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MMZ- Mother’s diary (introduction and character sketch)


My name is Nithika Mehra, and I am 8 year old, my father is Arjun Mehra and my mother is Nitya Mehra.


Today I am sad my mother is dying she is in her last stage of cancer, everyone is sad, my father is crying, I am trying to be brave for him but it is too hard.

Nitya: “Arjun I need to talk to my daughter alone.”

Arjun: “I’ll leave you with your daughter so you can talk privately.”

When Arjun left, Nitya wanted to tell her daughter the truth, but she had little time so she was going to give her a personal diary and a picture of her best friend who sacrifice her happiness for her daughter. Looking at the picture Nitya calls her daughter.

Nitya: “I want to show you a picture,”

Nitya gives the picture to Nithika, in the picture is her father and a lady.

Nithika: “Who is the lady mama.”

Nitya: “Her name is Radhika Mishra, she is my best friend and she will be your mother when I die.”

Nithika: “No one can take your place.”

Nitya: “Do you love me.”

Nithika: “Why do you want dad to get married to Radhika.”

Nitya takes her diary out.

Nitya: “This is my personal diary, I am giving it to you. You will know why I want your father to marry Radhika, only she can fulfill the void in your fathers life, that I could never do.

Nithika: “But why Radhika?”

Nitya: “Your father’s first love and his only love is Radhika, they both sacrifice there love for you.”

Nithika: “What are you saying mom, what kind of sacrifice.”

Nitya: “Everything is written in the diary, I just hope you will forgive me when you fine out the truth, remember my soul won’t be in peace until you reunite Ardhika, and if you love me you will do this for me.

Those were the last word she said….

Character sketch

Arjun Mehra: He has always been in love with Radhika, he wanted to marry her, but one unfortunate thing happen that changes his life.

Radhika Mishra: She also loves Arjun, but sacrifice her love for her best friend Nitya and her child. She now works in Bird Song with Nesam.

Sam Malhotra: She is married with Neil. Wants her brother Jai Khanna to settle down with a nice girl, she thinks Radhika would be perfect for Jai.

Neil Malhotra: married with Sam and best friends with Radhika, he knows her heart belongs to Arjun Mehra and no one else.

Jai Khanna: he is a womanizer, until he met Radhika Mishra, his life changed.

Nitya: Best friends with Radhika, she knew Ardhika love each other, but sacrifice there love for Nitya’s child.

Nithika: her mother told her to reunite Ardhika but first she need to read her mother’s diary to fine out the truth of Ardhika separation, she will discover her mother’s truth.

Hi guys it’s me Brin with a new story, I hope everyone will like this story too,
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