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My Love, with Spaces in Togetherness (episode 5)

Hellooo everyone as usual so sorry for being late again.I was not feeling well and so depressed with random things. But whatsoever happens I never discontinue this story.So you guys have to bear my writing.And this chapter is dedicated to my dear sissy SV..take this as a belated birthday gift…
Please kindly overlook my grammatical errors..

Abhi was wondering that what exactly happened to the arrogant Arjun Mehra.He was all smiling,laughing and enjoying whatever Abhi made him do,like a normal human being. Above all today it was Arjun who dragged Abhi to the roller coaster in the amusement park,which was Abhi’s favourite adventure. They enjoyed there till the evening. Usually it was a Herculian task for Abhi to bring him there .And Abhi was extremely joyful as Arjun had a good mood.Abhi wanted to go to the park as one of his girlfriends would be there with her family. In the park Arjun sat alone in a bench the last time he had been in a park.That was that day when he tried to propose her..a kind of proposal.. Now he regrets about that coward àct.Why didn’t he show the courage to be in front of and confess his feelings.Being Arjun Mehra how did he hide himself from her?Anyway,it was just an I Love You.’No Arjun,that was not just three words,but the magical strings that connect two hearts’,Arjun’s mind retorted.And that rascal!He had the worst timing,she was just going to open the letter.How dare he to threw away that flowers?And he touched Radhika.My Radhika…
“Why are you clenching your fists Arjun?Don’t you want to go “?
Abhi brought back Arjun to present .


After watching an action movie and having dinner they returned to Mehra Mansion..

Arjun was tired and badly wanted to sleep.But not before catching a sight of his dear ones.
At first Arjun went to his father’s room.And that was only time the business tycoon Arjun Mehra opened his heart.Inside that room he became a child again.Maybe his father gave him no reaction, but Arjun knew that his dad was hearing him.He was always waiting for a miracle.. a miracle that one day he will get the strong Ajay Mehra back.
His next destination was Ayaan’s room. He was not sure if Radhika and Ayaan are awake or asleep.He wanted them to sleep.At least Radhika.Because all these months he had never gone to that room to saw Ayaan.So Radhika would be surely astonished.But he can see his baby anytime, can’t he?So its not his fault that Radhika is always with Ayaan.Arjun readily walked towards their room.When he was at the doorsteps ,the sight inside the room made him smile.


There sat she, on the armchair,resting her head on the window rails and with a sleeping Ayaan in her arms.On the background ,night ‘s darkness was engulfing the world and my Radhika and Ayaan seemed as two shining stars spreading radiance.She was wearing a long white skirt and a sky blue prim top .It felt Iike I’m watching that college girl Radhika again.. Always wearing long skirts which sweeps the whole pathway.The baby was safely wrapped in a pink coloured hooded towel..She holded Ayaan carefully yet possesively as if she feared someone snatching him from her.I walked close to her with irregular heart beats.
Is she sleeping? Yes.. She is sleeping
Thank God,or else I had to be nervous and she would have felt awkward..
I realized it was the first time I seeing her this much close.She looked so pure and innocent,just like a fresh rose.Soft breezes looping through the window played with her long tresses.The air seemed to be so romantic and I have my love just two feets away..”
Arjun..control yourself. Slow and steady and win her heart..” I advised my heart .and quickly payed attention to my Prince Charming who was sleeping by nibbling his left hand thumb finger.
I gently touched his tiny feets…in response, he snuggled more to her warmth and clutched her pendant more tightly
“The little traitor! He wants his mamma only” .
But I found how comfortable were they in each other’s company. Her baby and his mamma…like made for each other.. I wanted no past and future to interrupt that moment..I was feeling the moment from the bottom of my heart..That was something to remember forever..I slowly tiptoed from the room and came to my room.In my shelf there was something I really loved, something I was really passionate about.And it was nothing but a camera.Yeah,photography!my passion,my first crush and that was the only field I never messed up things years ago. And that was gifted by my dad just two weeks before he was accused and arrested.. I brushed out my thoughts and again went to Ayaan’s room.
For my good luck,they were still sleeping in that position…I stood a few feets away from them and clicked a picture.”Beautiful”,I appreciatited me..In all these years ,that was the first time I had completely satisfied by my work.Then I understood it was not my talent but the beauty of those two sleepy heads made the photo ravishing.Then I snapped some more clicks of them.
Though I didn’t want to disturb them,I had to do it. Sleeping in such a position would be uncomfortable after some time.”Radhika”,I called her a little loudly.
Very slowly she opened her eyelids like the a bud blooming to flower.
Those sleepy eyes met that of mine.
After a few seconds only she recognized me..
“Mr.Mehra..err..Arj..You here?”
Dammit! Can’t she even say Arjun??But I had to see things through her eyes,all these days I was really unpleasant of her existence here and now behaving so nicely.Maybe she was wondering why am I behaving sweetly. After all Iam still a stranger for her..

She tried to stand up, but that was difficult with Ayaan in arms.Without a second thought I took Ayaan from her.She looked me in disbelief and I ignored it.
In between my arms touched touched hers which passed some electric waves through my body..I swear thay she also felt it. I carefully shifted Ayaan on his cradle..then turned towards Radhika ,who stood there still shocked.
“Good night,Radhika.”
“Good night..Ar..”
“Arjun,A-r-j-u-n,is it that much difficult to say? “,vow ,finally I gathered courage to ask her something.
“No,I can utter it easily “,she replied quickly.
“Then again good night Ms.Radhika.”
“Good night Arjun”,
Well,that was what I wanted..,I gave her a smile of satisfaction and walked away.

Radhika was sipping her coffee and watching the rising sun. She was remembering the last night’s happenings .She didn’t understand why she was so nervous in front of him.He was really close to her when he took Ayaan from her.And that closeness and his soft touch in her skin really affected her..her heartbeat skipped a bit then.. But she knew he just wanted to make Ayaan comfortable..But he wanted her to call him Arjun!That made her wonder again…
She came back from the dreamworld hearing a car horn from the coutyard.Arjun was standing in his formals,all ready to go to office.He was late .Wasnt he? Usually at that time he would surely office and then only Radhika get outside the room.If Arjun look upwards ,he can easily see Radhika who was in the second floor.But she knew that he won’t do that.so stood there only..

But making Radhika’s all predictions wrong,he looked her.Radhika saw some amazement in his face also..and giving her another shock he smiled .Yeah,he smiled at her!” Did Arjun Mehra ate some nonsense food that made his nerves mad?Or had he dreamt me as a guardian Angel or something who came to gift him Ayaan?”,_she thought.
Whatever that was ,she smiled back.Not averting his gaze from her,he get inside the car.
He took the driver seat and the car went away. If he was going alone,then why the hell he pressed the horn earlier?Did he want her attention?’ Oh,come on Radhika,Arjun Mehra wants your attention ?its not a fairy tale or romantic film where such stuffs happen..Stay in your limits’,her brain commanded.

“Yeah,I realized that a long back,that life can’t be as sweet and doesnt have happy endings as fairy tales ..,”she murmured.Like always, a crying Ayaan rescued her from troubling thoughts.

Arjun was happy as his day started like he wanted,her smile speculated him some positive vibes. The signal turned to red and he slowed down the car.On the footpath, he saw a girl selling different kind of flowers..and the white roses which were so unique among all of them made him remember her..From a single white rose his love story started .That girl’s craziness over it ,her lively nature , soft chuckles ,her cuteness even in that messy long skirts and dishevelled hairs made him fall for her in a moment..and that magical spell was still with her..
His phone beeped notifying a new message. That was from his PA saying Neil Malhotra reached the office.Mehra groups and Neil’s N& S associates were signing a new deal that day.But it was the first time they were going to meet..everything else about the deal was done by their subordinates. But Arjun’s inner instincts said him that he knew Neil..
he had heard that name somewhere. But where? He had no idea….

So that’s it for today .I wrote a little more but to continue writing ,I want your reviews on this part. I know im not good in writing,especially romance…and really sorry if im dragging the story..
Now please please do comments my sweethearts…

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