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My Tamil friend……. Episode 1

Hiiiiiii guyyzzz it’s me …………
Guess me……..
Actually sum may know me bt my all I used to comment almost in all d ff of Abhigya……
I’ve my own pro in tu bt thought to crack ur minds to find WHO AM I………
Nw a hint about myself am a Christian turned Muslim bt my pro name is of ma old name starts with R……….
Nw we move on to the story actually dis is a short story on friends nd der will be no pair for Abhi and PRAGYA IS NOT THERE in ma ff if u guyzz want pragya u can say it through comment……….

Abhi… Abhi… Abhi” came a voice.

“Let me sleep” he frowned as he turned around squeezing his eyes and pulled the quilt over his head.

“Idiot. Dumb head. Naaye (dog). Peye (monster). Panni (pig). Pisase (devil)” she kept on going.

“Keep going. Erumai (buffalo), toongu moonji (sleepy head), somberi (lazy bundle) and etc” he frowned as he pulled the quilt more.

“Tamil terila, aana idhu mattum nala terinji vachidukan” she scowled.
(He doesn’t know Tamil, but knows all of this very well.)

“Now what are you scolding?” he asked.

“You at least understood I’m scolding. I’m so happy” she gave a sarcastic reply.

“Stop the sarcasm and let me sleep. Please” he pleaded.

“Ada stupid. Ippo nee elundrika poriya illiya?” she beat him with the pillow.
(Stupid. Are you going to wake up or not?)

“Tanu. Tookam. Please” he pleaded.
(Tanu. Sleepy. Please.)

“You’re learning. Good. Now stop all this maska and get up. You know you can never win against me” she said and pulled the quilt in a swift motion.

“I’m bearing you just because you’re my best friend. Female you’re just too much” he scowled as he got up from the bed.

“Your best friend or Purab’s?” she asked “Oh and thanks for noticing that I’m female” she rolled her eyes.

“What’s wrong with you early in the morning?” he sighed.

“This is early? Early in the morning? Abhi you’re acting like an animal on hibernation. It’s 9 in the morning. My problem? You’re asking me about my problem? I need to wake you up every morning. Do you know what tedious task it is? And you have a meeting in the next half an hour and you want to sleep” she rapped all in one go.

“Meeting?! 9?!” he gasped.

“Yes. Stop acting innocent. Go brush. You stink. Freshen up. Breakfast’s ready. Purab’s here with Bulbul. All are waiting for you” she said and walked out of his room.

He smiled as he saw her walk out. His best friend she was. He loved troubling her. Especially in the mornings. It was his main aim from childhood. To make her curse in Tamil. He understood only some curses and few words. He’d hide his face under the quilt and laugh at her struggles to wake him up. He was acting all these years. She was his lucky charm. Poor she. She didn’t know that he was doing it all… all these years to trouble her. She was Bulbul’s cousin. Purab was happy he could impress Bulbul in a go as Tanu was a good friend of his and gave him a green signal to go ahead. The four of them stayed together and worked in the same company. Purab and Bulbul were on vacation and had returned in the morning.

He had a quick shower and got ready in his expensive tuxedo looking like a Greek God that made all girls go on knees. His smile was a drug to every girl and made all of them fan themselves. He came down and saw the three of them waiting. Purab , Bulbul and Tanu.

“Avan enna pandran? Tirupi toongitana?” Tanu scowled.
(What is he doing? Did he sleep again?)

Wow she was not in a good mood. Abhi prayed for his luck and tiptoed.

“Tanu amaidi” cooed Sam.
(Calm down Tanu.)

“Abhi come forward. No need to tiptoe” Tanu snapped.

“Damn. How do you know?” he

“The floor creaked. Disadvantage of having a wooden floor” she smirked.

“Eesh” he muttered.

“I can see your reflection on that glass wall opposite to me. So, no use” she chuckled as she pointed out to the glass wall opposite to her.

Genius. That’s why you sit there” Purab smiled.

“So you knew Abhi tiptoes everyday and would sit when you go to the kitchen to get juice?” Bulbul asked.

“Yes. I didn’t want his struggle to go in vain. But now I think it’s enough. So Mr. Mehra just come and sit instead of tiptoeing” she smiled.

“Now what are you looking at my face for? Come sit” she said and Abhi sat quietly and had his breakfast.

There were just five minutes left for the meeting. Abhi panicked.

UH OH………

No precap guyyzzz the story will proceed as wat u say through comments…..

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