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Naamkaran 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Avni telling Asha that her mehendi is good. Asha asks what did your Dadi say. Avni says she will forgive me, she will come. Fatima says you should have not called, world is bad. Sumi says don’t break her trust, Lord is testing us. Fatima says yes, Lord tests poor people. Avni hears car horn and says Papa came. They all go to see. The car passes. Asha cries. Avni too gets sad. She says I did mistake, mumma, don’t take stress, you just smile. She asks Asha not to worry. She wishes Ashish comes soon, as Asha is very tensed.

Dayaben hugs Ashish and says I became a widow, your dad got attacked by violence, I did not get his body to do his final rites. She cries and says I remember his words, to keep him alive, and I have kept him alive by my hatred, and did not let my

wounds heal. She says I had to fulfil my promise. FB shows Ashish and Ketan looking for Dayaben. Dayaben hugs Ashish while the riots continue. She sees little Ketan. She stops seeing the men coming and takes Ashish with her. She leaves Ketan. Men run past Ketan. FB ends. She says I left Ketan to save you, I left him to that devil’s pity.

She says keep this a secret always, I kept this secret for years, that’s I got this asthma, promise me you won’t tell this to Ketan, he will get upset. Ashish promises. She says those people killed your dad, you are marrying Asha. He says the one who killed dad were someone else, they have no relation with Asha and Avni, whatever happened was very bad, why do you hold Asha and Avni responsible for this. Dayaben gets angry and kicks Ashish. She says don’t give me lecture, answer me, will you marry Neela or get relation with the murderers. He says even Asha’s dad faced all this, our side people have burnt her dad’s stable, but she did not hold any hatred, please leave this hatred.

She kicks him with her leg and says you are making her equal to me, I thought you will change decision after knowing your dad’s truth, your blood has become water now, I did mistake to save you that night, you made me lose, you go, leave from here. Ashish cries. She asks her husband to see, what is Ashish doing, he made both of us lose, I can’t fulfil your promise, forgive me, go to them, remember you are not my son from today. He shouts Maa. She says you will not light my funeral. He asks her not to say this. She gets a diya and throws to ignite fire. Ashish shouts Maa…. And jumps inside the fire. He holds her. She pushes him away. Ketan breaks the mirror and opens the door. Ashish asks Hasmukh and Ketan to blow off the fire.

He asks how can you commit suicide, cowards do this. She says I have courage to commit suicide. She emotionally blackmails him. He asks her to stop talking about death. Hasmukh and Ketan blow off fie by putting water. Ashish says I can’t lose you Maa. She says then marry Neela, leave that woman, I have left Ketan for you. She asks him to see Ketan. Ashish cries.

Avni waits for Ashish and cries. She prays Ashish comes back soon. Ashish says I can’t lose you Maa and hugs her. He says I agree. Dayaben smiles. Asha wakes up by prayers’ call. She sees Avni offering Namaz and cries happily. Avni then goes to light diya. Avni asks Asha to come infront of her, as she knows Asha is watching her by hiding. Avni says you got tired at night, so I thought to let you sleep and pray as you do. Asha asks how did you learn this. Avni says I have seen you and Ali also taught me, you know the exciting thing is to watch you becoming bride, I m sure you will look world’s best bride, I will make you ready that Papa will just see you. She teases Asha and hugs her. Asha calls Ashish and worries as he does not answer.

Avni calls Ashish. Ashish looks for his phone. He gets his phone and answers. Avni says Papa….. Dayaben takes his phone. Avni asks when will you come. Dayaben talks to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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