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MMZ – A painful Revenge (The Reporter’s Diary) – Shot 2

MMZ – A painful Revenge (The Reporter’s Diary) – Shot 2

Ardhika reaches THE VISION office. Arjun bows down his head and keeps his face sadly, Venu is scolding him badly for his irresponsible work…Radhika smirks seeing Arjun and this what she expected and wanted.


Venu, “Arjun…y r u silent? I am talking to you only. Say something..why u did not take any pictures of the dead body?”

Arjun thinks what to answer him but Venu himself continues by showing him the Rads pictures in Camera saying, “What wil i do with this pics?”

Rads smiles saying, “You can’t do anything sir. But i can do. I got some good profile pics to keep in FB”

Venu gives an unbelievable look and Arjun glares her for teasing him. Rads smirks, “Venu…that’s y i told you in the morning itself that not to send him with me…but u did not even listen my words”

Venu gives Arjun an angry look says, “I should have listened you Raadhika. You are correct. He won’t do anything and will not let others also”

Radhika tries to control her laugh seeing Arjun’s puppy face hearing Venu’s statement.

Venu, “Arjun…you made me fail infront of Radhika na. So from now on, don’t ask me any favour for you.”

Arjun gives a shocking reaction saying, “Oh no Venu…if you are not then who will help me for this?” he says by showing rads

Venu, “Dare you ask me again. You can go now”

Arjun hangs his head down and goes out from the room. Rads bursts out laughing seeing him and Venu raises his hands and stops her, “Enough of laughing now. SO both of you went and did not get any proper information right. I don’t know what will be the future for this Journal if i have people like you both”

Rads, “Venu…point only Arjun. Not me. I have the pictures of the victim”

Venu, “Is it? That’s great…but how u took it”

Rads, “I know about Arjun very well..so i have taken in my mobile…it will not be clear but still i can manage it”

Venu smiles, “You know what…now you proved that only you can handle him and understand him very well.”

Rads, “Uff…again u started. Now i have to say that what will be the future of the journal when we have a Cheif editor like you.” She makes faces and goes out.

Venu smiles broadly saying, “Nothing will happen till i have a people like you all”


Radhika goes to her place and finds Sam & Arjun talking silently. Sam consoling Arjun and he looks sad. Sam sees Radhika and signs her. Rads smiles and nods her head as Nothing.

She takes her place and is about to leave but Arjun stops her, “Where are you going?”

Rads gives him a sharp look saying, “Why…you wanna accompany me there also?”

Arjun, “Ofcourse…anyway your bike is punctured na. So how u will go?”

Rads, “If you come with me na..then defintely i can’t do my work. So NO”

Ardhika looks each other and it looks like they shared something through their eyes.

Arjun immediately, “No way. I won’t leave you alone and i will be coming with you only”

Rads, “I won’t go with you and that’s final. Don’t follow me”

She leaves from there without even waiting for his reply. Arjun stares the way she goes and after few mins, he also went out to follow her. He sees her taking Auto and starts following her.

He smirks seeing her getting down from the Auto and walking towards the Crime spot. Still 2 , 3 police constables are present here and there and she walks towards the spot and stops by the Constables at one point. She stands there and continuously starring the place where the dead body kept.

She keeps on looking everywhere in the surroundings and her vision stops at one point and gets tensed seeing the garbages down there. She thinks how to reach there and gets into thinking. Suddenly she and the constable gets disturbed by a painful voice beside them.

A man who has grease on his faces here and there, with torn clothes, messed up hair with stained teeths. He is scratching his head with a dirty smile saying,

“Sir…have to the clean the garbage.”

Constable did not allow him initially and he is asking him to allow him continuously. Finally he allows him to take the garbages and the man walks towards it. Radhika is shocked seeing all these and silently watches it what happens. The man cleans garbage and is walking back to the place where he enters.

He thanks the constable and goes from there with his shack. Radhika gets more tensed thinking all the garbages went with that guy and stands at the same place without knowing anything.

She walks out from there and when she reaches near the bush, she has been pulled by some one from there. She gets afraid at first seeing the person and then calms down saying “Arjun, you scared me”

Arjun who is removing all the make up from his face and wiping it with a water to remove the stains. He then hands over the card to her which she was looking for it.

Rads is surprised, “Was it really there? Oh no…thank god..it did not get by Police”

Arjun, “This is serious and we have to more careful..should not give them the chance of finding us”

Rads nods her head and immediately she makes face saying, “Yuck..Arjun first please remove the tooth set. It looks ugly and disgusting”

Arjun teases her by moving close with her with the same tooth and she runs out from the bush. He laughs seeing her and takes out the dresses, his wig, tooth set and dumps it in his bag and goes out. She waits for him near his bike and they both leaves from there once he came.

They both reach their flat, infact that is Swara’s flat and often Arjun used to come there to visit her. It’s a two bedroom flat and she has alloted a room for him to rest whenever he comes. They both goes to their room, gets refreshed and sits infront of the laptop.

Both are looking into something seriously and Arjun takes his memory card from the camera and gives it to Radhika. She inserts that in her lappy and starts saving all the photos of the dead body in a folder. Rads while doing so, “Arjun…how u managed to cover these pics that too very closely”

Arjun lifts his shirtb collar, “You should be talent for that”

Rads smirks saying, “Hmm..yeah..i saw your talent infront of Venu”

Arjun makes face and continues their work. Rads start typing the article about this murder and the victim, meanwhile Arjun goes to the board and pins some pictures on it. Then takes a red marker and strikes on one’s pic none other than the guy whom they saw his body today. Then he ticks on another picture and asks Rads, “So when is the next target?”

Rads, “Not immediately Arjun. Let the police be calm then we will target it but we have to keep on watching that person to know more about his daily activities”

Arjun just nods and asks her, “All ok? But why u keep this duffer’s picture here?”

Rads goes to the board and looks at the picture whom Arjun points. She stares the picture angrily and says, “Being a responsible person in the city, he supported for the wrong doings. Indirectly he did the crime…so he also should be punished for that sin..he should suffer and live a disgusting life forever”

Arjun holds her shoulder and calms her down saying, “But Radhika you should control your emotions while talking to him and today you over reacted”

Rads, “I know and i did it purposely. I don’t damn care about it and my only intention is to insult him and i did it”.

He gives an unbelievable look then goes to the lap and re-look at the article she typed. She comes back to him and said, “Is it ok? Or need any modifications?”

Arjun, “So far ok? So when are you going to publish this?”

Rads smiles saying, “Once everyone’s chapter is over, then it will be published”

Arjun chuckles, “Venu will faint for sure…after reading this”

Rads glares and thinks herself, “Whether should i tell Venu about this or not?”

***************End of 2nd Shot**************

Thank you all for the support you given me in the 1st shot. And please give me your reviews for this 2nd shot also. Waiting eagerly. Love you all 🙂

Note: Here Radhika is the main lead and Arjun is just a supporting character for Rads. So the decision and plan will be make over by Rads.

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