Hi Guys back with the next episode specially for Vasiya di ? Hope you like it
RECAP:Twiraj and Mahi come to know that Twinkle is not Leela’s real daughter, Twinkle has left the house some emotional scenes between Leela and dadi and some between TC and Twinkle Twinkle decides to come back home and Kunj concerned for Twinkle ? A lady enters Taneja mansion UV tries finding Twinkle but is not able to do so

Lets start:
Lady:Leela Oh Leela Where are you Twinkle puttar see your s*xy is here Twinkle puttar Mahi Oh Angry bird where are you all
Dadi:Oh Samdhanji Aap (fakes a smile)
Nani:Angry bird where is my Twinkle your Mahi and Leela
Dadi:Dont talk about Twinkle at all
Mahi:Nani (Hugs her)
Nani:Mahi This angry bird is always in an angry mood but what happened and where is Leela and Twinkle
Mahi:Ma is sleeping and (She tells her the whole story)
Nani:Oh Babaji Durga How could you do this ? I had requested you to keep this a secrete You know how sensitive she is Babaji please keep my Twinkle safe


Mahi:(thinks) Were Ma and UV not enough that this Nani also came to worry for Twinkle Its good na that she is gone I hope she does not comeback at all
Nani:Did you lodge a police complain ?
Mahi:No the police said we can file it only after 24 hours
Nani:Who has gone in search for her ?
Dad:The one who has to bear her for his whole life
UV:Yeh I went to search for her (He touches Nani’s feet )
Nani:UV beta Did you search properly I mean the oldie home Gurudwara and all
UV:Nani I checked every where even the the park she used to visit when she was young
Nani: Uv (she starts crying )
Uv:Nani you have to be strong na see when she comes back she would ….
Voice:She would ask for her chocolate
all turn back to find Twinkle all are happy except for two pairs of eyes One is Mahi and the other is Dadi

Nani:Twinkle(she goes to her and hugs her)
Twinkle:Pushpa I hate tears (In Devanand style)
Nani:And Patakka Look at your eyes they are like red tomatoes
Leela:(comes down running ) Twinkle …(And hugs her)
Twinkle:Ma I am sorry
Leela:No beta I am sorry
Twinkle:Ma don’t say sorry
UV:Now enough of this senti talks my bride is back so let me also hug her
UV:S*xy we are getting married after a week
Twinkle:UV after a week ???
UV:Ha after what I have seen I want to take you with me as fast as possible
Nani:Oh ho Handsome You want to take my Twinkle so soon desperate ha
Twinkle blushes while Leela and Nani smile and Uv rubs his hairs being embarrassed

But Mahi
Mahi:(thinks) Oh god now what will I do We have to execute this plan soon
Mahi:Twinkle (acts) Where were you why did you leave You were leaving your sister
Twinkle:Mahi Leave these things Now I am back so no problem
Dadi:That is the biggest problem that you are back (she leaves )
Twinkle gets teary eyes
UV:(in a stern voice) Twinkle you need not cry for those who don’t care for you
Nani:Ha Twinkle you know na this angry bird is (Places her Index finger on her forehead and twists it)Mad
All laugh

Mahi:Nani don’t say like this
Nani:Ha ha Dadi ke supporter you support her while I have my handsome and My Pattaka to support me
Mahi:Nani ..
Nani:Okay baba I wont No get me something to eat I am very Hungry
Twinkle:S*xy my choclate
Nani:Voh tho I forgot
Twinkle:(Makes a cute pout)Nani…
UV:Nani give her the chocolate or else she would again leave the house
Nani:I will Patakka but promise me that you would never think of leaving me
Twinkle:Okay ha promise but give me my chocolate
Nani gives a silk to Twinkle and asks her to share it with UV
UV:Baby doll give me some na
Twinkle:(busy eating) Its for me
UV:Please baby 1 bite
Twinkle:Okay (She ask UV to close his eyes and he does so then she then brings the chocolates close to his mouth but then runs away Here UV tries taking a bite but then he finds it to be Twinkle’s plan to fool him so he also runs around the house catching Twinkle He catches Twinkle but by the time she had finish eating the chocolate so take selfies with Twinkle’s chocolate vala face)(*Dont worry guys that lips se chocolate eating vala part is only for Twinj)
Mahi:(calls Kunj) Kunj Twinkle is back and the marriage has been preponed to next week Now what will we do ?
Kunj:We have to execute the plan fast maybe Today itself
Mahi:Okay So lets start our mission
Kunj:Put the call down I here Ma coming
Kunj:(cuts the call even without saying Bye)

Anita enters Kunj’s room
Kunj:(in a childish tone)Ganddi Aunty I want My friend
Anita:Kunj beta fr once call me Ma I have been dying to listen to this word from your mouth since 5 years Please beta Only once
Kunj:(his heart starts melting but then he composes himself) Ganddi Aunty why are you crying ?
Anita:Kunj I saw You and Mahi discussing some plan I know you are completely fine
Kunj:(Is shocked he closes the door )Ma what are you saying
Anita:Kunj(she cries and hugs him)
Kunj:ma (he also starts crying )
Anita:Kunj you could have atlas told me the truth
Kunj:Ma I am sorry
Anita:I am with you Kunj I won’t let Manohar Sarna Sleep peacefully after what he has done with my son
Kunj:Ma (hugs her)We will take our revenge

Sorry for the short update but the next one after 24th or may be on 21st It depends if I ave time ?
Okay bye ?
Accha You want a precap???

The real revenge begins


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