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My Heart Beats For You part-7

Hello guys this is Loga and Megan we are back again.sorry for late post we are busy because our practicals and semester is nearing.we are missing edkv like hell ??.hope edkv comes again with season 2.pray for it.so coming to our ff this is the second last part of their honeymoon trip we thought of ending it soon should we end the ff after their honeymoon trip or continue please reply for this

ap:shraman’s got married
Ramnath gifted them a package of honeymoon trip to maldives .


while sumo is packing her stuff she thinks how she met shravan(flashback).Their trip to maldives sumo gets drunk in flight she feels dizzy shravan carries her in his arms to their honeymoon cottage.They enjoy their trip in maldives by fishing and selling the fishes they caught,candlelight dinner near seashore with the flashback of how they got close to each other after their first meeting.sumo’s punishment to shravan of taking 50 push-ups by carrying her.In robinson island shravan cooks food for sumo and sumo’s suprise gifts for shravan(playing treasure hunt).Then they visited sea of stars there they discuss about their future with a small flashback ??

Sumo’s POV:
We sat on the boat watching the stars,reminiscencing. He had his hand around my neck and I was leaning on him. I could feel his breath onmy head. We sat silently,listening to each others’ heartbeat. Some time later,I turned to him,”Shravan, can we go to the shore?

I want to sit at the beach.”. He agreed and he started the boat and in a minute, we reached the shore. He got down first and helped me down. No sooner than had I gotten down and walked a few steps in the sand, something pricked me. “Ow!”, I yelled and fell down on the sand. Shravan was unloading all our luggage. As soon as he heard my cry, he dropped the stuff he was carrying and ran to me. “Sumo,are you ok?”, he asked. “Wait,I’ll get a flashlight”, he told and ran to the boat. By now, my feet was hurting like hell. He returned with a flashlight and showed it at my feet. There was a glass piece stuck to my feet and blood was trickling down my feet. In the light, I could see that the sand was already dotted with my blood. He ran to get the first aid box. Pretty soon, he came back with the box. He lifted my feet gingerly and placed it on his knee. I winced as he pulled the glass piece out. He dabbed some alcohol onto the cut.

I grimaced and grabbed his shoulder. “Sumo, what happened? Why didn’t you wear shoes?”, he asked,bandaging the wound. With every word , his voice was raising until he was yelling. “Shravan,it’s nothing. It’s just a cut.”, I replied calmly. “No,it’s not”, he yelled. I could see that he was in pain as he saw my wound. “Hey,it’s fine. Seriously. Come,let’s go.”,I said and got up to walk. Suddenly, two strong hands whisked me off. My feet dangled in the air as I turned to see Shravan’s face, mere millimetres away from me.

“Well Madam, what exactly do you think you’re doing?”, he asked. My mouth dried up on seeing him this close. In the moonlight, his hair glistened and his eyes shone with a silvery glow. With his white shirt and standing barefoot, he looked like a god washed ashore. Then, I remembered that he had asked me a question. “Ermmmm… To that side”, I mumbled and pointed at a spot a bit farther away. It was a tiny cove hidden from the island’s view and facing the sea. He smiled at me and walked towards the cove, carrying me in his hands. I placed my hand on his chest and laid my head down on his right shoulder. We reached the cove and he set me down gently on the sand. He lifted my foot gently and placed it on his lap and started stroking the wound. I smiled at him as he looked at me. “Ow, my back’s paining”, he smirked at me and said. “Why? What happened? Did you hit anything?”, I panicked and tried to get up. “No, nothing like that. It’s because of lifting you.

You’re so heavy, you know that?”, he said with a smirk and bent as if his lifting me had caused his back pain. I whacked him as he laughed. “I’m not that heavy. Don’t put all the blame on me”, I retorted. “Ok, then tell me. How much do you weigh?”, he asked. “Why? Don’t you know?Use your deducting powers and guess, lawyer”, I told him. “Ok, Mrs.Malhotra.”, he said and thought. “I would say around 45 kgs”, he replied. “44”,I corrected. “I was right”, he said. “No, you were not”, I retorted. He laughed and looked at me. He came forward,closer. He tucked my hair behind my ear and bent down to kiss me. Just then, the phone rang. “One second”, I raised my finger and took my phone. It was Prita. I sighed and took the phone. “Haan Prita. Tell”, I said. “Suman, the new PCT branch is asking me what to cook today. What should I tell them?”, she asked. “Arre Prita, don’t you know what to cook? Tell them what you like. Ok?”, I snapped.

“Oh sorry Suman. Are you busy? Tikkae,I’ll call later”, she said and hung up. I sighed and looked back at him. He was smiling. “Very busy business woman, huh?”, he asked. “Nothing like that,Mr.Malhotra.”, I replied. I smiled and looked at him.”Didn’t I tell you before that I felt that you would be with me when I opened the next PCTs?”, I asked him. He smiled at me. Our careers were going off successfully. My PCT has grown to five locations and we were projected to open 4 more within the year end. His law firm was going successfully and he had opened another branch in Agra. They’re planning to start another firm in Mumbai and Kolkata. “So what’s on your agenda, Mrs.Malhotra?”, he asked.

“Don’t you think it’s high time Mrina got married?”, I asked. He stared blankly at me. “I know Shravan, that it must be hard for you. But Mrina has to get married someday.”, I said. He nodded, “I know. But still sometimes, I can’t see that she’s grown up. She’s still my little sister.”, he said. “I know, but still. What will you do if she is in love?”, I asked him. He pondered for some time and replied, “If he’s a good guy, he has my blessing. If not, well .. Let’s hope he’s a good guy”. I brushed my thumb under his eye and kissed him on the cheek. I laid my head on my shoulder and he laid his head on top of mine as we looked at the sun, now rising over the Sea Of Stars.

Shravan’s POV:
We had checked in the resort around 8 and she was sleeping peacefully. I turned to sleep on my stomach and put my hand across her and went back to sleep.

Sometime later, I woke up. I saw a note on the table next to the bed. It said
“Am going to the gym. Love you – Suman Malhotra”.
I smiled. I threw on an old t-shirt and tracks and ran to the gym. I opened the door and searched for her. She was working on the PecDeck machine. She was lifting 25kg. Her face was beaded with sweat as she worked arduously. I crossed my hands and looked passionately at her as I remembered the first time we went to gym.

I hadn’t seen her in 3 days. That morning, she called me. “Haan bolo”,I took the phone and answered. “What’s this? Not even a good morning?”, she replied on the other end. “Leave it, what are you doing?”, she asked before I could reply. “I’m going to the gym.”, I answered her. “Hey,I haven’t also gone to the gym. Can I come too?”, she asked. My face lighted up at the thought of us going to gym together. “Ok”, I said. “Ok great then, be at my house in 20 minutes.”, she said and hung up.

20 minutes later, she opened the car door and got inside. She was wearing a jacket that covered a pink tank top and black tracks. She looked great. I turned wordlessly and started the car.

At the gym, we started warming up. After completing the warmup exercises, she asked me, “What are you going to do today?”, she asked. “Weights”, I replied. We started working out. We lifted weights for about an hour. By this time, the gym had become empty. We were nearing the end of our schedule when she called me, “Shravan, can you come here?”. I went to her. She was standing in front of the Cable Crossover machine. “Shravan,I don’t know how to work in this machine. Can you teach me?”, she asked. “It’s easy. Spread your feet wide”, I instructed and she complied.

“Now take hold of the handles and pull to your opposite sides”, I instructed. She reached for the handle but she couldn’t. “Wait, I’ll teach you.”, I said and stood behind her. I grabbed hold of the handles and gave it to her. She took the handles. We pulled and suddenly, my arm was crossed around her so that I was hugging her from behind. Both our left hands were on the left handle and my right hand was around her. She turned to look at me. Her eyes looked confused and that wanted me to grab ahold of her. I bent forward to touch her. Then I pulled back. “No,Shravan, this isn’t right. You haven’t told her that you love her. She trusts you as a friend. Don’t break that trust.”, I thought to myself. I told her that I would be waiting in the car and left in a huff, leaving her staring at me confused.

In the car, I pondered. “This couldn’t last for long. I have to tell her that I love her.”, I thought. I decided that I would tell her the truth. I was feeling a bit happier when she came to the car. We drove in silence. When I reached her home, I saw Nanaji sitting on the lawn, reading the newspaper. He saw me and called me inside. I got his blessings and sat down on the chair next to him. “Good morning, Shravan beta. How are you?” Nanaji asked. “I am fine ji. How are you?”, I asked him. “I am fine,beta.

Suman told me that you won the case. Congratulations”, he said and gestured to Sumo who was standing next to him. “Suman beta, go get some chai for us”, he said and sent Sumo inside. As soon as she had gone inside, Nanaji turned to me. “Shravan beta, I have an important matter that I need you to do.”, he told me. “Please say Nanaji. I’ll take care of whatever it is that you want me to do”, I promised him. “Shravan beta, as you know, my life now is Suman. It’s been a long journey for me. I need to go. But before that, I need to get Suman married. Will you find a suitable groom for her?”, he asked me. I was dumbstruck. Unable to say anything, I nodded yes.

Mrina’s POV:
It was almost afternoon when I came home from college. “Final exams are so stressful”, I thought to myself and climbed up the stairs to go to my room when I saw the door to Bhaiyya’s room ajar. I went inside to see Bhaiyya lying down on his bed, looking forlorn. “What is the matter,Bhaiyya? It’s 1 PM and you’re in home. Didn’t you go to office?”, I asked him. “No,didn’t feel like.”, he muttered and turned to the other side. I sat at the end of the bed and looked at him, “Bhaiyya, what is the matter? Why are you looking sad? What happened?”, I asked him. “Nothing”, he said and turned again. “Bhaiyya,get up”, I ordered. He got up and sat on his bed. “Now tell me what’s the problem”, I demanded and crossed my hands. He stared at me and I stared back at him. He finally started talking. “Today, I and Sumo had gone to the gym. I dropped her off at her home when Nanaji called me inside. He said that he wanted me to do something for him. I promised to do whatever he wanted me to do. Only then did he tell me, that he wanted me to search a suitable groom for Sumo.”, he spilled the whole story. “So what Bhaiyya? Do as….”, I started to say but I trailed off as soon as I saw Bhaiyya’s face. The pain on his face was evident. I could see that he couldn’t bear the thought of Sumo with another person. “You love her, don’t you Bhaiyya?”, I asked him.

He nodded helplessly. All my doubts were confirmed. “But Bhaiyya, why didn’t you tell Nanaji that?”,I asked him. “How can I, Mrina? Nanaji trusts me so much to entrust this to me. How can I let him down and tell him that I love her? What will he think of me?”, my brother asked. Tears started to escape from his eyes and fell down on the bed. “I never wanted or had anything, Mrina. When Sumo is with me, I feel so happy. But now…. What am I gonna do,Mrina?”, my brother’s voice cracked at the last word as he started to cry. “Don’t worry, Bhaiyya. Everything will be fine”, I said and comforted my brother.

That night, we were chatting in WhatsApp when I sent her the message, “What kind of guy do you want as your partner?”. The blue tick appeared and she started typing. “Why this question?” she sent. “Tell Sumo.”, I sent with a sad looking smiley. She sent a smiling smiley and started typing. “I have no expectations. I just want a guy who will take care of me like my parents. My parents died when I was young. I want someone who would take care of me like my parents would have.”,the message said. I teared up on reading this. “Now tell me why you asked” the next message said. “Nothing. I have a headache. Bye”, I typed and sent it. I switched off my phone before I could see her reply.

“Hey Shravan. Come here”, she yelled and I went to her. She was standing in front of a rowing machine. “Can you teach me how to do this?”, she asked. “But you know how to do this.”, I replied, confused. “I know,but I want you to teach me.”, she smiled flirteously and looked at me. I grinned at her and went to teach her.

That night, we looked at the stars and went to sleep. The next morning, we went to Sun Tropical Islands.

Sumo’s POV:
We went and unpacked in our cottage. It had a path surrounding it that led to the forest inside. Another path led to the beach. We went on a cycle ride through the forest and circled back to the beach. I sat on the bar between the seat and the wheel. The wind whipped us as I shrieked in laughter. I turned back to face him. His hair was messed up by the wind. I ran my fingers through his hair and straightened it. My fingers travelled to his face where I traced his jawline and travelled to his throat. “Thump!Thump!”, his heart sounded. I smiled as I remembered the first cycle ride.

The next morning, I woke up and went to Nanu’s room to give him his chai. I saw him sitting on his bed and thinking. “Good morning, Nanu. What are you thinking about, so early in the morning?”, I asked cheerfully and started pouring his chai. “Just about your shaadi,beta.”, he replied. I spilt the chai on the tray. “My what, Nanu?”, I asked and handed the cup to him. “Shaadi. I know that you don’t like the topic. So I asked Shravan to look for a suitable groom for you”, Nanu replied. “And he agreed?”, I asked. “Yes”, Nanu replied. “OK Nanu. I have some work. I have to go.Bye Nanu”, I said and went out of the room. I marched into my room, grabbed my phone and called him. “I have to talk to you. Very urgent.”, I said. “Sumo,I’m in a conference”, he replied. “I need to TALK. Be outside my house in an hour. If you have a cycle, bring it. Otherwise, buy one and come.”, I said and cut the phone before he could reply. An hour later, he was outside my house with a bicycle. I took my cycle outside and started to cycle. “Sumo, where are you going?”, he yelled. “Follow me”, I yelled back and started cycling furiously. An hour later, we reached a park. I took him by the hand and led him inside. We walked until I reached a grove. I made him sit on a bench and started picking the flowers, talking. “I, my Dad and Mom used to come here when I was little. I used to play here only. When we were small, I used to plant trees here.”, I said and sat beside him. I arranged the flowers into a bouquet and started talking. “Listen, I have something to tell you. I know that Nanu wanted you to search for a groom for you. I wanted to tell you that you needn’t search anymore. I have found someone.”, I said and looked at him.

He looked dejected and in pain. I looked down and continued. “It’s you. Shravan, it’s you. I’m in love with you. I fell in love with you from the first time I met you. I didn’t know if it was love or just a crush. But I grew sure of myself during the time I spent with you. From our first walk, from the time I spent with you during Shiv-Diya’s wedding, I have been surer and surer of it. I have never loved anyone as I much as I love you now.

When I see you, I don’t remember my past, I don’t feel my pain. I feel strong and confident that you’re with me. I love you so much, Shravan Malhotra and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Looking at those eyes. In those arms. With you”, I said and placed my hand on his chest. “I don’t know if you love me back but I felt that it was right to let you know about this. I don’t care about the people who think that I’m saying this because you’re rich and from London. I am in love with the person that you are and I don’t care for your riches or your fame.

I love you for who you are. If you feel that you need some time to think, please do so. I’m ready to wait for you.”,I said and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, he was staring at me. He reached out and cupped my cheeks with his hands. My stomach clenched when his hands touched my skin. “Sumo, When Nanu called me and asked me to find a groom, I was very upset because I couldn’t break Nanu’s truth. You know something? I have loved you ever since I laid my eyes on you. I used to wonder, why my life has been screwed up. I have felt barren my whole life. Now I understand, that you are the color in my life. When I see you, I can’t remember the pain I feel everyday when I am alone. I promise you that I will make it up to you for the love we lost in our childhood. I was going to propose tomorrow. But when Nanu said what he said, I was heartbroken that I was going to lose you. But thank God, you proposed. You don’t have to wait for long. Here’s my answer”, he looked at my eyes and said. He pulled me closer and whispered in my ears. “Sumo, I love you and I will continue to love you till the end of my life”,he said.

Those words were the best words I have ever heard in my life. I hugged him and started crying. He pulled me back and brushed my tears with his thumbs. “Sumo, you are mine now. I should never see tears in those eyes again”, he said and kissed my forehead. I cried even harder when he said that. He bent down slowly so that he was in level with my face. He kissed the tears away and bent down. He brushed my lips wich were now wet with my tears. He bent slowly and kissed me. It was my first kiss. It was magical and my hands went up to wind themselves around his neck. His hands cupped my cheek. He drew back and pulled me closer in his arms. We got up and he hugged me tightly and lifted me up in the air.

My feet dangled as I looked at him. His face, mere centimetres apart from mine. “I love you, Suman Tiwari.” he yelled. I giggled. My fingers curled at his chest. He let me down and we walked back together hand in hand to our cycles. We cycled slowly back to my house. In between, there was a coffee shop. We stopped there for coffee. I sat outside and waited while Shravan went inside to order and collect. The sun was setting and it created a beautiful orangish hue. I was admiring the scenery when I heard a voice behind me. “Suman? Is that you?”, I heard. “Damn”, I thought and turned around. It was Pushkar, as I had guessed. “Hey, how are you? What brings you here? Isn’t it getting late? I should go”, I said and tried to escape. “I’m fine, Suman.

I came here to meet a client. Why are you trying to escape?”, he asked. I was about to answer when Shravan came outside. “Sumo, they only had espres….. “, he stuttered on seeing Pushkar. “Chhh Chhot Chhotte, what are you doing here?”, he asked. “Never mind me, what are you two doing here?”, he asked. I bet my head down as Shravan put a hand around my shoulder. “Wow Bhaiyya, congrats. Congrats Suman, or should I say Bhabhi?”, he asked playfully. I punched him on the shoulder while he laughed. “But I’m worried how Nanaji will take it”, Shravan continued. “Oh don’t worry, this was all Nanaji’s plan.” Pushkar said. “WHAAAAAATTTT?”,we both screamed. “Yeah, I and Preeti were discussing yesterday, how you both were in love and not telling each other. Just then, Nanaji came in. He said that he had heard everything that we talked about. He said that he would take care of you both and that he would make you confess. Wow, a day later and now you’re together. Hats off to Nanaji”, Pushkar commented. We looked at Pushkar and said “Thanks”. “Bhabhi, my Bhaiyya is very innocent. Don’t spoil him”, Pushkar teased. “Oye!”, I exclaimed and twisted Pushkar’s eyes. “Hehehehehehe. It’s getting late. I have to go. Bye, Bhaiyya. Bye, Bhabhi”, he yelled and ran off. We smiled and cycled back. I reached home and watched as he went back to his home. I stood there until his car was out of sight. I went inside to my home. Preeti was crying outside. “What happened Preeti?”, I yelled and ran to her side. “Nanu”, she said and pointed inside. I ran to Nanu’s room. He was sleeping. A doctor was examining him. He turned to me and said,

“His condition is critical. But there’s no need for hospitalization. Let’s wait for some time before we can say anything definite.”, he said and went inside. Preeti came, sobbing. “What happened?”, I asked her. “Today morning, Kamini Auntyji came to visit her. They were chatting when she asked for my hand in marriage for Pushkar. Pushkar had told her about our love and so she came. Nanu said to her that only after Suman’s marriage will Preeti’s marriage take place. Maa frowned at his words but didn’t say anything. After Auntyji went, she started yelling “Now only my child has got a groom from a big family. But now, he is talking like this. He has told them that only after Suman’s marriage only will Preeti’s marriage will take place.

They have agreed to wait, but what if they don’t? I wanted to marry Preeti off and go to America for my son but he is not leaving. For that orphan and homeless girl, he’s ruining my daughter’s life. She said….” Preeti broke off. “Tell me, what did Mamiji say?”, I asked her. “She said,”Nanu is not looking for a groom for Suman. He is not marrying her off and not letting my daughter marry also. Instead of living, why can’t he die?”,she said. On hearing this, Nanu fell down”, Preeti said and started crying. “I’m really sorry thay my mother talked like that, Di.”, Preeti said. I started crying and sat down near Nanu’s bed. I held his hand and cried myself to sleep.

Shravan’s POV:
I came happily to my home and went to my room. I was sitting and whistling when Chachi came inside. “Puththar, can I come in? I need to talk to you.”, she asked. “Of course. Come in, Chachi.”, I replied. “Puththar, Mrina and Bhaisaab got into a big fight. Bhaisaab had agreed to give your hand in marriage to someone he knew.

When he told this to us, Mrina started yelling at him. She accused him of ruining your life by sending you to London all alone. She told him to get out of her brother’s life and asked him not to interfere atleast in your future decisions. Bhaisaab went without a word. He packed his bags and left to Mumbai. Mrina went outside. She hasn’t come back yet”, Chachi said. “Ok Chachi, I’ll take care of it.” I assured her. I closed the door and sat on my bed. I dozed off. When I woke up, it was midnight. I tiptoed to Mrina’s room. I peeked inside. She was sleeping. I decided not to disturb her and that I would talk to her later. I went back to my room and back to sleep.

I awoke the next day and went to Sumo’s house with a bouquet of flowers. As soon as I entered, I heard wailing. I entered to see everybody in tears. “Preeti, what happened?”,

I asked Preeti who was standing nearby. “Nanu passed away,” she said. I stumbled and dropped the bouquet on hearing this. I ran to Nanaji’s room. He lay lifeless, on the bed. The family members were standing around him.I ran to Nanaji’s bed and sat near his feet. I took hold of Nanaji’s feet and started crying. “Nanaji, you gave me a responsibility yesterday. I came to tell you today eagerly that I am in love with your granddaughter. I wanted to ask your permission to marry her. But before that, you….”, I thought and cried uncontrollably. Then Preeti came and stood behind me. I turned to her and asked her

“How did Nanaji die suddenly?”. Preeti told me the arugment and all that happened. I got angry on hearing Preeti’s Maa’s words. “Where is Sumo now?”, I asked her, panicked on remembering Sumo. “Yesterday, Di was by his side the whole night. Nanu was getting better. So Di went to the market to buy some vegetables and stuff. In that time, Nanu’s condition worsened. He asked for Di. But before Di could come, he passed away. I told Di. She felt guilty that she hadn’t been near Nanu. She just looked at and went upstairs to her room. She hasn’t done anything since she got here. She’s just shell shocked and sitting in her room,Shravan.

It’s painful watching Di, just sitting like that. She hasn’t even eaten since yesterday night.”,Preeti replied. I ran to her room and found her sitting on the floor. “Sumo,its me Shravan.” I said to her. She just sat there, not acknowledging me. “Sumo, say something.”, I cried. No response again. “Sumo, look at me”, I cried and turned her face to me. She looked at me but her face didn’t register my presence. “Sumo,cry Sumo.”, I yelled and slapped her. A wail escaped from her lips as she started crying. Her heartbroken cries tore my heart apart. She started sobbing in my chest, heartbroken.

She cried and cried for what seemed like a million years. I went and brought her food and fed it to her. She ate, but she never spoke anything. The whole time, she was crying. After she ate, I tried to leave but she looked at me and said, “Please don’t go, Shravan. If you go, it’ll be me all alone her. I can’t be here. Please don’t leave me here”, she held my hand and said these words. I looked at her and sat on her bed. She leant on my shoulder and sobbed. Finally, she slept. I tried to move but she had gripped my hand tightly. So I wrapped my hands around her and held her while she slept.”

Sumo’s POV:
We had finished cycling and now, we were lying on a hammock. He had wrapped his arms around me and I was lying, facing the sun and him, behind me in the same position. He took out his phone and showed me a picture. “Pushkar and our family have arranged a party for us when we come to Delhi. They have bought dresses for us. This is your dress. Do you like it?”, he asked. I looked at the picture. It was a crimson and gold lehenga.

The skirt was full gold with stones on it. The shawl was transparent and gold in color. The blouse was crimson with gold trimmings on its edges. I looked at him, “I love it. But I don’t have any jewelry suitable for it.”, I said. “Why?”, he asked. “You have that red necklace that you wore for Diya’s shaadi, don’t you? Wear that for this dress.”, he continued. I turned on him and placed my chin on his chest. “Achcha, I didn’t realise that you have observed me this much”, I asked him. “Excuse me, I am your husband. I even know how many moles you have and where they are.”, he answered. “Oh really, then tell me, Mr. Shravan Malhotra.

How many moles I have and where they are. “, I asked him, with one eyebrow raised. He looked down at me, “You have seven. One on the base of your throat, one on the left side of your neck, one on your right elbow, one on your right calf and two on your……..”, he broke off and grinned at me. “Do you want me to tell that two also?”, he askrd me, impishly. “No thank you. And the last one?”, I asked. “In your back, at the place where your spine ends.”, he said and traced his fingers along my spine. “Wow, Shravan. I’m impressed. You deserve a price for being so observant.”, I said and bent forward. I smiled against his lips and kissed him.

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