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MY SHADOW MY COMPANION – It’s all about Sanskar (Episode 1)

Hii friends I am writing a ff after watching the real track
After watching the track a question arised in my mind

Can’t Sanskar become a successful man without Swara???


Please don’t bash me, if you noticed any fault here, please take it as my ignorance

Episode 1

Sanskar’s POV

I was descending the steps of the court after my argument. My hands were in my pocket. Legs are hardly letting me to walk, I don’t know who wants the treatment whether my legs or my fear. Please God please let me stuff myself inside the car. I want to sip a glass of whiskey. If I will fall off here,

then😳 ohhh no!! some box news on tomorrow’s dailies

“The great lawyer Sanskar Maheshwari is suffering from a mortal disease”

Hmm disease……I am nodding my head with a disdainful smile.Is it diseases are also hating me or they are fearing on me.??Cops are fettering Laksh. Mom, Badimaa, Uttara all are sobbing. where is Ragini???? Maybe she’s with my vampire ex wife. What ever😏 my eyes led legs to my automotive.
Is it I hardly ever desired to meet them ?? No yes. I don’t want to meet them.
Everybody will wish this heroic entry after 10 years. But I am so lucky coz I got it. When I was dare to open the door someone fobbed off me from to do so.
vampire’s tail ,no no my brother in law Nikhil.
Wow vampire is also with him.She is my foe who have the power to burst my heart. My heart began to shiver but I couldn’t show it to her,so I stared . She told me something something like Mahan Sanskar like that……. what ever I don’t care.
When I was dare to go and Nikhil was dare to forbid me.

“Let him go Nikhil he has to fall off the wagon within sometime”

She said it from behind.

Arey wah 10 years had left and now too you know my each and every action, I said

Bp and Dad are coming to meet me I can feel it, If I will remain here then a family melodrama will occur in this court

I escaped………………….

It was an horrible night. A night left for Uttara’s marriage. Lucky declared dead. Happiness changed to mourning. Uttara’s in laws wants her married at the next day. Death, broken marriage. Everybody accused me as I am the responsible for all of these. A chain of accusations on me at the living hall.

None was with me. I fumbled in darkness for a spot of light. None held my hand.None consoled me that I am with you.None wiped my tears I hide myself in a corner. I will not forget that night. I came to meet Uttara she was already broken it isn’t thinking about her own life but about Laksh……Bm Bp Ragini all are broken…….
I packed my baggage in a hurry. I don’t know what are the things I had stuffed inside it………

“Where are you going Chora”

she stopped me from going. I sobbed on her lap……

“Mom Mom I will die I have to go please Mom”

She wanted her son alive, she permitted me to go…….
I am a prince who lost his crown,sceptre and princess. I left MM with a lots of sorrows
At the next day Laksh came back (Guyzz I don’t know about what happened to Laksh in the real track and please don’t bash me this ff is inspired from the real track and it’s all about Sanskar)
Laksh met with an accident and was in coma.
Nikhil and Uttara happily got married. Now everybody is searching for me.

It maybe he is in his room, someone said

But Sanskar was not there

Maybe in the office?? An another one yelled

Par Sanskar wahan bhi nahin tha

Somebody called me

Thod diya main ne phone.

It was the next chapter of my life


To be continued………..

Please don’t bash me m afraid of you 😔😔😔😔😔😔

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