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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-50 (maha epi)

Guys I cannot believe that I have completed 50 episodes.Today is a big surprise for you all now be ready guys for the surprise and don’t forget to comment.

The vampire brings his fangs to bite
Shivanya.Shivanya closes her eyes when she remember that Ritik gave her a silver locket.She thinks


Shivanya:Vampire cannot survive when silver touches there skin.

Shivanya removes her locket and applies on the skin of Vampire.

The Vampire shouts and starts burning and turns into ashes.

Outside the cave Ritik feels relief as he comes to know Shivanya got save.

Ritik:Thank God I gave the locket to Shivanya.

Shivanya quickly takes the black rose and comes out of the cave.Ritik goes to her and hugs her tightly.

Ritik:Why you gone inside that cave?

Shivanya:To make you werewolf and make your life at least little happy.

He smiles seeing Shivanya’s care for him.He kisses her forehead.

Shivanya takes the black rose and touches his heart.Ritik kisses her cheeks and goes a little far away from her.

His body starts painting and he shouts in pain.His eyes colour which were blue when was in Vampire avatar changes into golden.He makes the sound of wolf’s.

A blue light comes from sky which makes him werewolf.

Ritik gets unconscious and Shivanya goes running to him.

Shivanya:Ritik what happened?

She tries to wake him up when her head starts paining.

She falls on ground in pain.

She starts shouting because of headache.She starts turning into a snake.She turns into snake and Ritik wakes up and sees her as snake and gets shocked.


She turns into human again and sees Ritik and hugs him.

Shivanya:Ritik what is Happening with me?

Ritik thinks

Ritik:It means that Shivanya have become a naagin.

Shivanya:Say know Ritik

Ritik:You have become a naagin

Listening this tears roll down from her eyes.

Shivanya:How can this happen I was a human.

Ritik:Yes you were but when you became of 18 years then you became naagin.

Shivanya:And my birthday was 4 days ago.

She kneels down and starts crying.

Ritik:Shivanya don’t cry.

She hugs him.

Next day Shivanya is seen in her room sitting and is still in shocked.

Ritik enters the room and gives a coffee to her.

Ritik:Drink coffee dear.

Ritik starts drinking the coffee and Shivanya too drinks coffee.

Ritik:I want to ask you something?


Ritik kneels down in front of her and removes the ring from his pocket.

Ritik:Will you marry me?

Shivanya smiles


Ritik too smiles and makes Shivanya wear the ring.

Both hug each other.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya’s marriage.
Guys now SwaSan character is not there and hope you like the episode and I am really happy because I completed half century and golden jubilee.

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