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MMZ – MUST BE LOVE (Few shots – Part 7)

Thanks for all your amazing responses guys. ABout Neil’s character, he is always good no matter what..i can’t even think to make him bad and it won’t suite coz as per me he is born to be good… ? ? ?



MMZ – Must be Love (Few Shots – Part 6)
Radhika is shocked seeing Neil and Neil is waiting for her answer. Rads stammers, “What..what answer?”

Neil, “Radhika…i heard everything. I saw you both were standing in the parking and when i came near to you..unfortunately i overheard your conversation and exactly when Arjun proposed you”

Rads is shocked and don’t know what to reply. She turns to other side saying, “That was a misunderstanding..i can say”

Neil, “Misunderstanding? In what way? I think he was very sure on his decision when he proposed you”

Rads gets tensed, “Look Neil, For me it’s nothing and am not affected in anyway for his confession. SO pls stop this topic here itself”

She goes inside without even seeing him and Neil stares the way she goes and drives to Arjun’s home.

Neil barges into his home and finds only Nandini in the living hall…she gets shock and surprised seeing Neil.

Neil wishes her and asks for Arjun. Nandini, “He is in his room…don’t know why but he looks very tired and upset”

Neil, “WHy he should be upset? I should be the person to be upset”

Nandu comes to him, “What happen Neil? Why are you talking like this?”

Neil couldn’t control anything and blurts out, “Di, he proposed Radhika in the party and rushes back to home immediately”

Nandini is shocked and speechless & gets worried for both of her brothers. Neil holds her hand and asks, “Di…i can sense that something is hanging between them and guess you also know about it. Pls tell me what happened?”


Neil rushes to his home and shouts for his mom Prerna. Prerna comes out from her room hearing his voice and gets tensed seeing him angry face.

Prerna, “What happened Neil? Y r u shouting like this?”

Neil, “Mom…just arrange the marriage as soon as possible”

Prerna is speechless and confused, “Marriage? Neil…be in your sense first. Just calm down…why r u saying like this?”

Neil, “Mom..pls don’t ask anything and do the arrangement for the marriage soon.” he just went out saying this leaving her shocked.

Prerna calls to Dilip and informs him what Neil told her…Dilip also gets shocked and discuss this with mala…Radhika overhears it and gets worried thinking about Neil and why he said so.

She leans on her bed and remembers her first sight when she met Arjun two years back at her home. For her, he was the first person who came and saw her…she likes him at the very first moment but unfortunately Arjun rejected that marriage proposal. After that she did not accept for any other alliance when Dilip informed her. She knows it that it is a common instance but her heart doesn’t accept for any other proposal after his rejection.

She then remembers their meeting in the orphanage when Arjun himself came and talk to her, his chasing on the park, unfortunately his meeting in the office, their friendship and finally the dance with him and his proposal. She closes her eyes tightly to avoid thinking about him but often he comes to her mind and disturbs her a lot. She holds her head with the support of her hands which is noticed by Dilip and Mala…they get worried seeing her and they did not aware why she is sitting like this.

@ Arjun’s home,

Arjun is doing boxing in his personal room…he is punching the bag harshly without any mercy. Flashes of Radhika’s moments comes to his mind which disturbs him a lot. He came out from the room and pours water on his body and face and stares him at the mirror and talks to himself, “How dare you did that? She is going to be Neil’s wife and you proposed her? How could you do this? What Neil will think if he comes to know about your cheap behaviour?”

The image in the mirror, “So what? I said what was itching in my heart. I just spoke my heart out and i did not find any guilty on doing that. I know it’s wrong after knowing that Neil gonna marry her but still i can find a chance of making her mine before Neil claims her legally. Now all i need is, i want to know What radhika is thinking about me?”

Arjun, “Shut your bl**dy mouth. Neil is my friend…i can’t cheat him. I am doing wrong…i should control my emotions n feelings. If i did not do it then this will go long without any endings. I should talk to Neil before he knows it by some one else. I can’t loose my friendship coz of this tortured love”

He goes out from his room but stuns seeing Neil with Nandini in the living hall. Arjun, “Neil..you here at this time?”

Nandini & Neil gets shocked seeing Arjun exhaustive, he comes down to him and looks for his answer. Instead Neil did not look at him and bids bye to Nandini and leaves from there.
Arjun is shocked seeing him going without talking to him, and is about to go behind him but nandini stops him saying, “Let him go. You come n have your dinner”

Arjun gets confused, “No…i m not feeling hungry

Nandini gives an unbelievable look at him and goes to her room without having the dinner. She prays god to give all the happiness to her both brothers.

Next day, Neil goes to Radhika’s home and finds her not in home. He talks to Dilip and Mala & goes from there after sometime. Then he goes to Arjun’s home and calls him down. Arjun comes running to him and hugs him tightly…he was in fear of losing his friendship and he cannot do that at any cost. Neil also hugs him and tells him to get ready soon.

Arjun, “Why? Where are we going?”

Neil, “You will come only if is say the reason and place?”

Arjun smiles and goes to his room to get ready. Nandini meets Neil and gives him juice to drink. Soon Arjun comes down and both ArNeil leaves from there…Neil only drives his car and till they reach the place he did not say anything. Arjun is surprised seeing Neil got him to the amusement park and looks at him confused.

Neil, “It’s ok come inside. Just for refreshing our mind.” Both goes inside and looks around the people there. Arjun smiles seeing the kids are playing and their cute antics impressed him a lot.

While walking, Arjun stops hearing a familiar kids voices calling him. He turns to his left side and gets shocked and surprised seeing Radhika, the kids Akhil & Sahana and her Best friend Jessie(Jaaaazzzz). Radhika is speechless seeing ArNeil together and blinks seeing them. Akhil & Sahana shouts, “JIJUUUUUUUUU” by saying this both runs and jumps on Arjun. He hugs them hapily since he met them after a long time. Neil is shocked seeing the trio and gives a sharp look at Radhika also which is noticed by Jessie. Jessie looks at Arjun and whispers in rads ears, “He is the one you were talking about to me sometime back right?

Rads slightly nods her head and moves to them. She smiles at Neil and avoid looking at Arjun asking, “How come you are here?”

Neil Sarcastically, “Why? You don’t want to me to come here is it? Or you expected someone else?”

Rads understand what he is trying to mean and says, “Nothing like that. But the truth is it is Unexpected meeting right.”

Neil just nods and looks at Jessie who is giving him an angry look at Neil from starting. Neil raises his one eyebrow and signs her as What?

Jessie makes face and gives him an angry stare at him. She did not like him and feels that Neil is taunting her friend.

Neil looks at Arjun saying, “If you guys are done, then shall we go n play”

The kids chorusly shouts YESSSSS and they four leading to the dry games first.

Akhil and Sahana walking front followed by Neil & Rads and behind them Arjun & Jessie walks. Jessie finds Arjun starring only Radhika from behind and she smiles seeing his love for her but at the same she sees Neil often giving sharp look at Radhika which irritates Jessie more than anyone else there.

They reached the Roller Coaster ride where Akhil & Sahana jumps to go in but Radhika refuses to join with them since she is afraid of the dry games. Kids forced her to go with them and so as jessie. First the kids goes inside their seat, followed by Arjun & Radhika. And upto them they closed the gate saying it is full. Jessie giggles and tells Neil, “It’s ok let them go and we will go in next round”. Neil glares her and asks, “What you want? Y u always gives me a sharp look often?”

Jessie, “Me? Actually it’s you who often doing that. Lets leave that and i heard that you preponed your marriage date it seems. Y so?”

Neil, “I think i don’t need to explain you all this.”

Jessie, “Of course you should. Rads is my close friend and i won’t see her get troubled.”

Neil, “Oh so you are the saviour of your rads is it?”

Jessie, “Can say like that. I will do anything for her happiness”

Neil, “Oh really? Then you will anything and go at any extent to give her what she deserves?”

Jessie, “YES. I will”

On the ride, Akhil & Sahana sits together and enjoys the ride by shouting happily. Behind them Ardhika sits together, Radhika is shouting coz of fear and Arjun holds her hands for support and she hides her face in his chest and chanting ganesha mantras to save her. Her hairs are floating in the air which is falling on his face and he is really enjoying each moment being with her. He smiles seeing her scared face, her tightly closed eyes and her chanting lips. He murmurs to himself,”Gosh..I LOVE HER”

On the ground, Neil smirks seeing Jessie and asks, “You won’t back out from your words right? I will ask anything to do for your radhika’s happiness”

Jessie, “See, i never have habit of changing my decision and words often. I told you already right i will go to any extent and will do anything for my radhika”

Neil joined his hands, “OKAY…then MARRY ME. Take me out from your radhika’s life and give her own happiness to her.”

He finds Jessies starring him and her eye balls stuck at only one place and she stands like a idol starring him after hearing what he said.

Precap: JeNeil(Jessie + Neil) together works to unite Ardhika. (May be last episode)


That’s it for today…and i am dedicating this chapter to my dear lovely darling JESSIE….my partner in crime (lol…crime is nothing but snatching Arjun). Jessie this episode is for only for you and i know by now your eyes are popping out without any control. Tell me how is it. Waiting for the comments dears.

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