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Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Yamini stabs Shivanya repeatedly saying one is for killing her as kaali maa, one is for getting her son away from her, one is for getting nagmani away from her, one for knowing her secret that she is alive, etc. She then realizes it is just her imagination. Sesha sees her laughing and says her teeth are showing that she imagined stabbing Shivanya. Yamini in her usual overacting and extra dialogues says soon Shivanya will be in a shock seeing her. Sesha says she is jumping here and on the other side own was jumping whom she just killed. This area is full of danger for nagins, so she should execute her plan soon. Yamini walks looking at Shivanya. Sesha thinks she will do what she came here for, shivangi I am coming for u.


Sesha then goes to Shivangi’s room and looking

at her thinks Shivanya snatched Rithik from her, she will not let Shivangi snatch Rocky from her now. She changes into different lady and walks to Shivangi and says it is time for marriage. On the other side, Yamini walks behind Shivanya holding knife. Shesha as Rocky’s aunt says Shivangi she is Rocky’s favorite aunt. Shivanya entes in. They both take Shivangi to mantap. Rocky gets mesmerized seeing Shivangi. A romantic song plays in the background. Yamini plays nagin music. Shivanya notices Sesha’s hands changing into snake and realizes an icchadhari nagin is present to harm Shivangi. She lies that she has a ritual to perform and forcefully takes Shivangi frm there to a room and asks her to be in this room until she comes and calls her. Rocky goes to a room when his cousin calls him asking why did she call her. Someone locks room from outside and other person hits his head from behind and he falls down.

Sesha yells at Yamini for playing nagin music and asks what next. Yamini says their plan of marriage is still on, but they will play blood holi first. Yamini and all her goons start killing everyone present at marriage venue. One of them sends his family away lying that Shvangi’s family has started killing spree. He then kills Shivangi’s cousins. Shivanya comes back and is shocked to see everyone dead. Her brother and sister in law are caught by Yamini and her puppets. Brother asks Shivanya to run from there. Avantika throws bees on sister in law and kils her. Mahishmati kills brother. Yamini then starts stabbing Shivanya repeatedly followed by all her puppets. She orders musicians to play music and says Shivanya that she hid Survanyavanshi’s last heir Shivangi from her who would bring nagmani for her. Now, her own sister nagin Sesha will kill her. Sesha as snake is shown. She cotinues her drama and orders Sesha to come into her human form. Sesha does so. Shivanya eagerly looks at her sister. Sesha smirks on her. Shivanya. Avantika orders to serve red juice/blood to everyone, no one should be alive. Shivanya pleads to stop. Sesha says Shivanya that she has not changed at all and is worried abbout other. She desired to bite her since long, but she will not kill her so easily. She stabs Shivanya repeatedly saying this is for snatching Rithk from her, this is for hiding from her for so many years, etc.. Yamini orders poojaran to chant mantras with which Shivanya should go to hell. Poojaran starts chanting mantras.

Shivanya reminisces her childhood and her love hfor her sister and says maa…. Tears roll down Sesha’s face. Shivanya asks if she wants to kill her sister for unwanted love. Sesha says she would forgive her for Rithik, but not for Rocky. She stabs her repeatedly again followed by each puppet of Yamini. Shivanya falls on Rithik photo and dies saying Rithik she is coming to him. Yamini throws money on goons and says khel khatam, paisa hazam and asks Avantika where is Shivangi. Avantika says in room.

Yamini with her puppets walk till Shivangi’s room and knocks door. Shivangi reminiscing Shivanya’s words does not open door. Rocky wakes up and comes out. Sesha shows fake blood and say they injured her. Yamini says dacoits attacked them. He asks where is shivangi. She says she locked herself in a room. Rocky goes and knocks shivangi’s room. Yamini hits his head from behind again and he falls down unconscious again. Shivangi opens door and sees Yamini and her puppets. She tries to escape, but the catch her. Shesha pleads Rocky to save her, but someone else is in Rocky’s sehra. Police comes. Shivangi shouts to save her. Yamini orders her puppets to take Shivangi behind pillar. Inspector comes and says he heard dacoits attacked this place. She says no, someone must have mistaken, they are just blowing fire crackers. Inspector asks her to move aside and walks in. Avantika stops him and says he is interrupting women pooja. He walks out. Yamini asks Avantika where is Shivanya. Avantika says with Sesha. They both see Shesha missing and Yamini shouts kali nagin took Shivangi.

Precap: Sesha grips Shivangi in her tail. Yamini says she will save Shivangi repeatedly from Shesha if need be to get nagmani back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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