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My lost story Chapter-10 (contd..part-1)(manmarziyan ff)

Chapter- ( Dark king Vs Dark king )
He was sitting in some room .

He was as usual playing his favourite game. Chess.


Thinking about his parents , he bite his lower lip.

“bl**dy loser…Saral Joshi …..you were nothing but a man full of shit …..” . He cursed his father again.
” i pray ..to almighty god …..that he will make you rot in hell for million years….” .
“Momma ….that b***c …..Manya khanna ….was just worst than some whore ….bl**dy losers” . He smirked after cursing his parents.
His gaze then shifted to a picture hanging in his room . “My ..love has lust ..My love has power …My love will deafeat Your bastard Father….I love you Shiksha Mehra” . He laughed holding his stomach. Tears were rolling down from his eyes.
” But…..wait ..wait ….wait…to get you i need to kill your father …Arjun Mehra ….no….i have to kill Neil Malhotra ..too ….not again….i will kill Samarth too …oops ….Samarth Neil Arav Malhotra ….that was he always used to call himself in public ” He was talking to the picture of Shiksha like a maniac.
“Saransh Saral Joshi ……Shiksha Saransh Saral Joshi…..Daisy ….which is more better ..Shiksha Saransh ..or Saransh Shiksha ….or Samarth Shiksha ….or Shiksha Samarth” . He turned towards the woman who was standing in his room with a coffee mug. She was shivering and was very much scared of Saransh.
” Sirr….Saransh Shiksha…” . She stammered while replying . He stared her for a minute . Daisy gulped . Her forhead got covered with Sweat. She got startled when he burst out in laughing and then his expressions changed quickly.
” oopsy ..Daisy ….wrong answer….look at my Shiku …she is so beautiful …so sweet ….so hot …damn her lips …her hips …her…brrrr….sssssttt …so cute ..she is ….she is my queen …anddd Daisy a king is ruled by a queen …so it should be Shiksha Saransh …. or bettterrrr….Shiransh…” . He said and bend down to look at Daisy’s eyes.
” shhh Daisy …don’t cry ….i will not punish you ….” . He said and cupped her face.
“You are so beautiful Daisy …i don’t like beautiful girls crying ….common stop crying ….now like a good girl ..dip your finger for five good minutes in the coffee mug ..okay …” . He said and took out his handkerchief . Daisy was shocked and she saw him smiling .
He was wiping her smudged khol. Daisy looked at coffee mug . She was sure her fingers will get burned today. She closed her eyes and her finger moved slowly towards the mug.
” Daisyyy…..what is this honey…..do it fast …my shiku is upset with me ….if i will not punish you ..she will think that ..i am not a caring guy ….you know right ..how much i cared for her happiness….” . He said and made Daisy looked up . His eyes met hers.
” do it ” . He mumbled. Daisy blinked and quickly dipped her index finger in the coffee mug . She screamed and Saransh smiled.
” Shiku …happy …Daisy….you saved me …see Shiku is smiling ..she is so happy” . He said while pointing towards the picture. Shiksha was smiling in that picture seeing a white rose in her hand.
Daisy said in a meek voice ” Sir ..i will bring another coffee for you ….” . Saransh nodded .
Daisy rushed out of his room . ” oh jesus ….save that girl ” . She murmured and looked at her burned finger.
” Shiku ….You know how much i love you ..that bastard ..my Dad Saral joshi ….called you b***c …slapped me when i cheated him by naming those property papers on myself…..that was enough for me to pull the trigger of my gun ….at that …the muzzle was on his forehead …poor soul ..he died ….” Saransh frowned little.
” Well i don’t know ..where is Mom ….Sometimes ….i think …she must be with some douchebag in some large bed….” He sighed and looked at the picture again. He exactly looked like his father. Saral Joshi . Samarth’s Cousin. Saransh took out a magazine. The magazine had a pic of Samarth with a tagline ” The Dark King” on it. Saransh looked at the picture.
” He is not picking up call ” . A man who was dressed in black shirt and white jeans shouted almost.
” Rudra ….not picking up calls ….something is fishy” . Another man replied.
” Really ..The nerve of that Malhotra ….to Ignore the calls of Kshitij Ankush Mishra ….he will pay for this” . Kshitij shouted on his phone. Mayank chuckled.
” if he is not picking up the call ..that means…A Mehra is near him ” . Mayank replied and smirked.
Nia glared him . ” these boys are too much ” . She muttered.
” what was that supposed to be mean ??” . Kshitij took out his gun . He entered in some room and saw a maid changing her dress.
” oops …f**k …i am sorry miss” . He said when she turned and screamed.
Kshitij was in Mehra Mansion. Rudra asked him to do a job when no one will be there in the mansion . That is the owners of the house. Arjun, Radhika and Shiksha.
” do you saw something beautiful” . Mayank teased him.
“Man …curves…” . Kshitij replied and sighed heavily. Mayank giggled. Nia rolled her eyes.
” is Samarth is with Shiku???” . Kshitij asked further. Mayank pressed his lips. ” No ” he lied.
” Did you find anything???” Mayank asked him.
” well tell Rudra ….i will throw the culprit infront of him by evening ” . Kshitij replied while looking here and there.
” Are you sure ….you love her???” . Mayank asked him . Nia signalled him to put the phone on speaker.
Kshitij halted and wet his lower lip. ” yes ..i love her ..i love her a lot …the hell ..Kshitij Ankush Mishra ..is deeply in love with the bedridden girl kashish …..who is the daughter of Teji and bonnie …who were best friends of Mr Neil Arav Malhotra …and we all are really sorry for the girl because her parents are no more…they died in some accident …..leaving a 20 year old girl behind ..who is in coma now” . Kshitij replied in a stern voice in one breath. He was breathing hard. His eyes were red blood shot.
“Dude ..relax ..kashish will be fine soon ….you trust Samarth right ….??” Mayank asked him . Kshitij smirked. ” i trust myself ..and she will come back for me ” . He snapped . Mayank laughed . ” freaking Jealousy. …..shucks man ” He retorted and raised his collar.
” Well let me do my work ……don’t forget that ..i am a successful model too ..and i have really many works pending ” . Kshitij said and Mayank chuckled.
” Then go and pout …what are you doing there???” Mayank asked him in a teasing tone.
Kshitij smirked more. ” well Nia promised to kiss me …if i found some clue …..man you don’t know what i can do for a …..kiss ….from …Niaaa” . He replied and cupped his mouth to control his laugh. As expected Mayank cursed him heavily .
” Dude ……don’t you dare ….touch my girlfriend” . Mayank shouted. Nia laughed when she saw Mayank pissed off . ” only Rudra can win ….over kshitij” . She murmured.
” Stop ranting man …i am here for my baby sister …Shiku ..that’s it …” . He said little frustrated. Mayank disconnected the call. ” Pervert” . He muttered. ” cute ” . Nia said while handing him a glass of water. Mayank glared her . He hold her from her waist and landed his lips on her.
Samarth fist was clenched. ” Really you can think that Arjun Mehra ..can stop me if i approached you …” He asked her.
She smiled little at his cockiness.
” Don’t underestimate my Dad ….don’t forget that he is ….Arjun Mehra ” . She said while looking at ground.
Samath rolled his eyes. ” okayy …..so i will kiss you in next 24 hours ..infront of your Dad”.said Samarth and winked towards Shiksha.
Her jaw dropped. She was shocked. “Whatt?? ” She shouted. He nodded and moved towards her . Her eyes widened .
” i said i will kiss you …in next 24 hours …infront of your Dad. ….well it’s not a big deal for me ..babe” . He whispered in her ears and bend down only to kiss on her left cheek .
“Get ready to be kissed …” . He said and winked again. She just stared him . He left her room . She blinked and touched her cheek .
Precap :- love and raichand’s mystery. ….Samarth’s kiss.

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