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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-62

Guys it seems that you all dint liked the comeback of Tanvi’s track.Tell me if I am correct then I will finish this track fast and will start a new and thrilling track.

The episode starts with Ritik takes Shivanya to hospital.Doctor takes her to operation theater.

He sees the idol of Lord shiva and goes to it.

Ritik:Shiv Ji please save Shivanya from death..

Ritik is waiting for doctor.Doctor comes out of the operation theater.Ritik goes to him.

Ritik:Doctor how is my Shivanya?

Doctor kept his hand on Ritik’s shoulder.

Doctor:Sorry Mr Raheja we were not able to save your wife.

Ritik was shocked.He catches doctor’s collar.

Ritik:How can you say this.You are telling lie.

Doctor:Calm down please we tried our best.

Doctor leaves from there and Ritik kneels down.He was expressionless as that time.He was in a big shock.

At the other side Tanvi was celebrating Shivanya’s death.

Tanvi:Finally that Shivanya is dead and now Ritik is my target.

Next day Ritik burned Shivanya’ s body.He was not having alanyard expression on his face.He was not having a single tear in his eyes.He was in a big shock.

Ritik’s vampire friend Karan comes to him and keeps his hand on his shoulder.

Karan:Ritik please come in sense.

Ritik was still in shock.Karan slapped him and he came in sense.He kneeled down and started crying.

Ritik:Karan Shivanya left me again alone in this world.

Karan:Ritik please control your self.

Karan hugs Ritik to console him.

Ritik was crying.He gets a flashback where he and Shivanya were there in a beautiful garden

Ritik:I love you a lot Shivanya.

Shivanya:I love you too.

Ritik:In first birth you left me but in this birth will you leave me?

Shivanya:I will never leave you.

They both hug each other.

Flashback gets over.

Ritik:She broke the promise which she gave to me.

Precap:Ritik and Karan were in Ritik’s room.

Ritik:I have listened that a soul is more powerful then a vampire.

Tanvi makes a red cross on Ritik’s photo.

Tanvi:Now you will die soon.

She laughs evily.A girl in white sari starts coming towards her from back.Tanvi turns and sees no one.

Tanvi:Who is there?
Guys hope you will like this episode.

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