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Mujhse Fraandship Karoge Promo + Note by Nikita

Heyyo! Guusa hoo?
I’m soo sorryyy!!
Actually it was Navratri, and I’m a gujrati, then it was edkv ending, and before all this my exams. So I needed TIME.. I’m so sorryy..!! So this is not about that, this is about you guys, and your fantabulous writing skills…

Anu: the episode was amazing.. I’ll be looking forward to the next episode, and you left me in suspense


Niya di: your episode was amazinng.. Loved it like hell..!! His face, her emotions, your writing – PURE BLISS!!

Aru – I’m so gladd you’re back! Thatt biological stuff, and everything, Pushkar’s dialogues specially, LOVE…!!

[ Ps: I’m actually reading and writing,so ignore if the names are repeated]

Balamirra: I’m so sorrry, I kinda lost track of ur eps, so I gotta read them all over again, but trust me,I’ll comment on each of them

Niya di: your 5 shot is amazingg… I’m gonna read the last part now, so wait..Niya di! I’m crying! That last speech.. you’re amazing di.. And this 5-shot was hauntingly beautiful…!! Love. Youuu dii… You’re so freaking amazing!!
I love you!

Ariana: di! That episode, that everything! Suman’s leaving me so suspicious.. What’s that? What’s going on? That hug struck my heart! Who’s THEY? Why’s she blaming her! Ughh!! Possstt sooonn!! Love youu!

Ufi api: your all parts were amazinG.. The TS was a hit! Loved it!

Mario: excited for your os! Post soon!

Anshita: your 4 shot was amazinng!! Loved it like hell!

Aaribha: what a great start! Sumo’s such a jhalli man!and Shravan’s character seems a little chilled out! Post soon, I’m excited about it!

nd now it’s gonna be about my promo!
I guess you guys must have lost track so let me remind you what took place in the last episode

ShraMan go and interview and they give examination.. Ariana’s fashion week was a hit.. Namik-Ariana moments.. Yaad aya? Okay goodd.. Now promo


‘I love you Ariana’ were the words that came out of Shravan’s mouth!

He was sooo in love with Ariana.. He loved their daily chats on facebook.. He loved her.. But the little he knew, it wasn’t Ariana, it was Suman whom he was in love with..

Whereas, on the other hand, Suman was adoring Shravan’s pics.. Namik [Shravan] had been messaging him on Facebook, but she did not reply.. All she did was look at Shravan’s pics


Love you guys! I’ll be back with my next part on 15th for sure!

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