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Mr. Stalker and I~Episode 12 (by Anisha)


Heya folks! Did you miss me? I missed my MSAI readers. Anyways! Time for some punishment. 😉 Shubhangi asked me to write Sanskar’s pov. I totally forgot about that!!.. Thanks re…


Sanskar’s pov

Swara always takes me for granted, first of all seducing me and leaving me unleashed. It’s a torture!!.. She makes me love her and keep loving her, neither shy about what she is demanding for nor shy to say what she is doing here. I’m sure I’m going to punish her for what she did yesterday and not melt on her sweet voice, seducing and moving out of what I thought of!!..

“Time for some punishment 😉 “ I said and lifted her up.

We went to our room and I settled her on the bed.

“Sanky!� she tried to move.

“Shh..�I shushed her as I pecked her lips and moved out.

After a couple of minutes, I came out with some ropes. I knew what to do with everything, planned, a full proof plan!!.. She was still in the bed with the same garment covering her features. No doubt, she’s s*xy but still she prefers me calling her that!!..

I stopped near her, as she was busy in checking her phone. I caught her wrist and slowly guided her hands to the edge. I know she would never let me do this. It’s better I don’t let her know!!.. I came closer and started nibbling her skin.

“Sanky! Did you forget what you thought of?�


“No? Really? Is this punishment?� she laughed aloud.

“You are going to get a good punishment babe!�

“Ahan 😉 😉 Is it?� she laughed again.

“What is there to laugh so much?�

“I’m waiting!� she spoke huskily, seducing me.

“Really? That sounds good because you are going to wait and beg the entire night 😉 “

I went close to her kissing her lips, sucking them. Those were like beautiful petals. Nibbling and sucking them, I undid her dress. When she was turned on and was about to respond, I stepped aback!!.. I stood up next to the bed , watching her.

“Sankyyy! This isn’t done!� she tried slamming her hands and legs to undo those ropes.

“I told you, you should be ready for the punishment 😉 “ I touched her ankles and circled my finger around it, sensuously, arousing her desires!!..

“Sanky! No� she screamed as she realized I tied her legs.

“You are going to bear this Swara! You have made me crave for you the entire night. I’ll show you how it feels when you are turned on left with nothing! You will never ever do this again� I unhooked her bra and undid her panties. I took out a silk cloth from my pocket and brought it in front of her.

“Sanky! Please no� she screamed as I tied the cloth to her, not letting her see, what I’m gonna do “Sanky! Please I beg you�

“I’m heartless. Ms. Kapoor� I whispered close to her ear and she whimpered. I undid my tuxedo and shirt. I settled straight on the bed, watching out my s*xy lady.

Swara’s pov

He tied a cloth to me and I was unable to see what he was doing. I wouldn’t be able to see how he’s going to touch me and ride me along. I guessed him, hopping onto me and releasing his breathe on my neck. I hope he doesn’t punish me for long!!..

He started kissing my lips and inserting his tongue onto me as I gasped for air. As I kissed him back, he moved back again. I know, I know he’s going to do this. I hate myself now!!.. My stupid teasing leading me to a vulnerable stage. He went down and kissed my cleavage and nibbled each and every portion of my neck. He flicked my nipples between his forefinger and thumb, rubbing it and sucking them out simultaneously. He kneaded my bre*ast and further moved down, roaming his hands on my body.

“Sanky!!� I was wet by now. His one touch made me senseless. He had so much power to control me and my desires reached up to the peak!!..

Sanskar pinched my sensitive cl*t and assaulted it “Ahh!� I moaned.

He stroked my cl*t again and kissed it right there. My juices flourishing and he slurping everything out. I arched my back and moaned his name.

“Beg for it, Swara�

“Ah! Sanky I need you�

“It sounds demanding! Beg for what you want, Swara�

“Sanskar please! I beg you� I almost screamed in the throes of passion.

“What do you want, Swara. Beg for it, be a good girl�

Anger flushed my face but I needed him, right now.

“Sanky! Please love me. Please love me until I beg you to stop� I screamed.

“Good girl!� he paused and flicked his tongue on my bundle of nerves. I moaned out loud asking him not to leave and beg for more. He rubbed my cl*t and sucked my p*s*y.

“Sanskar� I clutched the edge of the bed as I was about to come and he moved back again.


After a minute or two, I felt his c*ck inside me. I pushed my hips to match his steps. I felt only pain. I’m sure tomorrow is going to be tough hiding the bruishes from my body. My ankles and wrists pained as he continued thrusting faster.

“Sanskar! Oh yes! Right there� I screamed and he slowed down again.

“Sanskarrr� I screamed as I felt dejected “I hate you�

“I know but I love you�

“Huh?� I turned my face and he opened the blindfold.

“I want you, Sanskar� breathing labored “Please!�

“Promise me. You won’t do that again�

“Ah! I promise�

“Good girl. Now beg for what you want�

“Sanskar please! I want you inside me� I spoke.

“A little louder, I didn’t hear�

“I want you Sanskar! Please�

“I didn’t hear�

“Sanskar! love me! Please�

“Good� the next moment he entered into me, pushing him inside me. I love the way he assaults me.

“I love you� he said and pressed me onto him as much as possible. My wrist and ankles paining and bruises forming on them, still the pleasure that came was more divine then the pain I felt. He kissed me again and cumed into me and I came out after a while. He continued stroking me and pushing harder. The way I moved in sync with him, made my wrists turn red but that was what I wanted!!..

I kissed him back as he kissed me again and kept on stroking his length onto me. I came out again like a grenade and busted. He held on me tighter as he got close to his. We kept on loving and pondering on the entire night until the sun rays entered our room. He smiled, kissing me on my lips , untying me and he entered into me again.

Writing at the end…

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