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MMZ – A painful Revenge (The Reporter’s Diary) – Shot 1

A painful Revenge – The Reporter’s Diary

Radhika rushes inside the Premises of “THE VISION” newspaper, which is located at the heart of the Mumbai city and runs inside her cabin fastly before gets noticed by
her Cheif Editor Mr. Venugopal. But Venu notices her coming through his glass door and she is walking to her cabin by hiding her face and finally gets in her place leaving a sigh relief. Her friend Sam chuckles seeing her activities saying, “Good Morning dear…Today also you are late by 10 mins”


Rads switching on her monitor says, “I am trying hard to come early but what to do yar…i could never reach on time. I don’t know when i am gonna bashed by Venu. He is tracking my records i guess..keeps on telling me that i am coming late.”

Sam giggles, “Because he is so much interested in you. That’s y”

Rads glares her angrily and signs her to look at her monitor. Rads starts her work for that day and collecting the informations about child labours in Mumbai City.

Radhika is one of the cheif reporter cum Article Editor in “THE VISION” News paper and is interested in gathering the informations about the Social issues but not the

Murders, theft and accidents news.

Sam who is watching the updates shouts Rads name to look at her monitor. Rads moves to her desk and they both look at the latest news flashing on the video. Sam is reading the headlines, “A man is found dead after brutually beaten and killed. He was dumped inside the garbage and found by the shopkeeper who have his shop at the platform. As per him, he found the body of this man when the street dogs are biting his flesh. He immediately calls the Area Inspector and informs him about this body.

The police also came to the spot immediately with forensic department and trying to collect for the evidences if any”

Sam looks at Rads scaringly saying, “What could be the reason? do you have any idea?”

Rads makes faces seeing the picture and moves to her place saying, “I don’t want to think also. I just hate this kind of news. Look at the picture..oh god i can’t even able to look at it”. Before she completes her sentence, her telecom rings and Rads sign Sam to attend the call & signs her to tell him that she is not there.

Sam attends and says, “Sir..Rads just went out”

Sam face gets sad and keeps pout face saying, “Sorry sir”

Immediately she hands over the phone to Radhika and goes to her place. Rads just blinks at her and attends the call.

Rads, “Yes Venu”

Venu, “Come to my Cabin”

Rads sadly hangs the call and looks at Sam who chuckles seeing her reaction whispering “All d best”

Rads too whisper her, “I know why he is calling me”

She then goes to Venu’s cabin and wishes him. Venu throws her one look and continues his work in lap. Rads kept quiet for few seconds and she only initiated, “Venu…i guess you called me for something”

Venu smiles slightly seeing her restless and signs her to take her seat. Rads rolls her eyes and take a seat. Venu leans back on his chair and says, “You might be guessed by now why i called you right? You saw the news?”

Rads narrows her eyes and passes him one sharp look and keeps on rolling her eyes saying, “I pray that my guess should be wrong and yeah Sam showed me just now”

Venu smirks, “Your prayer never heard by God and yes your guess is right”

Rads makes faces bows her down on the table itself and nods her right & left saying, “Pls Venu…i beg you. Don’t send me for this”

Venu chuckles seeing her reaction, “Don’t act kiddishly radhika. You are a cheif reporter and how can you deny this?”

Rads lifts his face and looks at him saying, “So what? But i don’t want to go Venu.”

Venu, “No way and it’s been communicated to everyone that you are handling this news and you will be accompanied with your favourite PhotoJournalist”. He gives a mischeivious smile seeing her eyes widely open in shock.

Rads in shock, “Venu…Seriously Are you planning to kill me is it? How can you trouble me to this extent?”

Venu giggles seeing her crying face, “Nothing is in my hand and he only voluntarily told me that he wants to accompany you”

Rads, “Venu..i am telling you now. This work will not happen if you send me with him. I will give you a better option. Sam is so interested in this case..you please send her with him. They are perfect jodi and they can very well handle this case and collects the information from knook and corner”

Venu makes his face serious, “No more discussions on this topic. You are going with him. You may go now and leave ASAP. I need the complete information by end of today”

Rads glares him and goes from there without even greeting him. Venu controls his laughter seeing her and calling some one.

Venu, “Arjun”

Arjun, “Hi Venu”

Venu, “I fulfilled your wish. Get ready to accompany her and i am warning you not to show your naughtiness to her. Behave professionally and come back with full information. Don’t make her angry and she is ur responsiblity too. Do you get it?”

Arjun, “Oh pls. I know what to do. And many thanks for this ultimate help. I love you Venu” with so much excitement.

Venu gives disgusting reaction, “Yuck Arjun. get lost”. he keeps the phone down and laughs thinking about Radhika & Arjun who is just extreme opposite to each other.

He knows that Arjun is madly behind Radhika and Radhika is always avoiding him just because he always irritates her and he loves to do that.

Rads storms in her cabin and sits in her chair with a thud. Sam expected this kind of angry from her and chuckles seeing her sad tensed face. She moves to her place with her chair and whispers, “So Arjun is also coming with you is it?”

Rads stares her without saying anything…Sam gulps saying, “He messaged me”

Rads murmurs, “I will kill him for sure”

RaSam gets jerk hearing a voice behind them, “I am always ready to die in your hands”

Both the girls turns to look at him where Sam laughs and gives a hi-fi to him but Rads glares him angrily…she takes her bag and stuffs and leaves from there. Arjun waves bye to Sam quickly and follows Radhika.

Ardhika goes to Parking lot to take their vehicles…Rads gets shocked seeing her tyre puncture and Arjun gives a mischeivieous smile to her. She understands that Arjun only did this and murmurs seeing him, “I will break your head one day and that’s my promise”

Arjun stops his bike near her and signs her to sit. She pours all her anger on beating him with her bag hardly and sits back. Arjun enjoys each and every action of hers and drives happily.

Ardhika reached the death spot where so much of crowd in the surroundings. Ardhika shown their ID card and gets special permission among the crowds to reach the Press sections. They both meet their friends who works for other journals.

Kritika who is Rads collegemate working for other Journals, “Hey Radhu…you are so late today. We almost gather all the information”

Rads casually, “I don’t even bother. You share the information..i will just do copy paste” she chuckles.

Kritika, “Radhika…you are such a lazy girl. You wanna copy paste my content. My job will go if my editor knows this”

Rads, “It’s ok…come to me. I will get your job in Vision”

Kritika nods her head unbeliveably and turns to other side to question The Police Commissioner who comes to Press to answer their question. Kritika, Radhika gets ready with their digital audio recorders to record his statements.

Kritika, “Sir…Can you please tell us what could be the motive for this murder?”

Commissioner, “We are still trying to find out. As for now, we identify the person who he is”

Rads, “Sir, it’s almost half of the day gone and still you found out only about this. In this speed, do you think you will be able to track the killer? Coz as per my assumption…the body is decomposed and its smelling very badly. Looks like it’s been a long time the murder has happened and by now the culprit would have flown away so far. Do you really think you will be able to find the culprit soon?”

Everyone startled looking at her and commissioner’s reaction. Commissioner stares her for a while saying, “Will update the press once we get further information” by saying this he turns to go..but then he stops and turns to look at her asking, “From which Journal?”

Radhika is about to say something but Arjun keeps his hands on her shoulder and gently pats…she composes herself saying, “THE VISION”.

Commissioner just nods his head and leaves from there.

Kritika is still in shock looking at Radhika and asks, “Are you girl crazy? How can you talk to him like this?”

Rads shurgs her shoulder, “So what? he is not any animal na? It’s his duty to answer our questions”. She turns to Arjun who is having his Masala tea at the tea stall nearby from the spot. Rads, “Arjun…have you taken the pictures clearly?”

Arjun immediately spits the tea and coughs by patting his head saying, “Ummmm…aaahhh..yeah i have taken”

Rads, “Show me”

Arjun hesitatingly gives his digital camera to her and she starts the checking the pictures he took and is jaw dropped.

She glares him angrily asking, “What the hell have you done?”

Arjun, “You were looking so cute while talking to the Police. I couldn’t stop myself in taking your picture”

Rads, “But Arjun…you took only mine..not even a single of picture of the dead body”

Kritika bursts out lauging by holding her stomach and Rads keeps angry face and Arjun don’t know what to say and how to react.

Rads lets a heavy breathe saying, “I will show this as it is to Venu and let him decide what to do with you”

They 3 are about to leave…Ardhika gets in their bike and Kritika stops them saying, “Radhika…you don’t need any information about him. You know what we are faster than the police”

Rads smirks, “I know we are. I told you na..i will copy paste your content.” she winks at her and tells Arjun to move.

Kritika sighs and goes from there. Ardhika crossed the death spot while driving…Arjun looks at his left side mirror and finds the body still there where the police and forensic department trying to find solid proofs.

Rads who is sitting behind him, turns back and gives a final look at the spot and turns back again.

***************End of 1st Shot**************

Hello dears….how was the episode. It is few shots and not sure how many it will have. I guess hardly it will have 5 max or i might finish it in 3 shots itself. Okay pls do comments on ur views about this topic..so that i will continue further else i have to think about to halt this.

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