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Naamkaran 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ashish leaving from the hall. Dayaben says he is not my son now. Ketan says what will we tell Neela and Hemant. Ketan and Diksha go to Ashish. Ashish packs his bag. Ketan asks him not to leave, what will happen of Neela, what will we tell Hemant. Ashish says I gave my word to Avni. Ketan and Diksha hug him and ask him not to leave. Ashish says you love me, come with me. Ketan says this can’t happen. Ashish says then leave from here. Diksha asks will you leave us for strangers. Ashish says they are not strangers, they are my family.


Ashish asks them to leave. Ketan says if anything happens to Maa, I will never forgive you. Ashish gets his bag and comes to take blessings from Dayaben. She says she can’t bless him to get ruined. Hasmukh says everything will get fine,

be strong. Ashish meets the servants too. He removes the thread which Dayaben tied to his wrist and throws it in havan fire. Dayaben gets shocked. Ashish takes the burnt pics and leaves. Dayaben gets angry and stares at Hasmukh. Diksha says its good hemant went to kuldevi darshan, what will we tell him.

Dayaben says we have to tell him truth. Ketan says Neela’s engagement will break. Diksha says it will be unfair with Neela. Hasmukh says Maa is right. Hetal curses Asha and Avni.

Asha ties hair plaits to Avni. Avni says I m thinking to get hair cut. Asha is lost in thoughts. Avni turns to her. Asha asks will you never forgive Papa. Avni says we will promise to not hide anything from today. Asha promises her. Avni makes her smile and says a hug joins broken heart also. They hug. Asha cries. Avni consoles her.

Avni cries and controls her emotions. Asha says I will pack your tiffin. Guard comes and gives milk. Avni says you got milk late, have it daily, healthy body leads to healthy mind. He says I understand and goes. Ashish comes to meet Avni. Avni looks at him. He gets his bag. Ashish says I have to come to stay here forever like a normal family, will you forgive me. Asha comes and sees him and says you here, why are you standing at the door. Asha shuts door and goes to shut windows. Ashish says let windows be open. He goes to Avni and removes his shoes.

He says you want to know truth right, the truth is you are not illegitimate, you are my daughter, children are never illegitimate, parents are illegitimate….. Avni cries. Ashish says Papa did wrong with you, forgive me. He holds his ears. Avni asks will you stay here forever. Ashish nods. Avni asks him to promise. He says promise. Avni hugs Ashish and cries. Asha cries happily. They ask Asha to come. Asha hugs them and they all cry. Avni wipes Ashish’s tears. They all wipe their tears. Avni asks does normal family wipe tears like this. Asha and Ashish laugh. Avni says I love you. Ashish kisses Avni and says I love you too.

Dayaben and Ketan go to meet Hemant. She greets Hemant and gets distracted seeing muslim driver. She says I need to say something imp. Hemant asks her to say, Neela comes and asks are you guys coming with us. Hemant says you are Neela’s mum, Neela got a mum and loving husband. Dayaben recalls Ashish’s words. She asks him to get marriage date. Hemant says why shall we delay, come with us, we will get them married. Dayaben says no, just take the date. Hemant and Neela leave. Dayaben tells Ketan that she will fulfil her promise, Ashish will come back, I m hurt he went, but he can’t stay without me, that is not his world, I will not let him become part of that family, I know how to get Ashish.

Avni says presenting the famous film director, my handsome Papa, Mr. Ashish Mehta. Ashish gets a call from Dayaban. She cries and asks how are you.

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