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Mmz Locked (Prologue)


The room was dark without any lights. A girl was sitting on the floor clutching a photo and was weeping continously. The darkness of the room was nothing compared to the darkness of her life. She had never expected that life would take such a sharp turn. Its been 4 hours since she has entered the room. Many were banging the door and asking her to come out. But she could hear nothing. Only one image flashed in front of her eyes – the image of her DAD. She could not imagine her life without her dad. She was not ready, not yet ready to face this world, not yet ready to take up the responsibilities of her dad, not yet ready to step into her dad’s shoes and carry his legacy forward. She still had to learn so many things from her dad. But he had left her midway in this journey. Now she had to travel alone. She had made up her mind. She had to face this all alone and for that she needs to change.


Finally she came out of the room. But she was not the Radhika everyone knew. She has locked herself from the world. She is a new Radhika. Only a miracle can bring the old one back but do miracles happen?

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