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miracle or love episode 25

Hi guys imam here…so sorry for not replying on your comments as you know my condition… Well thanks a lot for your responses…and yeah I’m OK now my head injury is almost healed but leg is fractured and plastered for two weeks…but the good thing is I’m back to home…and very busy because all the day the guest are coming and going to ask for my health so not able to use mobile maxima…thank you so much for you concern love you all
Many of you must be curious for swara’s answer even I m so let’s see what she will answer…

Sanskar: (holding her close)answer me swara if you ever loved me.??
Swara was shocked with this sudden question…OK she has been madly in love with him ten years before….but she never got the courage to tell him…then sahil’s entry her life made a new turn in her life…she loved him yes she loved him fully sincerely she loved him as a wife loves her husband… But did she loved him as a woman loves a man….


Well the answer is still unknown… Sanskar was her first love…and first love always remains in heart may be as a memory….but would she be able to say no to her feelings…no to her love for him…would she be able to say no I don’t love you being so close to him…looking at his eyes…would she be able to…???

Swara was looking at him in shock…her eyes has met with his eyes…it was not for the first time they are sharing an eye lock but this time it was different… Swara could sense a lot of feelings in his eyes feelings for her…his care was shown clearly shown a painful eye lock was turning into a deep caring and enveloped with an unknown feeling.. .
Swara:(trying to make herself free) doctor please leave me..
Sanskar: (tightening the grip)swara just answer me..
Swara:yes I know kunal and Dr.Neil from past 8 years and kunal is responsible for my condition…. Now please leave…
Sanskar: (making eye lock more deep.)I didn’t tell you answer this answer my question… Did you ever love me??
Swara:(pleading) doctor please I have already suffered a lot don’t make it more tough for me..
Sanskar: OK then tell me what kunal did..

Swara:I can’t tell you…you are none for me…
Sanskar felt really bad after listening this but for now he only wanted to concentrate on Swara..
Sanskar: marry me swara….
An other atom bomb on swara…she was like what the hell are you saying….
She pushed him with full force and made her free…and went a few steps backward….she was crying
Swara:(while stepping backward) no doctor I’m not worth it…by saying this she turned away and ran to her room…

Sorry for short update and I know its not worth reading but I’m sorry it is it….do comment if you want

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