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Naamkaran 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Avni and Ali inviting everyone in Ashish and Asha’s marriage. Avni asks Ali to come fast. Ashish thinks of Neela’s words. Asha comes to him and asks what are you thinking, I was calling you. He says I was thinking to finish some incomplete work. Asha asks him to say if she can help. He says no, you did a lot, there are some works which just I have to do, before proceeding to new relations, I have to end old things, I will make an imp call and come, I love you. He goes out and calls Neela.

Neela says this is called heart to heart connection, I was thinking to call you and your call came. He says I need to say something imp. She says even I have to say something imp, wait, there is network issue. He says Neela, I don’t love you, so I m going to marry the one I love.

 She does not hear him well. He says you are my good friend, I don’t want to lose you, forgive me, it will be big thing if you can become part of my happiness. She says hello Ashish…. He says I should have met you and said this, its hard for me, Neela please say something. She does not hear anything. He thinks she heard and says I m sorry Neela. Call does not connect again.

Hemant asks what happened Neela. She says I m not able to understand, was it true what he said. He says don’t scare me. She says I could not hear him well, actually Ashish was saying, Neela I love….. and marrying the one whom he loves…. He says whats there to worry, its good thing. She says yes, but Ashish is not vocal about his emotions, when he said today, I felt strange. He says this is your problem if he expresses love, you are thinking.

Ketan, Hetal and Riya try to get the house door. Hasmukh and Diksha come and try to reach Dayaben. They cry and think what’s happening to their happiness. They all worry for Dayaben.

Ali asks Avni why is she going to Kia’s house. Avni says I have to invite Kia and her parents. Ali asks are you mad, they insulted you. Avni says I have to invite them. She sees Shalu and recalls the incident. She hugs Shalu and apologizes to her. Shalu gets angry and makes her away. Avni apologizes to Kia for hitting her. She says mumma says good kids don’t fight, its bad thing. She asks Shalu to forget what happened in morning, I know you always say truth, but I feel bad and angry, but see how good thing is happening, I should thank Kia for this, my family will also get normal family, its mum and dad’s marriage, I made card by my hands for you.

Shalu says marriage is not a doll game and throws card. Avni does not lose her cool and says marriage is tomorrow, you all come. Shalu asks Kia to come. Avni asks Kia to come, I will wait for you. Ali says Avni I told you not to call Kia. Avni says I did my duty by inviting them, now its their decision. Ali says this card is left, there is no name and address. Avni says I don’t know address, but I have to invite her for Papa. He asks who. She smiles.

Ketan says I won’t call Ashish, its happening because of him. Hasmukh says fine, say if there is any other option, you know your mum. Hetal and Diksha ask Ketan not to be adamant. Ali asks Avni is she sure to call Chudail, sorry your Dadi. Avni says yes, Papa wanted her to come, I will invite her. He asks do you think she will agree. She says don’t know, I m scared to talk to her. He says think again, if she comes and takes your Papa. She says no, Papa is saying true, he said he will marry my mumma, he won’t leave us, this time Dadi can’t make Papa away from us. He asks her to think again.

Avni sees Lord idol and calls Dayaben. Dayaben says its Ashish’s call and asks Lord to play game. She talks on phone. Avni says Dadi… Dayaben asks who is it. Avni says its me Avni Mehta, its mum and dad’s marriage tomorrow. Dayaben gets shocked and says don’t make relations. Avni says relations are made, I called you to invite in marriage, I did not had your address so could not send card, but I made card by my hands, are you annoyed with me, whatever happened today, sorry for that, I accept the punishment, I m ready to write sorry 100 times, forgive me, I was afraid in morning and felt you came to snatch my Papa, now we will be one family, mum said everything is shared in family, Papa misses you a lot, I heard him, if you come in marriage tomorrow, we all will feel good.

Avni says everyone’s Dadi used to come in school’s grandparents day, I used to miss you, will you come with me, I will tell everyone that Papa will come on parents day and Dadi will come on grandparents day, our family will complete, tell me will you come. Dayaben gets shocked. Avni says hello Dadi….? She says I think call ended. Ali asks what did she say. Avni says she did not get angry or scold, she did not refuse, it means she will come in marriage. They get glad. Dayaben says now I understand Lord’s game, I will not lose, I learnt from you to find way to get aim, if way is tough, don’t change destination, but change way.

Avni says its my mum and dad’s marriage, it will be Nikaah and Shaadi. Fatima and Asha are glad. Ashish says I have to go for some time, I will just come. Avni asks will you come back. Ashish asks do you doubt. She says no. He leaves. Dayaben pours kerosene to ignite fire.

Update Credit to: Amena

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