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MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 12) EPILOGUE

Thank you so much guys for the amazing response. Love you all :). This gonna be the Last chapter and Epilogue too. I thank each one for ur amazing support through out
this journey. I started this FF as a OS then it turns little big and i made it as few shots but now it came upto 12 episode which i never planned for it. Thank u my
lovies for all your amazing support for this ff. Yes even i will also really miss this FF a lot.

Now will go into the chapter



Kushi is having Arjun and Radhika on her both sides and going down to the hall to attend the Sangeet Ceremony. Avinash, the servants and the Guards everyone welcomes
them by giving a huge applause. Aradhika goes to Mother and gets blessings from her and hugs the kids who welcomes them. They both have their seats in their place and
waits for the ceremony to start. Ardhika finds kushi missing, for a sec both gets panic but soon it got vanished seeing her coming out from the crowd by singing and
dancing for the Song

“Maiyya Yasodha….yeh teraa Kanhaiyya” from Hum saath saath hain movie.

She dances cutely and drags the other kids with her and everyone starts dancing for that song and dedicates it to Ardhika. Radhika gets emotional and happy tears drops down in her cheeks. Kushi runs to her and hugs her tightly…she keeps on kissing all over her face and expresses her love on radhika and goes back to mingle with the kids and continues her dancing. Ardhika gets happy seeing her and gets emotional too. She gets a huge applause from everyone.

Next Avinash came and perform a friendly dance for Ardhika and wishes them the best in their life. Arjun gets up and hugs him happily. Avinash and Kushi takes Ardhika to the floor and makes them stand facing each and tells them to dance. Radhika is shy and blushing like hell. Arjun also gets embarrassed and is about to move but Kushi forces him to dance with Radhika. He gathers some courage and extends his hands to her. Rads blushing hardly and looks at him by giving her hands to him. She feels the chillness in her body when his hands touches hers. He smiles seeing her stumbling infront of him and with one pull he gets her in his arms which makes her shock and blinks at him. Kushi chuckles and closes her eyes by her hands.

Ardhika starts their romantic dance for the song JAB TAK song from the Movie MS.Dhoni – The Untold Story… (It is my favourite song now after i listened it…i request my friends also to hear this song once if not before and i m sure you will like it). The lights off and it highlights only on Ardhika and the song starts.

Jab Tak tujhe pyaar se, Main beinteha main bhar na doon

(Until i fill you completely with love)

Jab tak main duaaoon sa, Sau dafa tujhe padh na loon

(Until i read you a hundred times like prayers)

Haan mere paas tum raho

(Stay close to me)

Jaane ki baat na karo

(Don’t talk about leaving)

Mere saath tum raho

(Stay with me)

Jaane ki baat na karo

(Don’t talk about leaving)

Arjun holds her waist and keeps her hands in his chest and moves their bodies tune to the music. He lost himself in her soft nature, her beauty, her charming face, her glittering eyes. He is adoring her each and everything. Radhika couldn’t handle this proximity and blushing hardly. She gets free from his grip and is moving away from him but he holds her both hands from back at the nick and back hugs her keeping his chin on her shoulder. Radhika is breathing heavily and leans her head back on his shoulder.

Tum aa gaye baazuon mein mere

(You have come in my arms)

Sau savere liye, sau savere liye

(Taking a hundred morninggs)

Arjun extends his hands more and covers her completely with his hands and she too holds his hands tightly, then he lifts her in air and does a circle.

Haan baadalon se utara gaye

(You have been brought down from the clouds)

Tumko mere liye, sirf mere liye

(You are for me, just for me)

Jab tak teri lehar mein

(Until my wishes flow a bit)

Khwahishein meri beh na le

((in your waves)

Haan mere paas tum raho

(Stay close to me)

Jaane ki baat na karo

(Don’t talk about leaving)

Mere saath tum raho

(Stay with me)

Jaane ki baat na karo

(Don’t talk about leaving)

Arjun puts her down and twirls her to face him, he cups her face and place a strong kiss on her forehead. Radhika is at her extreme happiness and wraps his neck, he lifts her in his arms in a bridal style and she too wraps her hand in his neck and rests her head on his shoulders with lot of love, he smiles seeing her and hits his forehead with her.

The lights turned on and the whole house starring with lot of happiness in their eyes. Ardhika did not realise the surroundings and gets locked in each other’s embrace and starring continuously. Kushi chuckles seeing them and everyone disturbs them by giving a huge applause for their performance. Ardhika comes to sense and radhika is blushing hard seeing everyone’s smiles, she gets down from his arms and is about to go to her place but stopped by Avinash comes forward and sings the song “Mehendi laga ke Rakhna”. With him the other guests also joined and starts dancing for the song. They made Ardhika also dance with them for the last bit of that song and the whole Mehra Mansion is shaking coz of this newly found happiness after a very looooooooooooong time.


In the evening, after applying mehendi Rads comes to open terrace and stares the moon, she losts in the beauty of the moon and smiles remembering her new life. Arjun
comes behind her saying, “Beautiful”

Rads jerks and finds Arjun behind her. She lowers her gaze and turns back. He comes and stands beside her saying, “I said about you”

Rads blushes more but did not say anything. Arjun looks at her face and says, “Shall i ask you onething?”

Rads, “What?”

Arjun, “How can you love Kushi this much? I mean..you were ready to sacrifice your life?”

Rads, “Becoz she is my responsibility and now she is going to be my daughter…so it’s a mother’s duty to save her kid before anything harms her”

Arjun, “I am really proud of you. But Radhika….how that happened?”

Rads face gets pale remembering the incident.

FB starts,

After radhika speaks to Arjun, Saral grabs the mobile from her and disconnects the call saying, “Go and Get ready..today itself is our marriage”

Rads gets shocked, “Today?”

Saral, “Why? You planning something to go out from here is it? Don’t even think. You cannot”

Rads smirks at him which makes Saral angry..he asks, “Y r u laughing at me? Am i look like a joker?”

Rads now laughing heartily saying, “I can see the fear in your eyes. You thought that Arjun will find me and will take me from here. That’s y you are urging to keep the marriage today itself”

Saral’s ego got triggered, “How dare you say that i m scared of him? Arjun can not even find this place and if at all he find it..that time you would be my wife and i will happily seeing his defeated face”

Rads, “In your dreams”

Saral moves towards her, “Don’t try to kick my male ego…i will turn to beast”

Rads, “What are you now? I never considered you as a human…you are an animal..you killed two innocent souls and shattered their dreams”

Saral, “Enough radhika..you are testing my patience”

Rads, “Look i am not scared of you. Because i know You can’t touch me…not even my hair”

Saral looks defeated and moves towards, he tries to grab her hand but screams in pain suddenly. He moves back and tries to remember what happened. Yes Radhika…she gave a kick on his hand. He looks at her who is standing relaxly looking at his painful face.

Saral again moves towards her with more cautious but radhika gives him more shock of doing the karate stunts and makes him fall on the floor.

Rads looks at his pale face and says, “What do you think about me? I was silent that i want kushi to be safe in arjun’s arms. You know what….I am a black belt in Karate”

Saral gets furious and shouts for his men, they came running and gets shocked seeing Saral asking help from them to get up. They helped him and looks at Radhika shockingly…Saral tells them to tie her with a rope….they obeyed him and steps forward to her but unfortunately she knocked all of them black and blue. But while doing so, Saral understood that he cannot win over her by fighting, he did not want Arjun to win over him, so he takes a knife and stabs at her stomach when she was busy with other men…Radhika did not expected this and collapses on the floor but she heard what saral said that he will go and kill kushi at any cost.

Rads gathered some energy and takes out the knife from her stomach and follows Saral in the gowdown. He is walking towards the entrance, she somehow manages to reach
him and stabs at his back before he gets cautious. He turns to push her but radhika dominates him and holds his hands away from him and stabs him continously till he
falls on the floor lifeless. She herself checked his breathe and pulse and makes sure that he is no more…she slowly moves back and leans on the wall at one corner.

FB ends.

Arjun is stunned hearing this in shock with tears, “How much pain you bare for kushi?”

Rads winks at him saying, “It’s just nothing”

Arjun wipes his tears saying, “Achaa leave that..but the news for me is you know Karate. You never told this before”

Rads, “I feel its not necessary to show case it”

Arjun with fake fear, “So now onwards..i also have to be very careful while talking to you i guess”

Rads laughing seeing his scary face and Arjun also joins with her. They spend some quality time under Moon and gets excited for their new life.


Next day, Everyone is getting ready for Haldi Ceremony. Radhika is ready in her light yellow plain saree and goes out to have the haldi, suddenly a strong hands pulls
her from the way and drags her to the corner by closing her mouth. She gets scared at first but she gets blushed seeing the person infront of her. Yes it is Arjun who pulls her to the corner and stands very close to her. Radhika forgets to blink seeing him and whispers, “What are you doing sir? Leave me i have to go”

Arjun, “Where you want to go?”

Rads, “For Haldi…it’s already late. Everyone is waiting for us”

Arjun, “Let them wait”

Rads, “Sir..pls. If they see us like this..it will be very embarrassing”

Arjun, “You want to have haldi on your face right. For that y u have to go there?”

Rads, “sir..What you are trying to do?”

Arjun did not say anything but applies haldi on her face which he has it in one of his hands.

He softly applies haldi on both of her cheeks, Radhika closes her eyes with a cute smile on her face when he applies haldi on her face. He looks at her smiling face and puts some haldi on tip of her nose too..which makes her to open her eyes widely. She touches her nose and shocks seeing he haldi on her nose, she looks at him with fake anger and is about to apply on her face but he caught her hands and locks it behind her. He moves more close to her and there is an inch apart from them.

Radhika looks at him shockingly and he smirks seeing her face saying, “You wanna apply haldi on my face right?”

Rads just nods her head without taking her eyes off from him. He leans on her face and rubs his right cheek with her right…rads breathes heavily and close her eyes with pleasure due to his sudden proximity. He then again does the same on other cheek and looks at her face who stands still closing her eyes. He is leaning on her face and whispers on her ears, “Call me Arjun”. Rads whispers, “Arjun Sir”.

Arjun, “Arjun” he mumbles on her forehead.

Rads, “Arjun sir”

Arjun, “Ar-j-un” he moves to her lips and she feels his hot breathe on her face and gets nervous. He is about to kiss on her lips and Rads whispers, “Arjun”. Arjun smiles at her and pecks her lips softly, radhika opens her eyes in surprise and starring him lovingly but both gets jerked off hearing Avi’s voice nearby. Rads pushes him and comes out from the corner but encounters Avi shockingly. Soon Arjun also comes behind her and gets shocked seeing Avi standing with their mouth open in shock.

Rads gets embarrased seeing him and runs from there. Avinash comes to Arjun who tries to hide his face by turning here and there and rubs his hair giving a sheepish smile. Avi goes to him and takes haldi from his cheeks saying, “So ritual is over?” . Arjun just walks out from there without seeing him and Avinash laughs seeing his blush.

Radhika and Arjun sits on their place for their haldi ceremony after washing their face. Kushi jumps in happiness and gets excited for all these functions. She applies haldi to Radhika and to Arjun also. Everyone is enjoying the function to the core and excited for the marriage.

After done with Haldi, all dispersed and goes to do the preparation for marriage. Radhika gets tensed and nervous thinking about her marriage and the following responsibility. Mother comes to her and calms her down and makes her ready for the marriage. Shanti di also comes and helps in making her ready.

Avinash takes Arjun to the mandap hall once the pandit calls the bridegroom. He performs some puja and calls for bride. Kushi takes Radhika with her and walks to the mandap. Arjun looks at Radhika and mesmerised in her beauty and smiles looking at Kushi. She makes radhika sit beside Arjun and place a kiss on their cheeks and stands with Avinash.

Pandit performs some rituals and tells them to do the pheras. Ardhika takes the 7 pheras happily, he holds radhika’s hand strongly and taking the pheras whole heartedly. Then Arjun puts sindoor on her forehead and ties the mangalsutra. Everyone wishes them for their happy married life. Among everyone the most happiest person in that whole mansion is one and only Kushi. She did not know how to express her happiness and roaming the whole mansion happily with the kids.


4 years leap,

Arjun is getting ready for his office, and Radhika is in Kitchen preparing breakfast for him. She hears Arjun calling her, she tells Shanti di to cook and goes to him.

There she sees Arjun tensed and looking at the floor searching something. Rads, “What are you searching now?”

Arjun, “Shirt button yar. It got broken”

Rads, “It’s ok wear something else and go na. Why are you disturbing me?” She is about to go from there but Arjun stops and pulls her to him and locks her in his embrace.

Radhika is trying hard to free her from him but his grip becomes tighten the moment she tries it. Rads becomes tired, “Arjun pls…i have lot of work. I have to prepare breakfast for you, and have to make kushi ready for school..you are disturbing me a lot. I said leave me”

Arjun nods his head negatively, “No way. Stitch this button and go from here”

Radhika, “Wear another shirt. I will stitch after sometime”

Arjun, “No…do it now”

Rads understand his mischeif, “You are so adamant Arjun. Your kids are exactly like you”

Arjun, “Ofcourse..they are my kids. We born to torture you” he winks seeing her pout face.

Rads finally, “Acchaa ok i will stitch the button..leave me”

Arjun, “No, if i leave you..then you will runaway from here”

Rads laughs hearing him, “Then how can i take the Thread box needle and all. All are there in that cupboard”

Arjun walks towards the cupboard where she pointed having her in his embrace, her back towards the board. She bangs her head in his chest seeing his mad act. He goes there and open the door, takes the box and gives it to her to stitch it.

Rads, “Arjun…you are so mean”

Arjun, “Yes i am. So what?”

Rads gives him an unbelievable look at him and starts stitiching his shirt , he simply stands there and adores her continuously. Rads knows that he is starring her but she did not look at him and continues stitching.

Arjun smirks at her and shouts, “Ouch”

Rads gets panicked asking, “What happened? It hurts?” she is looking at his chest moving the shirt and finds him laughing seeing her in tension.

Rads, “Arjun…this is really bad.” she keeps a pout face, Arjun, “Ok ok ok…i wont sorry sorry” he kiss her forehead to soothe her.

She finished stitching but for final touch, she just press the needle slightly on him and he screams in shock by rubbing his chest to soothe the pain and looks at her shockingly.

Radhika is laughing hardly seeing him and says, “This is the punishment for troubling me”

She is about to run away but Arjun holds her wrist and pulls her to him saying, “Now you are gone”

He pins her to the wall and pushes himself more on her and is trying to kiss her but Radhika pushing him saying, “Arjun…you are getting late for office. Leave me na.

Otherwise i will shout and you have to face the 3 warriors”

Arjun, “I am ready to face the war now but before that i have to win you in my war”

He locks her both hands on both sides and capture her lips before she moves her head. He kissing her roughly and Rads is not responding it but soon, she too losts her control and stops struggling, Arjun without moving..understands her feelings and leaves her hands, he moves his hands to her waist and rolling his palms on her bare skin making her to loose her control more. Radhika rubs his hair and moans in pleasure, he then moves down to the crook of her neck and kissing her with a lot of passion. Radhika is moaning in pleasure of unable to control her feelings…but both gets senses hearing a scream from Kushi’s room. They composes themselves and runs to Kushi room but gets shocked seeing the messy room and kushi running here and there in the room continuously.

They both looked down to see and finds two bundles running here and there making kushi tired. Yes they are Ardhika’s kids, twins..a cute girl and a boy who is of 2 years now and not allowing Kushi to get ready for school. One or the other snatching the bag, socks, shoes and making her mad. Ardhika laughs seeing the trio going around the room shouting at each. Kushi is 11 years now and started going to school like other kids once the Saral matter got over.

Kushi calls them, “Neil, Sam are you both gonna stop running or not? I am getting late…you bachooo i said stop and give me my bag”

Ardhika stands at the door step and looking at the three lovingly and happy tears oozing from both of their eyes. Yes they kept the babies name as Neil and Samaira, remeberance of Kushi’s parents Neil and Sam. Kushi still don’t know the truth that Arjun is not her father and Radhika did not want Arjun to tell the truth also. Kushi loves her brother and sister a lot, from the day they born, she is one who cares them like anything, she taken the responsibility of caring them and tells Rads the day they born, “Mumma…now i will take care of them both..coz till now you are caring me and now it is my turn to show my love to my brother and sister. I will only do everything to them. You just teach team how to do and i will do”. Rads comes out from the thought and looks at the trio.

Arjun laughs seeing the trio actions and says to Radhika, “Radhika, by seeing this i remember the way how kushi used to make Neil and Sam runs around the home. They both runs from one place to another to stop her from crying. Now i remember that scene here and i feel like my Neil & Sam reborn for us to stay with kushi forever this time”

Rads leans on her chest saying, “I feel so. See how these three are attached to each. They will not stay away for a single moment without anyone and they are having food together and NeSam wants Kushi only to feed them. They will sleep only with kushi and kushi also wont sleep without them. But one thing i have to say, NeSam is making her mad like anything”

Arjun side hugs her, “Ha ha ha….they are taking revenge from kushi i think” he laughs.

Rads hits him & smiles and both continues adoring their kids who plays happily.

Radhika remembers the promise kushi given to her and tells Arjun, “I am so lucky to have this lovely family. Thank you so much Arjun. You made my life so colorful”

Arjun hugs her tightly saying, “No…i am the luckiest and the happiest person in the world to have you and kushi in my life..and now two more got added in my account.

If you were not here then i think i would be living that boring life still and Kushi also would have lost everything all her school life, love of a mother etc. Once you came everything got settled down here. Kushi got love and she was happy like anything. And there i started realising your importance in our life. If this marriage was not there also..i would have not allowed you to go out from this house. It’s you who came into our life which was occupied by only Darkness and you filled it with a colorful lights which makes our life colorful. You filled LOVE in this house.”

Arjun cups her face saying, “Radhika…You are the light of my life who shoves away the darkness and shows the path for LOVE…only LOVE”

He kisses her forehead with lot of love and affection and she hugs him back tightly and they both stares their three kids happily playing with each other.

_______________THAT’S IT__________________________

Wow…so cute they are right? Awww how lovely their family is…The heavenly couple starring their three beautiful and cute kids playing. Yes as Arjun said..now this house has filled with LOVE AND LOVE ONLY…which means i have got this house under my control.

Uhhh ohhhh…you all are confused now? I mean have you all forgot me..who am i? Oh god…ok let me introduce myself again. My name is LOVE…now you all remember me right…haa it’s my mistake only yar.. i met you guys on first episode and got myself busy in filling their life with love by solving the problems. Now am sooooooo happy for them and blesses them that they all should live happily like this forever.

So my dear friends…my work is finished here in this Mansion now….and i have to search another one again. If anyone of you also have any problem…just let me know i will be there at first place and give you all my love to you. Chalo….it’s getting late now…bye bye see you.

*******************************THE END*********************************

UFFFFFFFF…..so guys, how is it? This is the end of this ff DARKNESS BENDS TO LIGHT. I really don’t know how it came and whatever it comes to my mind..i wrote it. So
now its your time to give your comments…silent readers pls pls comment it and expecting it eagerly.

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