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Mohe Rang Do Laal……. IKRS Second Shot

Mohe Rang Do Laal…… IKRS (Second Shot)
First of all… I am really very sorry for not being able to post the episode…. And Yes Maha knows the reason very well…Right???
So let’s continue the story now………..

The episode starts with Dhaani reaching school in her scooter. Students come running and Dhaani smiles seeing the children. Later Dhaani is seen teaching children in a class. Bell rings. And she asks children to go slowly. She takes her bag and turns to go. One of her colleague stops her to give wedding invitation. Dhaani stands numb. Her friend sees that and understands. She holds her hand and says she knows what she must be thinking …but its high time to forget the past and move on. Dhaani looks at the wedding invitation and says she cannot come in her wedding to spread the inauspiciousness. Her friend looks on and says Dhaani….. Dhaani turns and tears roll down her cheeks…. One fb is shown….


Dhaani is in bridal attire…her bindi wiped… few ladies take her and her bangles are broken. Dhaani is silent. Her parents are crying to stop ladies taking Dhaani away. Dhaani’s mom runs to Dhaani and hugs her. Dhaani is all silent. One of the ladies throw the white saree towards Dhaani and stares at here. She was Dhaani’s would be mom in law. She curses Dhaani and ask her to get lost. Dhaani looks at her. The lady ask her to get lost for killing her son. Dhaani says I did not. The lady asks her to shut up.Other people gossip that the girl is unlucky who killed her would be husband before completing the wedding rounds.

Dhaani hugs Dulaari and cries. Flashback ends. Dhaani has tears in her eyes. Her friend says…fine…. If you don’t want to come then don’t …but you can atleast wish me… Dhaani wipes her tears… She smiles …and congratulates her. Her friend hugs her and says keep the wedding card. Dhaani asks why?? Her friend smiles and says please…. She keeps it. Her friend goes thinking please god… make Dhaani always happy… and I am sure she would come in my wedding…do some miracle that my best friend comes in my wedding. She goes. Dhaani also goes.
Scene shifts to Viplav who is busy in packing. His dad comes to him and asks if he is ready. Viplav says yes…. He gets a call and excuses himself to attend the call. He gets informed that all his bookings are made…but?? Viplav asks but what??? The other person on the phone says he could not do hotel bookings. Viplav asks what?? The other person says he will manage till he comes there… Viplav says do it right away. He goes to his dad and said that hotel booking is not finalized. His dad says he should not worry about that because he is sure that his son will manage everything. Viplav smiles and says that’s true. He lifts his bag …and goes to take some files. He opens his shelf to find the locket. He smiles seeing it and turns to his dad to ask if he can visit Mathura from Banaras. He grabs the locket and keeps it in his backpack. His dad comes to know that he wants to meet Dhaani.

His dad says ofcourse…. but then remembers how he and his friend(Dhaani’s dad) had to separate because of Viplav’s grandfather who was unhappy with the bond they shared because of the mentality he had which differentiated between rich and poor. Viplav gets sad thinking he could not do anything that time. His dad pats his head and says if you find Dhaani and her dad tell them…how much I miss them. Viplav smiles and seeks his blessings.They come downstairs. Viplav seeks blessings from his mom,Daadi. He hugs his sister,Shaalu and then goes waving bye.

Scene shifts to Dhaani who is back home. She is busy in kitchen. Badi Amma comes from outside very tired. Dhaani rushes to her and the duo share some emotional moment. Dhaani rests her head in Badi Amma’s lap and tells her to rest as she is there to work. Badi Amma caresses Dhaani’s hair and says Beta, I don’t get sad working at my home…my daughter is with me and I don’t need anything else. Dhaani has tears in her eyes. She raises her head from Badi Amma’s lap and hugs her. Badi Amma asks her not to cry as she has to answer her parents once she goes. Dhaani stops Badi Amma from saying so. Badi Amma gets emotional and reminisces how her family ditched her and how Dulaari Maai met her and brought her in the family. Dhaani continues that she has no one except her Badi Amma…so she should not talk like that. Badi Amma holds her hand and says Dhaani… I want to see you happy Beta…

Dhaani says she is happy. Badi Amma wipes Dhaani’s face and says you are not…but I wish to see you happy. Dhaani looks on. Badi Amma says I won’t be there forever to take care of you my dear… Dhaani looks at Badi Amma but does not say anything. Badi Amma continues. She desires to see her happily married. Dhaani gets up and says that can never happen Badi Amma. Badi Amma too gets up and says ….. you never know Beta… god is not so cruel to always give you sorrows…he has to give you happiness. Dhaani looks at her Badi Amma and hugs her. And Badi Amma showers her motherly love to Dhaani.

Scene shifts to Viplav who is in his jeep. He has reached Mathura before Banaras. He reaches the old home. He comes out of the jeep. Laughing of kid ViDhaani is heard in the background. Viplav smiles but then he happens to see the old burnt house. He walks towards that place. He gets shocked seeing that house half burnt and half being demolished. He gets shocked. He sees the seesaw in which they used to sit and kneels down thinking about what might have happened. Laakh Duniya kahe tum nahi ho plays……He tries to go to stop the demolition but stops hearing an old man. He turns to see the old man. Viplav addresses the man as KAKA… The old man is neighbor of Dhaani. The old man walks towards Viplav and says he has no idea who he is. But it seems he has old connection with the house. Viplav looks at the burnt phase and says yes…. The old man guesses if he is Tripathi Khandan’s son…

Viplav says he is Viplav Tripathi….. The old man looks on… and says Tumne aane mein der kardi beta(You got late…son).. Viplav looks on and asks what he meant to say.The old man says I still remember the day when you too would roam and play all day long…. the way you two would spend time together….your happy faces still roam around my eyes….but cruel god gave cruel fate to Dhaani…she never led happy life after you went.. Viplav gets shocked. He asks if his Dhaani is fine?? The old man looks on and says that day….was her marriage day… She was happy. Everyone were called…but I did not see your family. I guessed that your grandfather did not let the news reach to you. But still Dhaani was happy thinking you would have been happy seeing your best friend happy. Viplav has tears in his eyes and a faint smile. He wipes his tears and asks if Dhaani is okay?? The old man turns and says But fate had written Dhaani’s life with sorrow. Viplav looks on. The man continues that day her would be husband died before wedding rounds. People gathered to see what would Dhaani now. Nobody really saw her sorrow…people went there to gossip and insult Dhaani… Viplav closes his eyes… clutches his fists. The old man saw that and says why did you not come to your best friend when she needed you the most. Viplav stands still. The old man takes him towards the house and says nothing is left now…your Dhaani is gone. Viplav looks at him and asks what?? and what about her parents?? The old man looks at him and says that day…those people from her would be in laws… made Dhaani a widow by forcing her to wear the white saree… wiped her happiness…and her right of living the life. Her parents were weeping and requesting them not to do so.

But people made a mockery of their feelings and insulted them. Dhaani’s mom tried to stop the injustice …but was burnt alive by the ruthless people. Seeing that her father died in a shock. Those people then charged at Dhaani…she got hurt but ran away with one of her relatives to save her life. Viplav …who is listening to all this then speaks up…where is Dhaani?? The old man turns to him..keeps his hand on his shoulder and says some say that day an accident happened and a lady was identified who died.But nobody could recognize the face as it was brutally damaged. Viplav gets shocked…and says Nahi… nothing can happen to my Shikayati Pudia… The old man looks at Viplav and says nobody knows how is she now???where is she?? nobody knows if she is alive or…. Viplav looks at him and touches his feet thanking him for telling about his Dhaani…now its his duty to find her. He goes wiping his tears.

The old man looks up in the sky and says Do bichde hue ko milade Bhagwan….jarur milade( please make the two separated meet once !!God)… and goes….
Viplav is on his way to Banaras…His dad call him and asks him if he reached. Viplav tells him everything. His dad gets shocked and his moments with Dhaani’s dad…their friendship flash in his eyes. He asks Viplav not to worry. He asks him to reach Banaras and then they will talk. Viplav hangs up . He takes the locket out of his backpack and says Where are you Dhaani??
Scene shifts to Dhaani… who is pasting the note of PAYING GUEST WANTED on the walls…. Badi Amma comes and asks if this will work… Dhaani looks at her and smiles saying It should work… Badi Amma asks her to come inside and have food as she had been working all day. Dhaani smiles and goes.

Scene shifts back to Viplav…who gets his manager’s call. The manager apologizes for not being able to manage a hotel booking. Viplav asks him not to be sorry…and try something else. The manager suggests Viplav to come as paying guests in any of the houses near to the project site. Viplav says inform me if you find such house. He hangs up… and thinks most important thing for now is how will he search his Dhaani. He opens his laptop and gets back to work thinking he is sure his Dhaani is fine. He then realizes what he had been saying all day long… He repeats My Dhaani….. and smiles… Mere ishq ka rang safed hai yaara plays…..and says Mera dil kehta hai you are here …near me…and looks at the locket in his backpack.

So guys…..hope you like this second shot….express your views and write your comments….. LOVE YOU ALL….once again I am really very sorry for posting the episode so late……..

Happy Diwali to all of you …..play safe and fun filled Deepawali…..
Love you all   

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