what did you say, she has to hide and live, then whats difference in you and my mum, tell me. She cleans the mess. He says even my mum wants all of us to live life on her terms. She says I can’t say some helplessness, I did not ask you, even Avni should not ask you. They both cry. He says you won’t like to know why I did not come…

Ashish tells Dayaben that I can’t leave Asha and Avni, I could not fulfil promise to Avni, I felt like running away. Dayaben kicks Ashish out of the house and says she has ruined you, leave from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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