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Naagin Season 2 30th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 30th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Yamini yells on Sesha that she killed Shivangi, how will they get nagmani now. Sesha says Shivangi died recently and now Rocky is dying. Yamini asks what… Sesha is immersing himself in liquor. Rocky’s cousins try to cheer him up. One of them read 101 jokes on net and says he should marry. He shouts if they have gone mad, he lost Shivangi not even 4 days ago. Yamini comes and starts her overacting. She slaps cousin and shouts how can she tell Rocky to marry, how wil he forget Shivangi so soon. Sesha thinks she is an overacting drama queen. Yamini cries Ruchika jumped from clifff to save Shivangi, but she could not, how will she explain Rocky that how much she loves her and wants to marry him. She acts as getting heart attack.


Shivangi in temple tells Sadhu how a tiger attacked her and a sake saved her, how she feels uneasy with snake music, how she was born in 3 months, if she is icchadhari nagin. Sadhu says icchadhari nagin becomes after 100 years of rigorous meditation, she is just 25 years old.

Rocky waits outside Yamini’s room while doctor checks her. Doc comes out and says Yamini’s condition is critical and she may die soon. Rocky gets in and shows his concern for badi maa/yamini. Yamini says she wants him to marry for her sake. He agrees and walks out. She acts as in severe pain. Her relative asks if she should call doc. Yamini says yes, and once she goes, Yamini relaxes and stops her overacting.

Rocky goes out and confronts Sesha/Ruchika that he can marry anyone except her. She says why.. He says he knows who she is. She asks who is she. He says she is his friend and he loves only Shivangi, so whoever he will marry a girl only for badi maa’s sake and will never love her, so he is trying to save her from pain, nobody can take Shivangi’s place. Sesha says even she does not want to take Shivangi’s place, at least can be with him after marriage. He agrees for marriage.

Yamini munches chicken biryani. Avantiaka enters and says she is eating chicken biryani with heart ailment. Yamini says she is fit and fine, doc wanted money and she wanted fake reports. Sesha/black nagin comes and cluthes Yamini in her tail. Yamini pleads to leave her and take nagmani, Rocky anything she wants. Sesha leaves her and says she is very happy that Rocky agreed for marriage. Yamini says her plan never fails. Avantika reminds Seshathat she should show them where nagmani is as per her promise.

Next day, Rocky and Sesha’s engagement party starts. Yamini excitedly takes care of arrangements. Rocky asks her to clalm down. She says she is very happy today. Shesha comes with Avantika. Yamini says she is looking very beautiful, she wants to apply nazar tika on her skin, but she is black totally. Sesha calls ehr overacting ki dukan. Shivanya reaches Rocky’s house. Her cousin stops her and says Rocky’s family thinks she is dead, so she should not go in. Shivanya says she wants to ask Rocky why did he betray her. Rocky and Shesha exchange engagement rings. Shivanggi stands behind mesh wall and cries. Yamini loudly says 2 hearts united today. Rocky says he is happy for his love, reminiscing Shivangi. Shivangi’s cousin Gautami says Rocky looks very happy and is getting enaged just after kiling her family, he is a betrayer. She walks out and sits on a bench. Rocky pours out his heart. Sesha feels sad that he still love Shivangi. Yamini opns champagne bottle. Rocky holds bottle and walks out. Shivangi with Gautami sits on bench and cries. Gautami sees Rocky coming and informs her. She asks Gautami to cover her face with veil and even herself wears veil. Rocky sees them and asks who are they, if they are finee, he was passing by. Gautami asks why is he crying. He says something went in his eyes. He converses with them both, gives them a kerchief and leaves.

Shivanya goes to temple and angrily cries in front of Shivji that Rocky and his family killed her mother and everyone, she wants to take revenge. She gets a boon and her icchadhari nagin are provoked. She is thrown on wall and jumped, etc. She gains consciousness and realizes her powers. She thinks she will go and kill Rocky’s family. She gets to his house and sees his family leaving in car. She runs behind car with her nagin powers but falls down. Rocky is seen sitting sadly in car. Shivangi thinks wherever they go, she has seen all their faces and wil not spare them.

Yamini reaches her haveli with family. Avanitak hears drum beats and asks reason. Yamini says today is sangeet and tomorrow marriage. Sesha comes as snake. Yamini yells she told many times not to come in snake form in her house. Rocky’s cousin while walking steps on snake and shouts snake.. Her mother asks where is snake. She says here itself. Mother says there is no snake at all. Yamini continues yelling at Sesha. Shesha takes human form and asks if she called her. Yamini says today is sangeet and tomorrow marriage. Shesha says and then suhagraat. Yamini asks if she knows what to do. Sesha says tomorrow after 25 years, nagmani will come out and she will have to get it. Avantika says she it will glow behind only nagin can watch it. Sesha says yes.

Shivangi and Gautami pack their bags. Gautami finds nagmani book and asks what is this. Shivangi says this is mom’s book. Gautami sees a mark in it which is also on Shivangi’s neck. Shivangi reads that it will be on suryavanshi’s who protect nagmani and reads about panchner haveli and reminisces Shivanya telling about haveli. She says they have to go there. They both reach outside haveli. Gautami gets afraid seeing dark and dilapated haveli and asks Shivangi to go in, she will wait outside. Shivangi afraid gets into haveli and walks afraidly. She hears Rithik’s voice calling Shivanya and Shivanya calling Rithik. She sees Rithik’s photo in raja’s dress and thinks gurudev was right, her papa was from royal family. She then enters store room and looks at things coughing due to dust. She finds a 5-mouthed snake idol and reminisces seeingg it in nagmani books. She gets afraid seeing snakes all around. Snakes crawl on her body and she runs from there. She then clashes with an album and sees Yamini’s pic with Rithik. She thinks how is papa related to Rocky’s badi maa. Maa was afraid and wanted her to marry soon, there is some secret and she wants to know it.

Precap: Sesha asks Avantika why did she call her. Avantika says it is time, let us go. Rocky’s cousin asks him to join them in dance. Rocky says he does not want. Avantika and Yamini dance on Shaam hai jaam hai…dance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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