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Mmz: arts and sculpture (chapter 1)

Arts n sculptures 1

Hiii all …m a big lazy lad…plz bear me … Here we go with first chapter of travel story with temple sculpture, artistic moments..


Link to prologue
Prologue and Intro


Montreal, Canada

Concordia university
” No ,never. This is not possible, not even my dream also. U can’t do this to me. After all u r my mother’s friend. U know everything,still how could u??”, said Arjun with annoyance by pressing his anger inside.

” what is there to be impossible? And this things are decided by university committee,not by me. Btw what wrong with u ,u never disobeyed anything.”, said professor Ryan Strauss with equal intonation.

” that is because u never put such absurd conditions. There are many heritage places in world. Then why u choose me to go india for research. Especially when you know I hate India and Indians “, said Arjun trying to control his rage.

Now professor Strauss also got annoyed. He said,” control ur mouth Arjun. After all u r a descendant of Indian origin. And this decision is final. If u’ll not do ur final research according to university norms , u will be disqualified. I can’t help you even “.

Arjun was trying to not react but hearing his name ” ARJUN” , he couldn’t control himself and said,” professor will U please stop addressing me with that name. call me as albert which was given by my mother”. He left the place ferociously. His tensions got increased. As Arjun left ,professor Strauss called Mr Anuj Mehera , father of Arjun and told him about Arjun’s historical n cultural research in India. Mr Mehera was so much happy,” thanks Mr Strauss for such favour. I just want my son to visit India at least for once. His hatred towards Indians can only change if he will visit there once. His hatred towards me will come to halt after his visit to India”.

Mr Strauss amazed seeing Anuj’s love for India. He said,” how can you be so sure that Arjun will change after visit India??”.

Anuj smiled when replied,” that is my motherland and i know its selfless hospitality. I knew its love which has power to change demon into angel. So Arjun will change, my heart says. I believe he will change.”

After some random conversation they both hung up.

Arjun albert Mehera, indo- Canadian. His father Anuj Mehera was Indian while mother was Canadian. Arjun thoughts because of his father’s first love,an Indian lady ; his parents got divorced when he was 10 and he became lonely. After some days of divorce his mother took him with her and married some other man for his shake. But; as Arjun felt miserable he left his mother when he was 12 and started living by himself. He declined anuj’s request to stay with him. Anuj still today missed his motherland and his love. That’s why Arjun hates Indians more than India. he even hate his Indian name given by his father.

Odisha university of arts and culture

Radhika Mishra, an arts student, doing her research on temple architecture with her best friend Lakshmi. Lakshmi was going to meet their mentor for further discussion regarding some old ” udra culture”.

Mentor poornima ,asked about Radhika’s proceedings of the thesis on some old fort which was found some days ago by ASI. Lakshmi told her work finished almost and she would be back within two days.

Poornima then asked,” we got some messages from Canadian university to accompany their three students and help them in their historical research.”

Lakshmi was excited that some foreigners wanted to know about their culture, architecture. She replied,” we will be happy to help them.after all its our pleasure. We were taught that ‘ guests are god for us’ . Don’t worry mam.”

Poornima seems to very happy listening her. Her students were great in moral values. She herself always wanted to spread fragrance of her rich heritage which was fulfilled by her students.

After UNESCO declared black pagoda, sun temple, konark as a world heritage sight it was a tourist attraction. But after people come here, they got to know not only konark sun temple but many rich heritage sight were present here. Though it’s not a well developed state, sometimes travellers got tricked but that doesn’t mean it was devoid of everything. Bad things happened all over the world.but that doesn’t take away the original fragrance of the place and its heritage.

Lakshmi was so excited to meet and help some foreign people. She texted her bff radhika about that. She was in her dream world when her mother called for her almost shouting. Finally she came to Lakshmi and saw her situation and pinched hard. Lakshmi screamed and immediately spoke in her trance,” maa, what will be ur reaction if u’ll get a Canadian as ur son-in-law.” Her mother rolled her eyes shocking. She squeezed her ear seeing her daughter’s impossible behaviour about her dream boys. Some days ago she said about a Chinese guy, Australian guy etc.. Her mother replied,” what if I’ll choose some African guy from savana for u. U both will do ur zinga-la-la dance in ur dreams”. Lakshmi got rid of her mother and said with a pouting, ” mother”. They both stared each other for some time and laughed out aloud. They both were like friends shared everything with each other. But, Hitler father of Lakshmi always wanted her to get marry soon , so he was in process of finding a groom. But her mother always support her daughter till now. Her mother loved radhika as her own child. Lakshmi and radhika had a sisterly bond coz of Lakshmi ‘s mother sanyukta.

Nandini Mishra, financial advisor to Mishra group of industries was busy discussing about some financial matters with his brother dillip Mishra. Dilip was praising his sister for taking care of his company and home also. After an unfortunate accident in past mala, wife of Dilip, was bedridden for lifetime. Radhika only child of family was only 3 years then. Nandini decided to take care of radhika and choose to be stayed unmarried for lifetime. So today for nandini radz was her everything though she didn’t give birth her but she gave her all love and affection to her. Sanyukta and nandini were friends .

Dilip expressed his worries about radhika’s disinterest regarding business and marriage. Nandini told him not to worry as she had confidence on her. She also told her brother more likely a warning not to force radhika for anything. Dilip was smiling seeing Nandini’s extra protectiveness towards his daughter. But in somewhere in his heart he also feel very sorry for her sister, her life without marriage. Everything nandini did for family happiness only.

Precap: Arjun in India, radhika to back university, Lakshmi’s excitement on Arjun..visiting temple city….

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