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Naamkaran 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts Avni calling from school. She tells Asha that principal mam called you and Papa. Asha asks why, what happened. Avni ends call. Ali asks when did principal mam call your dad, why did you lie. Avni says I want to know truth and I will know it. Neela talks to the girl Anji, and finds her hurt. Anji is hurt as her parents lied to her. Neela asks doctor to take care of Anji. She says why does parents lie and not understand children’s pain, truth hurts once and lie hurts again and again.


Asha gets ready and applies bindi. She leaves for Avni’s school. Ali’s mom stops her, and asks are you going to school, Ali called and asked me to come, why are you scared. Asha asks is your husband not going. Ali’s mom says why to worry, there is no need for him. Sumi comes and asks where

are they going. Ali’s mom says we are called at school. Asha says Avni called and asked me to come. Sumi asks why did Avni call you. Ali’s mom says maybe she did something. They take a taxi and leave.

Ali talks to peon and worries that his mom will not leave him. He asks Avni why did she fight today. Avni asks who told you to get in between. He asks will your Papa come to meet principal mam.

Ashish is at children’s NGO. He gets Hasmukh’s call. Hasmukh says I need to talk something imp, Dayaben called me at office and asked me to explain you, if you fall this time, she will not save you. Ashish asks what did you say. Hasmukh says I said I will try, problem increased after engagement with Neela, Dayaben will not accept Asha and Avni, what did you decide. Ashish says nothing, I can’t forget my daughter. Hasmukh asks him to think well. Ashish asks what would you be if you were in my place. Hasmukh says I would have settled Asha and Avni somewhere and return home. Ashish says it means you could not understand my problem, thanks. Hasmukh tries to explain, and Diksha hears him. Ashish ends call. Diksha doubts on him and questions. He jokes. He asks her not to doubt and convinces her.

Ashish calls Asha. Neela sees Ashish. Asha gets down the taxi and answers his call. He says sorry, I could not read your message on time, is everything fine. Neela says you here, its my lucky day. He asks Asha to wait. He gives cheque to Neela for her NGO and says I will go. Neela asks him to come, and takes him. Ashish says I have ongoing call, wait. He tells Asha that he will call later and ends call. Asha gets thinking. Ali’s mom keeps notes and asks Asha to pay the taxi fare. Asha pays the fare. Ali’s mom says principal madam Shri knows me well, I come here often, don’t worry, they call parents and tell about the kid. Asha does not write her surname in register and goes.

Neela asks Ashish to write her name as Neela Parekh Mehta next time. He says thanks, I will go now. She asks him to sit, how is he going like this. She asks him are you happy with this relation. He asks which relation. She says our relation. He recalls Dayaben’s words. He says I m happy. She asks sure. He says yes, why do you feel so. She says don’t know, because I m stupid. She asks him to come on lunch, think what to eat, don’t stress me out.

Ali says I m hungry, sorry. Ali’s mom scolds him. Asha asks Avni what happened. Asha and Avni are called by principal mam. Shri says Avni is a bright girl, but the thing she wrote on notebook. She shows notebook to Asha. Shri says the problem is why she wrote this, what happened. Asha recalls Avni’s anger on Ashish. Shri asks why is Avni annoyed with her Papa, where is he, I would like to have a word with you, I asked Avni’s all teachers, he did not attend any PTM, no one has seen him till now, what is the reason. Asha gets tensed and says its not like that, he stays busy in work. Shri asks so what, every parent is busy in work. Asha says he is not in city. Avni cries seeing Asha lying. Shri asks since 5 years?

Asha says he could not come on sports day, he was busy, he is in sales job, he has to go to other cities, so he stays outside city often. Avni reads the phrase there, you tell a lie a thousand times, but truth only once. Asha worries. Shri stops Asha. Avni repeats the lines again and again. Avni shouts. Shri asks Avni what’s the matter. Avni says tell her to tell the truth, ask her not to say lie. Avni asks Asha to say truth. She cries and goes.

Sumi argues with Ashok about Ashish not accepting Avni, she will be called illegitimate as this is the truth. Avni hears this and gets shocked.

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