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Hiiiii friends i am a fan of manmarziya and i am silent reader of the fan fiction too.and am from kerala

hii i am writing my first ff and please pardon me u find any mistakes


so story begins

A posh party in Darjeeling lots of womens, wine gossips are going on .Todays center of attraction point is none other than Avanthika joshi the great business women and wife of late hariesh joshi. She always dont come for the parties but today she has a motive to carry on .

Avanthika and Mr patel
Av: Mr patel you have told a proposal for my daughter in our last meeting .Who is that man
Mr.patel: Ya i remember its none another than Arjun Meher the young business man who won the best business man award for this year
Av:I would like to meet him
Mr:Sure i will indroduce him to you come he is also here.

Av’s fone rings…..
Excuse Mr patel for min
Av:ya have u reached in party
Other side:yes…………………….
Av:Ok I am coming

call ends

Some women are gossiping about av
wo1: I heard that she came here for her daughters marriage proposal
wo2: But she is married and settled in mumbai.
Wo1:Not for the first for her second daughter
W3: what 2 according to me Mrs Avanthika has one daughter and a son
Mrs patel: Actually she is looking marriage for her daughter in law

Womeans are shocked

W1: For her DIL but that girls is married to his son is he dead or somthing
Mrs Patel:No he is very much alive and he lives in states with his wife.
W2:what are u saying now you said Av is looking for a groom for her DIL now this.
Mrs Patel: Actually av son saral has married a girl from risikesh That girl is his father’s friends daughter and that girls parents passed away leaving that girl to av and thier last wish was to make that girl marry to saral and av and hariesh agreed but after year and studies from states saral has changed and he was in love with some one
But for the property and all saral married that girl and always s*xually harashed her .Av get know about it and she make her son divorce and send through him out of her house and make her DIL as her daughter


Arjun : young business man and very much love with his family he has a child(secret will be reveled)
Saral son of avanthika and hariesh
Sam daughter of avanthika and hariesh
Neil husband of sam
Radika: EX-Wife of Saral
Nira: Wife of saral

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