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MMZ : what was my fault….?? Few shots part 1

Happy reading?☺️☺️ !!

Third person PoV


As I walked down the streets It was raining heavily I cursed at my fate my life was so simple until that day he came into my life on my engagement day and said he loved me I said what the f*** and my fiancé thought I was cheating on him ultimately he broke the engagement !! My dreams were shattered I was broken from inside and outside !! When I gone to that bl**** person because of whom my engagement broke down and I got the biggest shock of my life he said that he never loved me it was just all a revenge he played with my feelings with my life I slapped him tightly resulting blood come out of him and he fall down with a jerk !! I shouted at the top of my lungs I hate u !!’ But that was my biggest mistake as he played with my dignity for which my parents thrown me out of the house saying that they hate me and they did not want a shameless girl to be in their house who would spoil their reputation !! For once I thought what was my fault…?? As I was walking in the street a car was going to dash me ultimately he applied the brake !! He get down the car !!

I: you…..??

Part 1 ends……!!

So guys how was it…?? It is few shots !! hope u enjoyed it no proof reading sorry for the typos ☺️☺️?!! Bye ahamians ( like me ??) and mmz fans !!

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