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MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 38

Hello to all of you …ok first sorry I was supposed to post Cross Roads but couldn’t finish it…so posting MMZ which I could manage to finish..cross roads tomorrow late light or wed morning 🙂 do let me know how was this one and please give suggestions if you have 🙂

INK Office


Ankush had asked Rishi to get the joining formalities done for Manya….It was Manya’s first day at work and she was all excited…Sam and her parents wished her luck…Manya stepped into the premises and smiled wide…the office was a peppy one…the interiors were colorful…any outsider could make out the different department by the wall piece decorating it…her department was of designers and the wall was dawned with pencils markers…rulers..patters wooden cutouts…that was a creative way…Rishi walked to her; ‘’Welcome Manya’’

Manya; ‘’Thanks….’’

Rishi; ‘’Manya since we are small…you directly report to me or Ankush…as he is not in Mumbai…I will tell you the plan…we are launching our first collection in 2 months …its casual winter theme…we are tarteging all age groups…pick one and start…since you joined late you have to be fast with designs’’

Manya; ‘’Sure will start on it immediately…umm..when is Ankush coming’’

Rishi; ‘’May be next week…he will on and off as he helps his father too’’ Manya felt happy and proud hearing about Amkush…Rishi got her introduced to others and she started her work with full enthusiasm.

Neil’s residence

Prerna poured a glass of ice cold water on neil’s face…he jerked up; ‘’’Mom…Is this a way to wake someone up’’

Prerna folded her arms to chest; ‘’Neil I told you your mamu is is arriving today….go its just half an hour for there flight to land’’

Neil got up scratching his head; ‘’Yes khadoos mamu and beautiful Mami…I wonder if they had kids what would be he or she like’’

Prerna kept quite..Neil was 3 months old and her deceased nephew a year old when that accident happened…Neil wasn’t aware that he had a cousin…a brother….Prerna closed her eyes recalling the painful past…her brother was coming to India after 20 yrs…they searched for their son for 4-5 yrs they left after they gave up all hopes on their child being alive….he requested Prerna to join them when her husband expired….but Prerna’s self respect never allowed her that…she huffed and walked out of the room to do the preparation to welcome her brother and SIL

Arjun’s house

Radhika watched sleeping Arjun….she caressed his hair lovingly….she and Neil had met Rana…but the old man reacted in a suspicious way…he said he knew nothing but Radhika felt otherwise…after coaxing him he told them that Arjun had a hard life in Orphanage…beatings and being kept hungry was daily story … he was a part of hell till he met Nandini …but he fought…Radhika felt his pain… her POV; ‘Arjun you have suffered too much…I want to give you a closure…rana kaka’s behavior confirmed my doubt…after Neil’s engagement I will do all the know the truth…’ Radhika moved closer cupping his cheek…Arjun opened his eyes; ‘’What wifey am I being served as your breakfast’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’DO you mind’’

Arjun; ‘’With pleasure love’’ Arjun pulled Radhika to him hugging her tightly….but what surprised him for Radhika’s reaction….she was holding him desperately….usually shy Radhika…was different…Arjun lifted his head up and looked straight into her eyes; ‘’panoti all good….why are you so disturbed’’

Radhika; ‘’I love you Arjun and I can do anything for your happiness’’

Arjun tried reading her expression but the decided against it…he leaned and kissed her deep…trying to comfort her but something was bothering her…she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck responding needy…Arjun caressed her head and broke the kiss; ‘’tell me…I can’t see you worried’’

Radhika smiled; ‘’Ok if I act romantic I am worried…Wow..awesome conclusion’’

Arjun smiled at the way she diverted the topic; ‘’tell me when you are ok….and I love you too… you are my life my dreams my reality….you gave me everything …. And I can’t stand your worriers and tears…so don’t hide anything…tell me’’ Arjun touched his forehead to Radhika’s

Radhika was emotional ..but she diverted beautifully; ‘’ don’t want to go to office…can we stay home’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’that should be my line….well if don’t open that door in next 10 min….Nia will tease us for next 1 yr….’’ as Arjun said…Nia started ; ‘’Di I am tired waiting….your cute sweet lovely beautiful little sister is hungry …will you send her without food’’

Arjun laughed…Radhika got up all irritated;…she pulled open the door and before Nia could say a word to tease her she spoke; ‘’Nia get married ….I will keep a chair outside your room and will bang it everytime you are upto something’’ Radhika walked off leaving a startled Nia behind….who looked at ARjun asking her fault…Arjun just wrapped an arm around her shoulder and took her to the dinning table.


Shiv had woken up early….he had to prepare for a hearing next week he had been working hard for that…after working for sometime he got up and walked towards his room…he heard little squeals …Shiv smiled and slowly opened the door of Riddhima’s room…Riddhima was in deep sleep…Shiv watched her…she had curled her body due to low room temperature he covered her with blanket and then turned towards the crib…he whispered; ‘’goodmornig sweet heart…let mumma sleep’’ He lifted Pari wrapped her in a small light woolen blanket and took her out in for a walk..talking to her on all random things…even asking about her suggestion about his case….who ever would greet him…would praise how cute Pari was….Pari like a good girl was listening to everything her dad said and replied in her mombo jumbo words she never moved her eyes from him ….and SHiv was taking all suggestion seriously.

Ridhima woke up and checked the time…it was 8:00 AM…she couldn’t recall pulling the blanket over…she thought …realization brought a beautiful smile to her lips…she looked at the crib understood why she could sleep till 8 Shiv took Pari with him….Riddhima freshened up and walked out she helped the cook with breakfast… prepared tea for Shiv and walked to his study…she didn’t find him there and then walked into his room…the view made Riddhima smile ear to ear….SHiv was sleeping stretched fully on his bed…his mouth wide open …with his arm around Pari protectively….and Pari she was sleeping on her back with her face towards Shiv and mouth open…Riddhima walked slowly to the other side and got inside the blanket…she pecked Pari and cupped Shiv’s cheek… she kept on watching him caressing his face…Riddhima was living her moment…

Shiv opened his eyes locking them with Riddhima and held her hand on his cheek kissing her palm; ‘’Missed you Riddhi….with every moment …every second…every breath’’

Riddhima took a deep breath and just whispered; ‘’Shiv’’ that was enough…Shiv got up and moved towards Riddhima pulling her in a hug tightly….Riddhima sobbed…and he held her till she was done…he cupped her face wiping her tears; ‘’No more Riddhi …. Our test is over….lets start over…’’

Riddhima asked between her tears; ‘’how can you love someone else’s child so much’’

Shiv; ‘’biologically yes I am not her father…but from my soul she is only my child…every time I am around her she herself proves I am her dad …she is my daughter and will remain mine…like you’’ Riddhima hugged Shiv tight going on her toes…Shiv tightly wrapped his arm around her keeping her close ….he whispered; ‘’Can you take an off’’

Riddhima smiled; ‘’Mr Lawyer….its Saturday…you are working too much…’’

Shiv; ‘’then great…I have you for 2 full days…’’

Riddhima; ‘’yes after her vaccination is done…I have an appointment at 11’’

Shiv expression changed again; ‘’God!!! again a needle….she will be in pain’’

Riddhima; ‘’just for few seconds fine I will ask the doctor to poke your bumpy then…Shiv I know you were angry when I got her ear pierced…’’

Shiv; ‘’Angry ??????? I wanted to kill all Mishras….can I come for her vaccination’’

Riddhima; ‘’if you promise not to create a scene and when she gets injected you will stay out’’

Shiv asked all emotional; ‘’you want me to stand out when my angel is in pain…how can you be so heartless??’’ Riddhima gave shiv one bored look ..he spoke softly; ‘Fine Will try…but can’t promise..’’

Pari let out a cry interrupting the conversation….Riddhima picked her; ‘’Pari baby keep all drama for your dad…you have slept too much today so no more crying…now bathing time’’ Next 1 hr SHiv just shifted Pari and Riddhima’s stuff to his room….and Riddhima got Pari ready…she prayed that SHiv controls himself when Pari gets injected.

Mumbai Airport

Neil stood at the Airport with a board in his hand with the Names of Pratap and Avantika Mehra….Neil was meeting them after 10 long years…he had visited them in London with Prerna…he loved his aunt but Uncle was too serious for Neil to handle….Neil took support on the railing kept the board infront of his face and dozed of standing in the visitor queue. After 10-15 min someone knocked on the board…and Neil squinted rubbed his eyes …when he regained his vision he smiled and hugged the lady; ‘’Mami…welcome…you are still beautiful like before…and where is Khadoos Mamu’’

Pratap; ‘’Just next to you waiting for you to wake up’’ Neil jerked up and then hugged his uncle…they loved Neil like their own he was the only child between all of them…

Arjun and Radhika had decided to be on both NeSam sides they would go to opposite places every alternate days to help Prerna and Samrat…this decision was taken to avoid the hair pulling Neil and Sam did arguing over which side Radhika Arjun will take….it was Arjun’s turn to help Prerna….he found her lifting an carton and quickly took from her; ‘’Aunty you seriously need to learn some patience ….I told you I will reach on time’’

Prerna smiled; ‘’I am impatient…my brother says that…you sometimes remind me of him’’

Arjun smiled; ‘’Your brother…wow Neil never told about him’’

Prerna; ‘’They left India 20 yrs back….coming here for Neil’s wedding….neil had gone to pick them up….I just hope he brings the right people…he was sleep walking’’ Arjun laughed when they heard door bell….Prerna answered and Arjun heard some greetings and laughter from the other room….Arjun walked in the hall…and Neil introduced him; ‘’Mamu Mami…he is my best friends husband and my boss Arjun’’

Arjun; ‘’I am your friend too’’ Neil just winked…Arjun greeted the couple but Avantika’s gaze got fixed on Arjun… …something stopped her from moving her eyes from him…..Neil noticed and teased; ‘’Mami he is handsome…but taken….and his wife is sweetest of all’’

Avantika smiled and replied; ‘’you seem to like his wife more’’

Neil; ‘’Anyone would like her….she is mom’s favorite ask Mom’’

Arjun folded his arms to chest..and stood facing Prerna with his legs hip width apart; ‘’Aunty…chose me or Radhika…’’ Prerna was speechless….and Avantika found his posture little familiar…she looked at her husband who was standing with his legs hip width apart hand crossed across his chest watching Prerna amusingly….she mentally cursed herself… ‘’what am I thinking’’

Prerna ; ‘’I love both….Arjun take this cartoon son of mine to office..he won’t let me work’’ Neil laughed at his tormented mother and left with Arjun with Avantika’s eyes following him till he disappeared.

Radhika was sitting buried in a pile of clothes with just her head out and Sam was busy asking questions which she was answering herself…Radhika looked at the the time and jumped out of her grave; ‘’Sam we have a meeting’’

Sam pouted; ‘’Not fair…its my engagement in a week and I am working’’

Radhika pulled her cheeks; ‘’its ok take a long honeymoon break….’’

Piyali entered the room and banged her head; ‘’what were you girls upto’’

Radhika; ‘’we were deciding Sam’s engagement outfit’’ Sam nodded vigorously

Piyali; ‘’Decided or Not…’’ Looking at Piyali’s expression…Sam gulped Radhika quickly pulled out a golden outfit ; ‘’This one….we have meeting bye’’ Radhika ran out pulling Sam along…and Piyali huffed at the condition of the room.

Sam while driving; ‘’Chashni…today Neil’s Mama mami are arriving I have heard but never met them…. Neil is taking me to meet them in the evening…don’t know but I feel nervous’’

Radhika; ‘’But why are you nervous’’

Sam; ‘’His Mamu has high standards and expectations’’

Radhika; ‘’You have to spend life with Neil not his Mamu so why tensed’’

Sam; ‘’Neil said that if he rejects …Prerna aunty might call of the wedding’’

Radhika frowned and looked at Sam; ‘’He said and you believed…he just loves teasing you…and being all important for you…common Sam…Neil can never leave you’’

Sam all furious; ‘’I will kill him….he keeps fooling me’’ Radhika smiled; ‘’I will join you’’

Evening Prerna had invited both Radhika and ARjun along with Khanna’s…Sam took a deep breath looking a Radhika she was too nervous …and her jaw had started paining smiling like an idiot…Neil came close and whispered; ‘’Smrunder Singh did you change your toothpaste??’’

Sam ; ‘’No why’’

Neil; ‘’Then please close your mouth or else your teeth will jump out’’

Sam closed her mouth like a robot she stomped and angrily said; ‘’Hate you Neil’’ Sam angrily walked to the garden with neil in a tow…he turned her around; ‘’Why so angry??’’

Sam; ‘’Why don’t you behave like a would be husband a little mature ..you keep on pulling my leg…Neil sometimes can you be little romantic’’ Neil observed her angry face and pulled her strongly towards him by waist…Sam crashed on his chest all surprised…Neil moved her hairs from the face..he cupped her cheek and moved his thumb to her lower lip gazing it intently…he felt Sam’s heart beat rising…Neil lifted his eyes to meet hers….he brought her close kissing the corner of her lips…Sam’s feet wobbled Neil chuckled; ‘’I just pecked you and you turned all jelly…I guess if I take a step more you will dissolve on the ground’’ Sam was all pink…she was still holding on him all shy…Neil smiled before hugging her tight… Radhika saw them and cleared her throat…Sam quickly parted from Neil and moved in…leaving laughing Radhika behind…

Neil walked to Radhika and spoke; ‘’Chashni…I spoke to Shiv…he and Arjun were part of same orphanage in Delhi…Shiv got the details…Arjun was brought from Mumbai he was a year old…and after few years he was shifted to panchagani…where nandini found him…and The person who left Arjun in the Orphanage…left a slip with a Arjun Mehra

Radhika; ‘’This means Arjun’s family is from Mumbai….Neil we need more details we have to visit the orphanage and soon’’ Neil nodded and walked in along with Radhika.

Beach Café

Nia was waiting for Rishi only difference was she wasn’t alone…Teju Zubi Kritika had accompanied her…they were chitt chatting when Rishi entered …he lost his smile finding Nia with her friends…Nia got up and walked to him greeting him with a smile…Rishi whispered; ‘’I wanted to meet you not the band of your friends’’

Nia replied innocently; ‘’That day I wanted to spend time with you not with those jerk heads’’

Rishi took Nia’s hands in his; ‘’Nia I said sorry…can we start over’’

Nia kept her palm on Rishi’s hand; ‘’Rishi I had no intention of punishing or hurting you…but I feel we don’t belong to each other…you are a good man…I have known you for years…we can be friends but nothing more than that’’

Rishi spoke in a broken voice; ‘’I like you….I have feelings for you’’

Nia smiled ; ‘’No..just an attraction…which will fade away the day you find your match…and even if we take this ahead we might end up in a bitter note spoiling many more relations … none of us want that…you are a good man…but not the right one for me….’’

Rishi looked into her eyes cupped her face and pecked her forehead; ‘’I think I am in love with all Mishra siblings …you guys are too convincing…fine Nia…for sometime lets not talk I want to think on what you said…but I will stay your friend…Lucky will be the man for whom you will fall…keep smiling’’ Rishi left and Nia walked back to the table …she looked at the plate and then at Zubin Kritika… ‘’you guys ate all the fries…’’

Zubin; ‘’Not me she did…and made me eat’’

Kritika; ‘’We were tensed …about everything….and I do not of nervous eating’’

Nia looked at Teji…he hadn’t even touched his coffee…she smiled; ‘’I told Rishi its not going to work with him…you can order a new one’’ Teji blushed and Nia just picked her cup up smiling…Zubin Kritika looked at each other still processing realizing that Nia knows about Teji’s feelings…finally laughing giving hifi and hugs to Teji.


It was 10:30 PM and SHiv was not home….he never worked that late..Riddhima knew he had a high profile case and he had been working with his team on that…Kaki had taken Pari to put her to sleep…and Riddhima kept pacing in the hall nervously rubbing her palms and looking at the watch…after few minutes she finally heard his car Riddhima took a sigh of relief and answered the door…Shiv gave a tired smile; ‘’Sorry Riddhi…sometimes I do get late..please sleep and don’t wait up next time ‘’

Riddhima; ‘’I am fine waiting till you are in’’

Shiv gave her an arm hug; ‘’Where is pari’’

Riddhima; ‘’Kaki put her to sleep…she wasn’t sleeping only…I tried for two hours’’

Riddhima was still talking when the old lady came in the hall all tired holding active Pari….Shiv smiled…and Riddhima gave an impossible expression, Shiv proudly spoke; ‘’Pari will never sleep till I hold her’’

Kaki looked at Shiv; ‘’looks like she had been waiting for you…’’ Pari extended her arms and Shiv smiled emotionally at her innocent pure affection…he took her and hugged her to his chest smiling; ‘’I knew you won’t sleep angle…and sorry…your dad will never be this late’’ Pari adjusted herself in her safe heaven before slipping into dream land

Riddhima folded her arms to chest; ‘’This is not good ….Shiv you are spoiling her’’

Shiv; ‘’you are jealous…I can spoil you too…and she has all rights to be spoiled…she is my doll’’ Shiv wished kaki looped an arm around Riddhima and walked towards his room pecking sleeping Pari on his shoulder’’

Precap; Arjun gels with Neil’s Uncle and Aunt…Neil-Sam Engagement

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