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my life my pain – swara (Part 2)

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so here is the next. chapter

swa:do u have any idea wat he is going to do wid uttara?no na,then listen he is going to sell her.
everyone shocks.especially sujata..she began to cry on her foolishness.
swara is continuosly searching someone in the hall,this was noticed by dp,rp,and sanskar.
dp:beta whom r u searching for?
swara:where is pari bhabhi badepapa?
all looked here and there ,and they noticed pari stealithy moving to main entrance.in a nick of time police officer who came there arrested her.
police men:we have caught her mam,and nic sir we have traced laksh’s location,he will be here anytime.
hearing laksh’s arrival all were happy,tears of happiness were there in their eyes,but there are two persons who are most happiest than anyone,one is ap, other one is ragini.
nic:good,now arrest these people,and put them in our head quarters we need to interoggate them.
police men:ok sir.


and police arrested pari and chirag’s family ,went away with them.after all the drama,the guests started to leave now only mm,swarag and nic r left.soon ap,suji went to make arrangements for laksh’s arrival,afterall he is their beloved son.dp,rp gone to police station to complete formalities.leaving sanskar,swaragini ,uttara and nic behind.
nic:wow another case another mysterty is solved,shona we did it.we found out laksh .(with joy)
swa:yes we did it,im very happy now my sister will get her love back.(wid a smile on her face).andd…saying this she fainted.
before she could fall down nic and sanskar held her on both sides,when sanskar is going to say something,nic stopped him and took swara in his arms,placed her in a couch.sanskar was getting angry ,but now for him swara’s health is important,so he kept quiet.uttara ran to kitchen and brought a water bottle and sprinkled it on swara’s face.
ragini:swara..swara,kya hua tumhe,aankhe kolo swara.with these sound suji and ap came out of puja room amd shocked by the scenerio in front of them.

suji:ab yeh chori ko kya hua,sanskar jaldi doctor ko phone lagado,
slowly swara opened her eyes and staring all of them.
nic:u r alright na swara,do want something have this water,now sanskar was in his full jealous mode seeing nic’s care.this was seen by all of them except swara and nic.meanwhile suju,ap,uttara and ragini are controlling their laugh seeing his angry jealouswala face.
after sipping a small amount of water,
swara:ha,im fine,but i think i should go back to home.
ragini:(controlling her laugh)ha swara,u r right,nic pls drop her home and take care of her.
nic:yeh be poochenewali bath hai ragini i will,after she is my best friend.
sanskar:no no.(everybody looked at him)i mean look at she is not in a condition to walk,let her rest here for sometime.
all of them hardly controlling their laugh,whereas nic showed a confused look,and swara a sad look as she thought sanskar is making her to stay there for giving her punishment.

precap:laksh-ragini emotional convo and swanic masti.swara doing arrangements for marriage(with happy face).but guess whose marriage it is

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