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Monday Spoilers — 10th October 2016




Rishi has understood that Tanuja is Tanu, and is hugging her by love. The viewers can hope that this is not a dream sequence. Rishi and Tanuja have an eyelock. Ssharad and Kratika’s fans will be getting a scoop of their romance once again. Rishi and Tanuja have united, and completed Rishi and Tanu’s love story. They are expressing love to each other in the same old way by simple eye stares.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Jaggi is going to temple on one foot and is praying for Gopi. He ties one foot and is testing his devotion to Mata Rani. Gopi got shot because of him, as Mansi was taking revenge and shooting Jaggi. Jaggi is regretting to hurt Gopi’s heart. Jaggi’s love and Mata Rani’s blessings will save Gopi. Gopi and Jaggi will be uniting soon.

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