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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 16

Hi guys . I know u will be angry with me but what can I do as I sent this episode once but tu didn’t updated but I don’t know what happened so I am writing it once more any way thank u To all the one for supporting me😊😊

Today’s episdeis dedicated to my harshan bro …


The episode starts with ishveer being not able to down from the terrace as it was raining they was standing in the shelter decorated at which they had dinner .

Our ishaani was looking at the rain . Ranveer looked at ishaani lovingly .

After sometime she walked out of the shelter and started to dance in the rain happily.

She danced in the rain and our ranveer watched her lovingly and was lost in her . 😍😍😍

She was looking so beautiful in rain . After dancing for sometime she looked at him and asked him to join but he refused and continued to watch her lovingly . 😍😍😍

After sometime he started to walk towards her . And came near her and hold her hands and pulled her towards him .

She was shocked by this . He then holded her waist . And looked at her eyes they both shared a eye lock 😍😍😍.

Then started to dance romantically in the dance . 💃🏻💑

At last ranveer ranveer holder her by waist and they was in a position the ishaani was holded by ranveer as ishaani was in a standing position .

By standing like this ranveer was about to kiss her our ishaani came to sense and stepped back suddenly then our ranveer to came to sense and thought what he was going to do ?😨😨😨😨

RANVEER- I am 😘😘 sorry . I don’t know what happened to me . I am really sorry 😰😰😰. .

ISHAANI – Its OK 😐😐😐😐

Then they both felt Embraced and they both walked to the ground floor .

Our ranveer paid the bill at this time ishaani was standing in the entrance with being able to go to parking area as it was raining heavily than before . So our ishaani was standing there .

Ranveer came there after paying bill and saw . Then ranveer asked the watchman umbrella . The watchman gave them one umbrella as he had only 1 in his hand .

Using one umbrella 🌂🌂🌂🌂 our ishveer started to walk it was raining do heavily and the umbrella was not enough for them to stand . So they stood close to each other.

Then our ranveer saw that one part of ishaani’s hand was drenching . So he held her by the shoulder and pulled more closer to him in order to keep her inside umbrella . As she was drenching.

Then our ishaani looked at him . But ranveer was not looking as he was searching the car .

Then he found the the car in the parking area and unlocked the car .

They then moved to ishaani’s seat side in order to make her sit first . He made her to sit in car with making her to drench at this time a thunder came . Our ishaani gothow ?

ared and grabbed his shoulder and pulled him inside the car . Both of there face was so close to each other .

Our ishaani’s eyes was closed because of fear . He was looking at her innocent face . Slowly our ishaani opened her eyes and was stunned to see their faces so close to each other .

Then our ranveer stepped back and came to his seat and started the car . For sometime it was so silent then our ishaani changed the mode of AC into fan mode in order to dry her hair .

She then dried her hair .

RANVEER – Do u want change the cloth ? As I asked because it is fully drenched . 😓

ISHAANI – Ha but I don’t have dress to change . Then how ? 🙁🙁🙁🙁

RANVEER – If u want we can buy it from shop .

ISHAANI – Really ! Now it is almost 9:30 PM . Which shop will be opened at this time ?

RANVEER – Ohh ya u r right . But if u wish u can wear my dress as I have packed mY dress as in maasi’s house my dresses are not there.

ISHAANI – But it will so large to me naa ?

RANVEER – If u want u can .

Our ishaani then nodded ok .

Our Ranveer turned the car into a hotel . At that time the rain stopped . Ranveer took the bag from car and asked the receptionist for 2 room keys . He gave them the key . Then they both entered the lift .

In lift .

RANVEER – Do u like dancing ?

ISHAANI – haa I really like dancing too much . 😀😀💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Ranveer smiled .

ISHAANI – But do u like ?

RANVEER – Has me too likes but not more than u .

Then they both looked into each others eyes and thought about their dancing

Then their floor came .

They both can out of the lift .

Ranveer gave a room key to ishaani and he accidentally took the bag with him .

Our ishaani too didn’t saw that .

She too went to her room and sat in the bed and thought about ranveer and the incidents .

On the other hand our ranveer took a dress from the bag and went for bathing at this time our ishaani started to search the bag then she through it will be with ranveer and came out if her room and knocked his room.

Our ranveer after bathing wearing a pant and towel in his shoulder was searching for shirt in the bag .

By hearing the sound of knocking he came and opened the door and was shocked to see ishaani there.

By seeing her he hided behind door and asked what ?

She smilingly😄said that he took the bag so she came to collect it . But no problem after dressing u give . By saying this she started to walk .

He then called her and asked her to wait and took the bag after taking a t – shirt and gave to her.

Then ishaani received it and walked to her room and started to check dress for her . She took many dress and tried but all was large at last she saw a saree at the bottom and took it . she then thought who’s it is ? Then she saw paper in that written like’ give this to maa and tell her to keep this in my shelf bhai ‘ .

She then thought it will be Parul and thought to wear it as there was a blouse too was inside that .

She then went to get fresh . After getting fresh she then started to wear saree . She tried her Kevel best to wear it but she was not able to as she don’t know how to wear saree as all the time falguni helped her.

After getting tiered she sat in the bed . Then our ranveer knocked the door as she was not coming outside as the time is going .

RANVEER – Ishaani r u ready ? And come soon .

ISHAANI – Haa I am coming .

RANVEER – Then u come down as I will be there .

ISHAANI – Noooo , U wait there .

By saying this she wore a jacket above the saree and opened the door .

By seeing her our ranveer laughed heavily😂😂😂😂. And asked her is this new style ?

ISHAANI in a cute anger😼 – Haaa how is it ?

RANVEER – It is very nice but from were u got this saree.

ISHAANI – I got it from ur bag and I think it is parul’s .

RANVEER – Ohh. Then let’s go come .

ISHAANI – What ? Like this ?

RANVEER – U only said know it is a fashion 😂😂😂.

ISHAANI in a cute sound – What is this ranveer ? U said that u r my friend then why u r making fun of u ? 🤓🤓🤓

RANVEER – what should I do ?

ISHAANI – Do u know how to wear saree ?❔❔❔❔❔


Thank u for reading and don’t forget to put ur precious suggestion and comments .

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