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Naamkaran 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dayaben crying and thinking Avni is bad blood, I won’t let her ruin my relation with my son. Avni smiles seeing the candy stick house. Ashish kisses Asha and thanks her for coffee. Asha asks him to go to Dayaben. He says fine, I will not come back then, do you agree. She asks can you stay happy without Maa. He says yes, I love my Maa a lot and can’t live without her, its not about love, its about right and wrong, she hates you as you are Muslim, I object to this hatred. She asks why does Maa hate us.


He says I m trying to understand this since years, she never tells me, I never understand this, she will love you if you are hindu and hate you if you are muslim, she should see person like a person. She says you should go to her. He asks what type of mum are you, you

have seen Avni’s state. She says I know mum’s pain, we can’t force our decision on Maa. He asks can we force this on Avni. Asha says I can’t see you breaking, Avni will understand. Ashish says I can’t see Avni sad, Maa has to understand, she is wrong. Avni hears them and comes. She asks what happened. Ashish hugs her. He says mumma and Papa are fighting. Avni says yippie, its great fun. Ashish laughs.

Avni asks what happened, best friends fight, you both are best friends now. They hug and laugh. Hemant and Neela come to the hotel. Hemant gives tip to hotel guy. Neela says there is no network here. Hotel manager Nattu comes and welcomes Hemant. Hemant jokes. Nattu laughs. Neela says there is no mobile network. Nattu says there is problem, so I keep two mobiles. Hemant says Neela, when will he stop. Nattu asks what to shut, door or window. Hemant says where did Daya trap me. He asks Nattu to go and drink water.

Asha gets ready. She gets Fatima’s call and answers. Fatima asks her to stop that song, you are crying for Ashish. Asha says there is a good news, Ashish has come. Fatima asks what shall I do, shall I dance or feed poor people, Ashish will go. Asha asks are you drunk. Ashish comes and hugs Asha. Fatima asks Asha what does she think. Asha says Ashish has come forever. Fatima asks do you think I m fool. Ashish takes phone and says everyone get silent hearing you, I m your son in law, I came as you threatened me. Fatima gets glad.

Fatima says I did not mean that. Ashish says I thought you are drink. She says no, my voice is such. Ashish says I like your voice. Asha asks Fatima is she sure now. Fatima says yes, its use of my talking and ends call. She cries happily. Tiku asks what happened. Fatima says Ashish has come to Asha forever, they will settle now. Tiku thanks the Lord.

She says my daughter has bear a lot, I m scared that this happiness is short, happiness always cheat. He says don’t say this. She asks him to pray.

Ketan says we can hide truth from Neela, if Ashish tells her, he can save his house, not ours. Dayaben says your dad used to say, we should decide what to leave, name or thoughts, I won’t let any stain get on my husband’s name. Asha tells Avni that Ashish went for some work. Avni says I m going to play cricket, tell Papa when he comes. Asha says where could Ashish go.

Ashish is in his car and says Asha and Avni have bear a lot of sorrows, its my responsibility to keep them happy. He goes to market. He calls Asha and asks how are you Ashudi. She asks where are you, Avni asked me, whats this sound. He says I came to market, tell me, what veg to buy. She says no, they will give you bad vegs. He says how will I learn then, I m getting married and family feeling for the first time, I like this, I love you. She smiles. He says stop smiling, tell me what do you want, I m director, have come confidence. She says tomato. He says I came to buy tomato, bring some romance, say this way, spicy with love.

Asha laughs and says fine, I will say by love. Door bell rings. She laughs and opens the door. She gets shocked seeing Dayaben. Ashish says Ashudi… Asha bends to touch Dayaben’s feet and stops. Dayaben sees Asha wearing mangalsutra and having sindoor in hairline. She gets inside the house and sees temple. She removes her slippers and makes idol towards the direction. Asha gets tensed and her hands shake. She pours water in the glass and gives her. Dayaben smiles and says hand shakes when there is thief in heart, why did you get silent. Asha asks what did I steal from you. Dayaben says my son, if you had right on him, you would have not got scared, go and pack your bag, you want to come my home with Ashish right. Asha nods. Dayaben says then go and pack bags. Dayaben asks her not to get Avni’s bags, as her house does not have place for sins, go to orphanage and put her. Asha says my children are not sin, they are given by Lord. Dayaben says its my son’s mistake. Asha cries.

Avni sees Ashish’s phone ringing and answers. She asks who are you. Neela says my father kept my name Neela. Avni says my Papa kept my name Avni. Asha asks whom are you talking to. Avni says Papa’s friend Neela. Neela says I m not his friend, I m his fiancée. Avni gets shocked.

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