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MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 10)

Thank you so much guys for all you lovely comments…Sorry to give you all a heart attack…another 2 or 3 episodes..i will finish this ff. Thanks everyone for supporting me.

Here is the next episode,



Arjun informs Avinash about the marriage arrangements and takes Rashi with for shopping. They enters into a big shopping mall in the city..Radhika refused but Arjun insists her to do the shopping there itself. Kushi enjoys each and every moment with Ardhika…she started jumping coz of excitement and it becomes a touch time for radhika to control her.

Arjun smiles seeing them and starts selecting the bridal lehenga for Radhika. He selects around 6 to 7 dresses and asks Radhika to select one. Rads gets confused and looks for Kushi..kushi picks up one and gives it to Rads which is liked by Ardhika. She makes kushi to be with Arjun and goes to trial room to try the dress once. Arshi is waiting for rads..meanwhile kushi gets bored within few minutes of waiting for her…she looks here and there and finds a some children playing with the big size Mickey Mouse..around 2 to 3 mickeys are there and entertaining the kids. Kushi urges to go there but Arjun holds her hand and not letting her to go anywhere.

Luckily for Kushi…Arjun get a call from Avinash and they both discuss about their business deals with new clients. He immersed himself into the call and did not notice that kushi gets released from his grip and goes to the Mickeys. Meanwhile Radhika comes out from the trial room and looks for Arshi. She finds Arjun in call and goes to him thinking that kushi also will be with him. He shows his back to her and talking..she goes and pats his shoulder..when he turns back..he gets mesmerized seeing her in a bridal lehenga…and when she asks about his opinion…he murmurs, “Beautiful”. She heard it and blushes seeing him…she looks for kushi and did not find her.

Rads,”Where is kushi?”

Arjun realised then he left kushi coz of the call…he gets panicked and starts searching for her. Rads also search with him for kushi..both enquires about Kushi to different people but they did not get any information. Arjun gone mad and starts shouting for Kushi’s name…Rads goes out from the shop and looks for her. She runs to the other shops and searches her…while doing so, she hears kushi’s laughing and directs to that place where she hears the sound. She sees Kushi playing with that Mickey and it is giving her lots of chocolates and playing with her. Radhika shouts calling her and runs to her…she hugs kushi tightly and starts scolding her for coming out without informing them.

But the Mickey signs her not to scold her and tickles kushi to make her mood happy. Kushi pulls the mickey down and place a kiss on its cheeks. Rads thanks the Mickey and goes with rads to meet Arjun. While going Kushi often turns back and waves bye to the Mickey. Once she disappears, the mickey reveals its face and it is none other than Saral who smiles evily seeing them going. He hides himself from Arjun and watching them from far..where Arjun hugs kushi and scolding her for going away. He smirks at them and slowly his sight moves to Radhika who smiles seeing them together…he looks at her from top to toe lustly and murmurs, “Now its time for my action”

Arshika leaves from there after finishing their marriage purchases…all the while a pair of eyes watching them cruely and at times watching radhika with lustily. They goes from there after finishing their shopping…Arjun drives the car but he seems to be little tensed and nervous. Once they reach home, Radhika sends kushi to her room and she follows Arjun to his. She goes behind him and asks, “What happened? Y u look so tensed?”

Arjun, “Don’t know but some unknown tense is arising in my heart. Something is wrong. Okay tell me where you got Kushi?”

Rads, “She was playing outside with that Mickey Mouse which was there in the shop.”

Arjun, “Mickey Mouse?”

He then remembers seeing the big size Mickeys inside the shop while he was on the call and thinks about rads statement that she found kushi outside the shop with the Mickey. He gets a call from an unknown number..he attends, “Hello”

Caller, “Hi Arjun? How are you?”

Arjun, “Who is this?”

Caller, “So easily you forgot my voice? Poor Arjun…then it’s time to make you remind me”

Arjun gets furious and frowned hearing the voice and whispers, “Saral?”. On hearing this Rads also gets shocked and stares Arjun.

Arjun then turns on the speaker to let rads also hears him. Saral continues, “You found out…That’s great. So how was the shopping today? You seems to be so happy after a long time is it?”

Ardhika looks each other shockingly, Arjun continues, “How do you know that?”

Saral laughs loudly saying, “My eyes are always following you Arjun. And BTW, i think Kushi likes to play with that Mickey a lot it seems”

Ardhika gets tensed, “What do you mean?”

Saral, “What man…you still did not understand is it? Very bad Arjun. I saw you were filtering the shop in searching kushi and gets tensed…how was that feeling of losing your daughter?”

Ardhika is speechless and he continues, “It’s just a trial Arjun. You have to see a lot more now” he disconnects the call leaving ardhika boggled.

Arjun, “That bastard Saral only disguised as a Mickey and played with kushi. I should have been more careful….he will go to any extent but before that i should kill him”

Radhika calms him down and Arjun calls Avinash to increase the security in and around the house. Radhika goes to kushi and looks at her who is enjoying by trialling the new dresses taken for her.

Radhika goes to her and hugs her tightly…an unknown fear appears on her face too. She talks to herself, “I won’t let anything happen to you till i am alive”

Next day, Arjun informs the security guards to provide a tight security to house and the persons inside the house. He got an urgent call from Avinash to come to office regarding the client meeting. So he informs radhika about this, Radhika gets upset and unwillingly nods her head. Arjun smiles and comes close to her, he cups her face, radhika’s tension and nervous arises to a high point and lowers her gaze down of unable to see him. He smiles and plants a kiss on her forehead, she then looks at him with unknown tension and he continues, “Don’t worry i will come soon. Take care of you both. So shall i move?”

Rads smiles and nods her head in acceptance. He bids bye to her and goes from there. Radhika heart says something wrong gonna happen but she doesn’t understand what it is. She goes to Kushi’s room and finds her sleeping like an angel. She goes and lies beside by hugging her. After sometime, Radhika gets disturbed by a phone call, she attends it.

Rads, “Hello”

Caller, “Radhika beta, i am calling from Orphanage…here Mother is serious..her health is critical and she wants to see you now itself. Can you please come to home and haan she wants to see kushi also. Pls bring her while coming.”

Rads gets panicked and immediately leaves from there to home with Kushi. She tells to guards and they also goes with her.

After reaching inside, she rushes inside the home but gets shocked seeing Mother talking to someone seriously. Radhika is numb seeing her and Mother also gets surprised seeing radhika and calls, “Radhika beta, how come you here suddenly?”

Rads rushes to her ang hugs her saying, “Mother, you are alright na? i got a call that you are serious and not well”

Mother, “What? Who called you like that?”

To their shock, the person whom Mother was talking turns to face them and says, “I only called her and spoke like that Mother”.

Rads & Mother gets shocked, kushi hugs her legs tightly getting scared by seeing him. Rads, “What nonsense? Who are you? Why u gave wrong information like that?”

The man laughs loudly saying, “Then only you will come here right. That’s y. You still did not understand who am i?. Well i will only…People used to call me as Saral”

Radhika’s body gets stiffened and her body becomes chill seeing the cruel evil directly. She holds kushi behind her tightly by hiding her from him. Rads gains some courage and replies, “Y u r doing this? Isn’t it enough of killing two innocent people?”

Saral, “I don’t like to argue with you now. So chup chap come with me”

Rads, “If not?”

Saral smiles and place a gun on Mother’s forehead and blackmails her saying, “I will make the call true now”

Rads gets scared seeing him and agrees to go with him. She prays god to send Arjun to save them soon. Saral gives a call to his goons, soon they also come near him, he place the gun at Rads forehead and warns the guards to move behind. He pushes her inside the car and drives off.

Arjun rushes to home and gets to know the details how Saral came and blackmailed them by taking Rashi with him. He bangs his hands on the wall to compose himself. He is more panicked now thinking about Kushi and radhika. He wants both to come to him safely and calls police to inform about Saral’s evils.

@ Dark room, Rads is being seated in a chair and Kushi is on her lap hugging her tightly coz of fear. Two goons are watching them as per Saral’s instructions.

Saral comes to them and sits in another chair opposite to them. He extends his hands to touch kushi but radhika pulls kuhsi more towards her. Saral laughs seeing her saying, “Hmmm….so love and affection and that’s y you are marrying that Arjun is it?”

Rads did not say anything and turns her face to other side. Saral stares her for sometime and calls, “Radhika?”

Rads glares him angrily, he smiles at her saying, “You know what? You are looking even cute while starring me angrily.”

Rads feels disgusting hearing him and makes faces. Saral smiles, “OK i will come to the point.
want this girl to die”

Rads fear shows in her eyes and nods as no and hugs her tightly saying, “I wont let this happen till i am alive”

Saral, “I did not finish it yet dear. If you want her alive then you have to do what i say”

Rads spontaneously, “I will anything for her”

Saral show pity face on her saying, “You din’t even think once before giving word. It’s ok…i will tell what you need to do”

She looks at him confusingly and waits for him to tell. Saral, “You have to marry me to save this girl from me”

Radhika is shell shocked and tears oozing from her eyes, automatically her hug becomes tighten on kushi. Saral looks at both and says again, “Only way to save her is Marrying me. I promise i will stop chasing her if you agreed to marry me.”

Radhika don’t know what to reply but her face shows something she decided.

Precap: Arjun finds Kushi but not radhika. Radhika calls Arjun and tells that she gonna marry Saral.

So how is this chappy. Hope you all like it…comments pls.

And yes pls do comment on it….expecting eagerly.

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