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My Lovestory SWASAN RAGLAK Episode 1

Hiii!! I am Smiley here with 1st episode

In Kolkatta,
In a big mansion,
A woman is seen doing puja and behind stood a man and another woman. She completed singing bhajan and is giving aarthi to the both.


Ragini: Bhabhi, see this shona bhi na, still sleeping.(The girl who is doing puja is Riya and the Ragini and shekhar stood behind.)
Riya: Haan, This girl also na,sleeping still 8.
Shekhar: Ok beti, you both go and wake her.
Ragini: Haan papa.

They both went to swara room. She is sleeping covering her head in the blanket. They both got an idea. Riya bought a bucket full of water and poured on swara. She woke up in a jerk. Riya and Ragini are laughing.

Swara in anger mode: Bhabhi and Lado, I am not gonna leave you both.
And started chasing them. The trio reached down. Still swara is unable to catch them. At last she caught Ragini by her ear.
Ragini: Swara plz leave na. Its pining.
Riya: Plz shona dear, leave her.
Swara: No bhabhi, make her to say sorry. Then I will leave her.
Ragini: No bhabhi, never. I won’t say sorry to animals.
Swara: Am I like an animal for you, Ladoo.
Ragini: Any doubt.
They start fighting like that.
Shekhar comes there and stops them.
Shekhar: Wats this swara???? You didn’t even brushed your teeth and You are fighting with Ragini like this.Leave her ear.
Swara leaves her ear. Shekhar starts his lecture for swara.
Just then a handsome man comes from the stairs.
Man: Papa, plz leave Shona. Any how Riya and Lado breaked her sleep.
Man: Haa you.
Shekhar: Ohk. Leave it Aayush. Shona you go and get ready.
Swara goes inside her room and get ready. She wears a long frock.
(Ragini also wears a long frock. Riya wears a red saree)
They had a bad breakfast with their nok jhoks.
Swaragini left to college in their scooties.

In Maheshwari house,

They newly shifted here.
So they are arranging every thing.
Sanskar and Lakshya comes there and helping everyone. Sahil came inside the house. He is also helping. Dp comes there.
Dp: Sanskar, Laksh and Sahil. You got ur seats in the college.
Trio: Wow!!! Thanks bade papa(Laksh”Papa)
Dp: But the difference is sanskar will go today, Laksh and Sahil will go tomorrow.
Sanskar: What???? This much early……….


Sry, Guys for short episode. Next time I will try a bigger one

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