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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 10

Thank u guys for ur supports and today I am very happy that today is my tenth episode and I deicatesthis episode to all my dear friends , di ‘ s and bro’s . ☺??????

Days passed as usual .


Now our flash back story takes a leap of a month . ??????

It is shown that harshad is talking to ranveer in phone .

HARSHAD – HELLO Rv is everything ready to start the project ? As dayvafter tomorrow we can start it OK ?

RANVEER – Ya of course sir we can start it and everything is ready sir .

HARSHAD – I have a request to u rv .

RV – What is this sir ? U mean request ? If u want to say anything u can order me sir .

harshad – haaa rv it is that can u do this project in our company with us plz ………..

RV – If urs wish is like that I will come . But I have a condition that I will be coming there only three days in a week as I want check the working here also know and other work I will do it . ?

Harshad- oh that fine rv . ? Actually I called u for not speaking about this I called u for inviting u and ur family for navrathri Pooja in my home tomorrow as I am arranging a small party tomorrow in my home regarding with Pooja .

Rv – OK sir I will try to cone but I am not sure about NY family as my maa told me that she want to go to our family temple tomorrow for navrathri Pooja .

Harshad – Its OK but anyway u should come and tomorrow I will introduce my daughter to u as with her only u have to do this project as for some days I will out of India that’s why l told u to come to our company for project as she don’t know ur company and people there but in case u know our company and people know ?

Rv – yes its OK no problem for that sir .

Harshad – OK , then bye see u tomorrow .

Rv – OK sir bye .

They both ended the call and went to do their works .

The day also ends as usual

Its the next day morning the screen shifts to parekh house .

It is shown that the house is being decorated. Ishaani and falguni is supervising the things and that time when ishaani was taking a basket she saw roses in that and she smilingly looked into it .

Then someone calls her and she kept the flowers there and came .

Harshad – ishaani ……..

Ishaani – haaaa papa

Harshad – Everything is right na ?

Ishaani – yes papa everything is perfect .

Harshad – I asked It because now only few hours left ………

Ishaani – No need of worrying papa .

By saying this she went down and talked with the workers about the party .

And she gave new clothes???? to the servants of their home as navrathri gift???????????? .

Servants – How good is this girl heeenaa they talked these to each other .

By hearing this harshad and falguni smiled ?????

The screen shifts to RV mansion .

Amba – Are beta be carefully and we r leaving to temple .

RV – tik he maa and plz anyone plz come with me to harshad sir house for Pooja as he invited him . plz anyone come with me.

Amba – are betaa I can’t come with u as I told u earlier know that I and kalash ji will be going to temple with Lakshmi and parul .

Then ranveer gets a idea and said then he goes to the stair and called parul .

Parul – has kya huva bhai ?

Ranveer – u come here

Parul came there .

Ranveer – parul r u going to temple ?

Parul – ya BhAi .

Ranveer – Maasi plz today parul is not coming plz zzz.

Parul – but why BhAi

Ranveer – aree parul to temple they all r going so u come with me plzzzz .

Parul – but where ?

Ranveer – To parekh hose as harshad sir invited me to today’s navrathri Pooja . So u also come with me . As they invited family also but u all r going so plz atkeast u come with me . ????????

Parul – OK bhai I will come but u have to take me to movie …?????????

Ranveer – OK parul . ??????

Ranveer – so u go & get ready as there is only few hours for the Pooja and for getting ready u need hours know ??????

Parul – BhAi what u r saying ???????

Ranveer – much nahi parul by saying thus he escaped from there .

All the one went to temple .

Ranveer asked to the servant to bring his jacket , pants and t- shirt.

Then parul came there and asked ranveer which dress she want to wear salwar or saree .

Ranveer – it is a Pooja know so the theme will be saree so u wear saree .

Parul – OK BhAi . But what u r going to wear ?

Ranveer – I am going to wear Jeans and jacket .

Paruk – what u only now said know its a Pooja and told me to wear saree but u r going to wear jeans ?????☹☹☹☹☹☹ .

Ranveer – so what ? ??

Parul – are BhAi u wear shervani as its Pooja know.

Ranveer – no need of that Parul .

Parul – no u should wear other wise I won’t come smiles????????
ohh god . I will wear ???????

Parul smiles???????? then parul goes from there .

Then she again comes with two saree’s saree??????????

which saree

Parul – BhAi did I want to wear this blue flour saree or red colour saree??????????.

Ranveer – aree u wear any saree that u like .

Parul – BhAi I am confused so u say .

Ranveer – I like red saree but u wear blue . I would like to see my sister in blue .??

Parul – but why I can’t wear red ?
u will prefer blue
for ur sister . And that means u will prefer red to ur girl friend I mean my bhabhi???????

Ranveer – I would prefer ur bhabhi to wear red as love red colour . OK ???????
Now u go and get ready as it is time for the Pooja .

Parul smiles and goes from there☺☺☺☺☺☺

The screen shifts to parekh house .

Ishaani gets fresh up comes out wearing bath suit and selects a red saree from there and she goes to change but after a while she called falguni as actually she don’t know to wear saree.

Then falguni came and helped her to wear saree . she looked very beautiful in red saree. then she wore all the accessories and then she looked into ranveer’s ring which was been in her hand and she reminded about their dance and all .

Now the screen shifts to rv mansion.

It is shown that our ranveer is wearing a creme and red shervani .

Then parul comes thee wearing the blue saree she was looking beautiful in the saree

Parul – BhAi how I am looking .

Ranveer – oh my god shit !

Parul – BhAi why is I am looking that much bore ?????

Ranveer – No not like that parul I meant to say that now its a duty for me to take care u and protect u from u from others as there will so many other boys there which means u looks so beautiful parul now let’s come .

Parul – thank u BhAi and what about the red saree is anybody there in the party wearing red saree ???. I mean to say my honee waaly bhabhi . ??

Ranveer – aree tum . has if there is anyone . what do u want ???? .

Parul has I don’t want anything ?

Then they started to parekh mansion . the episode Freeze’s here.


Thank u for reading and I know today episode was bore as there was no ishveer scene’s but there will in next episode AND DONT FORGET PUT UR PRECIOUS COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS ABOVE

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