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MMZ – The Inmate – chapter 4

The Inmate
Chapter 4

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“I still want to continue my sessions with Inmate Mehra.” She spoke softly and slowly, trying to drop the bomb as gently as possible. She mentally cursed herself for referring to Arjun……Dr. Arjun as Inmate Mehra. What the hell? She was more sure than ever that there was some story behind the horrendous turn of events.

Neil paused trying as if trying to process the meaning of her words. What?!! Why?!!

He gulped and tried his level best to maintain his calm and composure. It affected him……that too real bad. But he couldn’t show why, well, for obvious reasons.

He asked all concerned, “why chashni? He may hurt you and I don’t want you falling unconscious in my jail all the time.” his concern was true, just the reason wasn’t.

Radhika smiled understanding that she needs to talk neil into it, “because, I never gave up on cases I take up once…you know that……plus, arjun mehra was once my mentor, I wont give up on him so easily.”

Neil sighed. He knew nothing he could ever say would convince her to let it go. He shrugged promising himself to just make Radhika realise his love soon. To make her his.
“okay.” He muttered tiredly.

Radhika got all excited and happy with his single nod of approval, that she jumped on him. He staggered a little but caught her deftly. He carried her to the car and placed her back on her feet. She took the passenger seat and he slid behind the wheel. Both of them kept quiet throughout the journey.
Radhika was looking out the window, smiling to herself. Finally, she’ll get to know what Arjun left her stranded…mid way…he could have atleast told her before leaving once… true, she wasn’t his lover but she was his friend. And if he had told her once, she wouldn’t have ever allowed him to leave…never ever. But now, she will again be with him…near him…..and this time, she let him leave again. She smiled even wider.It was almost as if her heart and her brain were talking to each other, looking at her future with positivity….but neither realised it was a hard road ahead. It wont be easy for Radhika to make a place herself in his heart again…that very heart which was dark, barren and lifeless, all because of her.

While neil tired hard to concentrate on the road but his heart kept rolling on what if ……what if Radhika falls in love with Arjun? What if Arjun hurts her? What if Arjun forcefully marries her? He let out a small curse.

Radhika looked him bewildered, jerked out of her trance, “what happened neil?”

Neil looked at her but didn’t reply.

Radhika smiled and teased him further, “awwwiiieee……..neilu you look cute like a little angry bird. Why my neilu roaming around like a angry bird?”

Neil tried hard to keep a straight face but her choice of words and the tone, she used made him smile anyway.

He dropped her home. And watched her getting inside safely in her apartment, leaning on his car.

Radhika smiled bright, as she waved him bye. This guy never went before he saw her getting inside safely. Or never failed to call and ask if she reached home safely. Radhika respected him a lot for this. Neil was true gentleman.

Inmate mehra on the other hand had relapsed into his usual silence. He did all his job and well. But didn’t care about anything in general anymore. He just kept getting flashes of Radhika, which just made him more frustrated and his day more harder.

As soon as neil sat inside his car, he smile on his face dropped. His jaw hurt from all the fake smiling. He slammed his hand against the steering wheel. Where can I get information on Radhika and Arjun……how?….umm, well, see for somebody who knows both of them or somebody who was with any of them when they were in med school…..somebody who is a close confidant of either Radhika or Arjun…

Suddenly, his eyes shone bright…….his brain focused on one name…she was radhika’s best friend…went to the same med school…and probably, even Arjun anyway…….SAM!!!!

He slapped the back of his head for not thinking of her before. It was just five days since she had left to give a lecture on psychology at the stranford university and would probably returning anytime soon.
He cursed himself, he had failed to call her even once…..shitt….how could he be so engrossed in work and then inmate mehra and Radhika that he failed to call and ask his Sammy, how she was.
He face palmed himself. He picked his phone and dialled her number, a bright picture of neil and sam smiling displaying on the screen. She picked up after four rings.

Sam, “so you still remember me…huh Mr. Jailer?”

Neil, “neil Sammy…neil….am not a jailer for you. And I am sorry…so sorry.”

“okay, I am gonna let it go for now, you have to so gonna pay the price, once I land back in india.” Spoke sam with a mischievous smile glued to her face.

Neil shrugged, “whatever you say.”
Sam came directly to the point, “so why did you call? What do you want?”

“woahh woman! Whats with all the hostility? Cant I call you without a reason?”

Sam slapped her forehead…whats with all the foreplay, he is my best friend and can easily come directly to the point.
She smiled wicked and decided to play his game….she could easily trap him in his own words. Well, neil was easy with both rasam for starters and then being a PHD in psychology really helped.

“so did you?” she asked in a overly sugar coated voice.

“no, I wanted some information.” He said in a small voice.

She grinned, “so idiot, you could have easily came directly to it…so what information do you want?”

Neil came back to his normal voice and spoke in a brisk business, “sammy, I wanted all the information you have on Arjun mehra.”

Samaira paused for a sec, trying to recollect “arjun…..umm, Arjun mehra…..ahh yes! He was in med school with us. Infact, he was radhika’s mentor.”

Neil hung on every word, he replied somewhat irritably, “anything else you know about him?”

Sam sighed, “they both used to be really good friends….and god, Arjun was a perfect gentleman. You know, half the college was behind Arjun and the other half struggled to know why.”
She chuckled.
“I don’t know what happened suddenly, he left….and has been out of touch with both me and Radhika since then.” Her voice reflecting a tinge of sadness.

Neil, “okay…anything else?”
Sam was confused, why was he asking all these questions, all of sudden, “nope, just the minor details and the fun we had….maybe a photographs somewhere. Neil?”
“am I missing some context here?”
Neil smiled, he unknowingly had been fuelling her curiosity, “nope, not really….when are you coming back?”
“after two days.”
“good, will fill you in on the details then. By the way, could you send me the pics?” he asked.

“neil, they aren’t with me. Go the apartment. Search for them, in the old albums or something…..in the storage room. I can bet, even chashni, doesn’t remember their location.” She smiled.

Neil sighed and after chatting for a little more time, he hung up. He practically had gained nothing new……except for the existence of some pictures.

But why was he doing this? He himself didn’t know the answer. What would he gain by this? Nothing….literally nothing. Whatever was between Radhika and inmate mehra was past. And it wasn’t necessary that history would repeat itself. He should be trusting her and not getting paranoid over nothing. She was his best friend and would obviously tell him anything and everything. So why????!!!
He slapped his forehead as a picture of disappointed Radhika flashed in front of him. He had disappointed her…….he should be trusting her. Neil’s expression grimed, he was going to be up front about everything now.”

Precap: Radhika’s first session……neil enraged….sam returns.
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My story had sam, please refer to chapter one, in case you don’t remember. I had shown for her to go to stranford university for giving lecture on psychology. She and Radhika are best friends and room mates.
Sorry, no flashbacks in this episode……lots coming up in the next.
Hope you liked it. Legally yours coming up next. When? Sorry……I myself have no single clue.

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