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MMZ – Misconceptions – Chapter 4

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? Here comes the next chapter of Misconceptions… Before you go on to read the story, please make sure you deck up well as you are going to attend our Ardhika’s marriage in this chapter… ? Okay I’m zipping up my mouth now, go on and happy reading… ?
Why can’t we go inside my house and continue our talk?’ asked Arjun.
Of course!! And by the way, we need to fix our marriage date too, isn’t it?’ said Radhika adding more fuel to already rising rage of Arjun.
I’m coming with you choti.’ Hitesh chided in.
Of course you will brother, who knows some people might be harbouring evil ideas in their mind right now.’ Said Radhika eyeing Pawan.
Pawan scowled at these words of Radhika. He knows that he is the reason for all this mess. If only he didn’t take such a foolish step, this situation would have had another dimension. If he can reverse the time and erase all the events that caused this mess, he would have definitely done that. But there is no way they can go out of this situation without his boss getting married to the minx who is standing in front of them as if she owns the property she’s standing on. How can he ever show his face to Arjun after this unwanted marriage? If he had any idea of media popping in like it happened moments earlier, he wouldn’t have done that stupid thing of kidnapping this stupid girl. Ah!! He should have known better, shouldn’t he? He should have known better that media will watch every move of his and Arjun’s like hawks after Arjun had become the Chief Minister of state. How did he even miss that simple logic and dashed out on the road to catch hold of this girl? Is it because his boss wanted to see this girl urgently or is it because he wanted to prove his worth of being appointed as a manager for Arjun? Whatever may be the reason, he has committed an irreversible mistake for now. And his boss has to bear the consequences.
They four moved in to the flat of Arjun to continue their discussion.
Look Ms. Reporter!! I didn’t know media people will pop up in front of my house just like that and question my private matters. I know it’s a mistake of Pawan to bring you here because I asked him to fix a meeting with you. We both regret for whatever happened. You should take back those words of marriage and then we both can lead our lives happily without any fuss.’

Firstly you are no one to order me what to do and what not. You should have given it a thought before bringing me here. Do you have any idea what I have gone through after listening to your no-so-moving love story? And what was that? Ah!! Yes!! You don’t have a slightest idea how media came here, right? Yeah!! I should have known this; you will give me this explanation. How can you even think I’ll believe your words? You being a skilful politician who can bend the minds of people to your favour didn’t give a thought of what will happen if a girl is found in your flat. Or is that you are so accustomed to be found with one lady or the other whenever you are free made you do this?’
Listen Ms. Reporter, you are crossing your limits. How dare you accuse me of being a skirt chaser? You don’t know anything about me, so just shut your mouth and withdraw your words about marriage. I don’t f**king care if you believe me or not, but this is the truth we didn’t knew about media coming over here. I should have known better too, you media people can stoop low to get the scoops and getting hikes in your TRP’s for your channel, right? Even if it meant to keep an eye on private matters of people or just go and sl*t around the famous personality.’ Said Arjun with a smirk.
That hit hard, real hard on the guts of Radhika. She didn’t expect him to talk those words aloud. Okay, she knew media has become a circus these days and not following any ethics, but that doesn’t mean she belong to the same category. When he said she doesn’t know anything about him, doesn’t that principle apply to him too? How can he say she sl*t around to get the scoops? Now she is no way taking back the words about marriage, if he thinks he will win by persuading her to take back the words, she will definitely not give him a chance to win even that costs her 6 months of her life.
Now you listen Mr. Politician!! I’m no way taking back those words about marriage. If you are thinking to wipe me off from this world, please think twice. Because after leaving this place, I’m heading straight to my lawyer and get my living will ready saying if I ever lose my life in any accident, the reason will be you and your Mr. Spoon.’ Snapped Radhika after composing herself.
“Another insult!! Whom did she call Spoon? Me? She very well deserves punishment for this. But I can’t do anything right now. Not that she’s threatening us with the concept of living will, if anything happens to her now, all the arrows will be pointed towards us because she has been last seen here and of course the media would have guessed out this is all a drama after the reactions of Arjun and this minx. They didn’t spot these two together even once in these three months, then how the hell will they believe these two were seeing each other from that fateful day? It was all because of my one hasty decision that landed us in this problem and attached us with this problematic woman.” Thought Pawan.
What? Spoon? What do you mean by that Ms. Reporter? Did you pawn your wits with arrogance? How dare……’ started Arjun flabbergasted.
Before he could complete his sentence, Radhika took over.


Obviously he is a spoon, he fulfils all your orders without a question, he is the reason I’m here, isn’t it? And that’s none of your concern what things I’ve mortgaged. You think of yourself now. Who will save you from this marriage proposal?’ Answered Radhika wriggling her eyebrows.
In all this discussion only one person is amused, and that is Hitesh. He’s watching the discussion-less-debate-more discussion with such an amusement that people will think he is actually watching his favourite show on television.
The duo that is Arjun and Pawan were irked to see him smiling like an idiot. Pawan couldn’t hold back any longer, so he asked Hitesh the reason for his smile.
Ah!! Nothing. Actually I’ve a dream to watch bullfight. But I was unable to fulfil my dream. Now when I get to see a bullfight that too this near, I was amazed, that’s it.’ Said Hitesh with a nonchalant shrug.
Arjun and Pawan gaped at him like he has gone bonkers and Radhika is hardly trying to control her laughter. She knew Hitesh would come up with a stupid explanation so she kept quiet. But the other two were unaware of this and took their chances to blow their heads off.
Are you sure he is not a runaway from asylum?’ asked Arjun to Radhika pointing Hitesh.
I don’t think so, even if he is, I don’t mind the addition when I’m looking straight at two of them right now.’ said Radhika indicating Arjun and Pawan. She is looking at Arjun as if he has grown horns, fangs and in addition to that a tail over the last few minutes.
Arjun had had enough now.
Fine!! Do whatever you want. Fix the marriage date and inform me. (Murmurs) Don’t know how much time I’ve to bear these two monkeys.’
I heard that.’ Said Radhika
Good for you.’ Said Arjun sarcastically.
How dare you call us monkeys when in our previous birth we both are chimpanzees?’ Said Radhika innocently.
Arjun was in dilemma to laugh or to get serious on this girl. On one side she is a mall for sarcasm and arrogance. On the other side she is as innocent as kid. How is he going to bear this girl? He can agree that she is beautiful, has a mind of devil which cannot be ignored that easily but now he got to know she is innocent too. Can anyone have all these qualities together? Of course, they can when he is looking at a live example.
Radhika walked out of Arjun’s house followed by Hitesh. They finalized the nearest date possible for this not-so-happy and unwanted marriage for both the parties. No pompous arrangements were made. It is a simple registrar marriage. Signing the documents by both bride and groom and the witnesses were done. They stepped out of the registrar office and started taking the vows of marriage in their mind.
[Note: Marriage vows in the sense the saath peras (seven circumambulations) that were taken in the mandap (porch) in the Hindu marriage.](These people are taking the peras as if they are going to destroy each other, so please note the sarcasm in their dialogues.)

First vow is to nourish each other. I’ll definitely nourish you with all the delicacies in the world that you will not be able to taste any other taste of the world Mr. Politician.’
Second vow is to grow together in strength. I’ll become your strength in such a way you will kneel before me pledging my strength upon you Ms. Reporter.’
Third vow is to preserve our wealth. Of course I need to preserve our wealth, for that I need to know your Swiss bank account number, right Mr. Politician?’
Fourth vow is to share our joys and sorrows. Ah!! We will definitely share joy and sorrow. Joy for me and sorrow for you Ms. Reporter.’
Fifth vow is to care for our children and parents. This is the funniest vow, where will children pop from when I’m not going to allow you to touch me? I’ll fulfil this promise too by not allowing my children come to this earth and let them be happy in other world Mr. Politician.’
Sixth vow is to be together forever. We will be together forever in the form of slave and her master. Get ready for the hell Ms. Reporter.’
Seventh vow is to remain friends forever. Yes we will be friends forever like those friends who hate each other in the disguise of liking each other.’ Thought Arjun and Radhika.
As they were about to keep their foot on the eighth step of registrar office, they were surrounded by media asking unnecessary questions like “How do you feel about getting married for the first time?”, “Are you felling happy?”, “Why did you get married in registrar office when you both can easily afford for a rich and destination marriage?”
“Like seriously, I know media people ask very lame questions but what is it with this reporter? Why is she asking how do you feel about getting married for the first time? Oh God!! Where did this girl keep her mind before showing her presence here? Did she lose it on the way? I think this is the only reason because of which she can ask this lame question.” Thought Radhika.
“Ah!! Again a swarm of reporters. Why can’t they leave poor me alone? Do they need to know all the answers? Destination marriage, my foot, they are the reason for all these happenings and they are asking about destination marriage. I think all of them have gone mad for sure.” Thought Arjun.
They both came out of the crowd with a plastered smile on their faces and left for Arjun’s house. When Radhika saw Arjun’s house, she was surprised, shocked and flabbergasted. She opened her mouth not able to believe the thing standing in front of her in all its glory.
Is this house yours?’
Yes, do you have a problem Ms. Reporter?’
End of fourth chapter. How did you like their vows and marriage? Hehe, I cannot make their marriage a grand wedding for very obvious reasons. As you all know they hate each other now, so they don’t even give a thought if it is grand or simple, right? So simple marriage it is… ? Radhika got permission for marriage from her mother, how did she persuade her mother is a secret for now, shhhh!! ? Arjun is not living with his parents, their whereabouts will be known as the story progresses… ?

Please let me know your takes on this chapter and I’m really sorry if it’s not to your expectations.

Love you all and have a great day ahead. ?

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