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Mmz: arts and sculpture (chapter 2)

Hiii everyone…lets go for a tour of arts.. Here is second chapter…let me know how is it?😃
Somewhere far from the city, Odisha

A full moon night, which spreads a different kind of serene beauty with coolness as it was winter. ASI survey site, found broken form of a fort and a temple which was belong to 10th century . Radhika was relishing the beauty of broken empire. The thing which attracted her most in this moonlight , a stone statue, of a lady who was looking inside the broken temple . Her eyes reflected the devotion toward the deity, though it was made of stone. Brightness of both statue and deity seems doubled as they bathed by moonlight. A purity feeling spread inside radhika. She praised the artisans who made such statues looking alive. She was always amazed seeing the architecture of old era’s kalinga architect. She tried to read the inscriptions written on the wall of broken temple. She had a deep attraction towards temple architecture from her childhood, just like her mother; maybe inherited. Sometimes Dilip got worried seeing her like that. Radhika ‘s trance broken on Lakshmi’s call.


Lakshmi on a full excited mode,” radhu u know , three people are coming from Canada for research purposes.”

Radhika replied calmly,” so why r u excited?”

Lakshmi without thinking,” are not they handsome?” She suddenly bit her tongue as she realised what she said. She spoke by changing the topic, ” what? Why not I be excited? Infact u also . They wanted to research on our temple arts and sculpture. Ur favourite. R not u happy?”

Radhika chuckled as she knew her friend very well,” yes , m happy. But u r really something, my friend”.

Lakshmi asked about her proceedings. To which radz replied she was at end point. She would be back by day after tomorrow. sanyukta snatched phone from Lakshmi ,” how r u beta? On time of returning visit here first. It was almost 16 days u r at outside. We missed u. Nandini was also worried”.

Radhika felt selfless love of sanyukta. She never treated her different than Lakshmi.she said,” definitely aunty. How can I missed ur handmade tasty foods?!!”

Sanyukta raised her brows to Lakshmi and said to radz,” only u praise my cooking. And here both father and daughter got bored with my cooking.”

Radhika laughed and Lakshmi made faces. After some other chit chat they end their conversation.

Montreal, Canada

Arjun was sitting silently at a corner of park. He was in a deep thought what to do or not? His life was a mock from early childhood. But now it was complicated enough. It was his dream to complete his research work on arts and historical architecture. But it took a U- turn now. He never wanted in his life to go India for research but life get back him that, this time also. Life was always like this to him. What he didn’t want, life give that to him. He wanted care , affection from parents ; but didn’t get. He wanted peace; but life gave him restlessness. He didn’t want to go India; now reverse happened. He laughed out sarcastically seeing his situation,” how can I forget? Whatever I wanted, I got only opposite from life. So I will try against the flow this time also”.

He felt somebody patted him from back. Remy and Edward, the other two who also allotted to go India for next week in research. Remy was a open minded,ultra modern girl, who live her life on her own way. Arjun was bit envy her coz of her carefree, tension less life. With that he hated her for changing her boyfriends frequently and she took drugs sometimes. Edward, one introvert kind of guy, a nerd, only speaks when needed. But superb cool thing in Edward is he always took life easily. He never wanted to complicate things; that quality of Edward made Arjun jealous sometimes. Why couldn’t he take life ease?

Well , human tendency, we can’t satisfy what we have. Only we got to know importance of life when we realize its value. Though Arjun was unknown what gift life prepared for him, what is waiting for him; but it’ll end all his miseries, all his restlessness. The nation, India and Indians whom he hated from the core of heart, he will love them beyond his imagination. Just waiting for a move on life.

Remy asked,” so u prepared handsome. For our enjoyment trip”.

Arjun glared her while Edward made faces,” we r going for our study, research. Not an outing”.

Remy said,” oh..come on buddy. Who gonna monitor us? We can enjoy ourselves and copy paste some datas from internet and come back. What say ? How is my idea?”

Arjun replied irked,” do whatever u want. But don’t disturb me. I’ll do my work sincerely for which reason m going.” Edward seconded Arjun and both Arjun and Edward went away.

Remy stomped her foot with frustration. She never went behind any guy, they come to her like bees come to flower. But these two always get on her nerves. They never mind her , as if she doesn’t exist. That irritate her. She fixed her mind she will took them in sure in future.


At Mishra residency

Nandini was impatiently waiting . She was walking between living room to door step. Radhika was returning. Though she didn’t give birth her, but she was her yasoda maa, and a possessive one also. As a lawyer she always been influential. She did redecoration radz room, with all the paintings she wanted. Made different foods, her favourite. Dilip saw her sister was pacing here to there nth time. He said,” sit down nandu. It will take another hour for her to reach here. ”

Nandini,” so what? Don’t know how is my baby. Staying outside so many days in interior area and now train journey.” She expressed her worries like every mother.

Dilip looked on. Again a tinge of guilty passed inside him. Because of him, his family nandini did everything and continued. Nandini saw him and know his thoughts. She shouted to change his mind,” what are u doing bhai, standing there like monument? Go to railway station soon, now.”

Dilip came out his thoughts and looked at her like if she gone mad. He said,” u know railway station is just five minutes away and moreover sanyukta invited her. She will be bit late.”

Nandini glared him,” why sanyukta? I know sanyukta is my friend and loved radhika. But the first right on my baby is mine, don’t u think so?”

Dilip banged his head on her sisters impossible behaviour trying to find words to retort back , then they heard,” no body can take ur place maa”. Both turned up to see radhika stood with sanyukta and Lakshmi. Nandini ran to her and hugged her to her heart content before she could touch her feet. Nandini was all emotional, crying literally. After all , a mother is mother; may be devki maa or yasoda maa..no difference.

Poornima seems worried as the driver didn’t reach. Concordia university member requested them to receive their students at airport as they are new here. She also agreed. But , it was getting late, nobody was there to go. Lakshmi went and asked poornima about problem. As poornima told her the reason, plus she couldn’t go as she has one lecture. Lakshmi told she will go to receive Canadian researcher by pressing her excitement. Poornima looked her from head to toe. If it was other time or anyone else was available, she denied her offer, as she knew very well about her excitement level but she had no choice other than agreeing now. She hope Lakshmi won’t do anything with her excitement. Lakshmi jumped on and ran away to airport. Poornima prayed god.

At Bhubaneswar International airport

Lakshmi was standing with placards. She was checking her dress, make up if it was right or anything else needed. Sanyukta brought a new dress for her some festive occasion. She tricked her mother and came out wearing new pair. ” what is the use of such dress if we don’t wear appropriate time”, she thought and giggling in her own fantasy. Somebody asked her in a different accent of English,” r u here for us”. Lakshmi trance broken and she rolled her eyes widely as the front view. She thought if this was a girl or angel, seeing Remy. Her words stopped in her throats as she saw Edward was behind Remy followed by Arjun. Her mouth eyes widen,mouth opened. Edward come forward and asked,” r u from Odisha university of arts and culture”. No reply. He slightly patted her,” miss, r u okay”?

Lakshmi came back to senses,” yes…m….from…yup… She started stammering. Arjun came forward and said ,” r u nervous or anything else? He extended his hand,” Albert”. Lakshmi trance broken as she said bluntly,” Albert, don’t u an Indian, u looked like…” Edward cut off her seeing the seriousness on Arjun face. She shook her hand and said,” Lakshmi”. As their formal introduction ended they were heading towards university.

Remy was excited seeing completely different environment, atmosphere.she thought to carry on her mission perfectly.

Edward thought,” people are here different. So lively and cheerful.” At first glance he liked Lakshmi’s chirpiness and bubbly nature. He wanted to re- discover himself.

Lakshmi thought,” wow, such handsome persons. I always knew beauty with brain; but never knew handsome with polite and brain also. ” she looked Arjun once , Edward at other moment. And gave her glares yo Remy.

Arjun thought,” I hated this place from core of my heart when I was in Canada. But what is happening with me? I can’t figure out. After reaching here, I can’t hate this place anymore, like some witch applied her vodo magic on me, enchanted me. Is it the same thing what Mr Mehera was talking about!! The smell of this place made me feel some familiarity with it. Like I belong to them, their own. The unseen , unsaid affection I can feel it.what is it? I shouldn’t feel this way. This is wrong. I can’t love India. Never in my dreams”….

Life won’t go according our planning. It has its own way to bent you on it’s wish. Sometimes something unexpected happened, but later only we find what happened was for our good only. Arjun will learn, love ,get what he craved for in an unexpected way. Two restless soul find their contentment and peace at last. But it’s a long journey. Life played in its way to give us happiness at last, making us going through some tests.

Precap: Father son encounter… Arjun see radhika…Edward with Lakshmi visit nearby places…

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