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Meri jaan tumme hai (os)

I m again here with a new os.it is my fifth os.Thank u for loving my first four os.now read this.

Our sumo was standing on beach. .She was seeing the beauty of sea.A boy comes and hugs her from back.
The boy is shravan.
Shravan:yess sumo.
Sumo:jaad hai kaise tumne mujhe is beech pr propose kiya tha.
Shravo:nhi.bilkul nhi.
Sumo:shravooooo!!!how bad.
Shravo:bilkul jaad hai my chipkali woh yehi jagga hai yaha pr meri zindagi tabah ho gyi thi.
Sumo:shravan!!leave me.
She brokes that hug and goes to other side.
Shravo:oh ms suman malhotra rudho mt hmse woh suhana pal tha and I cant ever forget it.
Sumo:OK 1 sharat PR.
Sumo:u have to propose me again as u did that time.
Shravo:what??phirse aafat ghale dhalon.
Shravo:sorryyy joking.
Sumo:so propose.
Sumo: start.
Shravo:oh miss suman malhotra noo noo that time tiwari .again.oh miss suman tiwari tujhe dekha tu mujhe ho gyi bulne ki bimaari,kya tum hmesha ke liye banogi hmari.
Suman I love uuu.will u marry me??
Sumo:aww nooo.
Shravo:u r already.
Sumo:shravo u still remember.
Sumo goes and kisses on his cheek.

After some days.Shravan was sitting in office.He got a parcel.he was shocked seeing something.
He was in dilemma not knowing what to do.
Shravo:yeh sumo ko pta nhi chalna chiye.but mai uske sath aisa nhi kr skta.we both have to seperate
He went home.he get in fight with sumo.he was not happy but he did.sumo was not able to understand what suddenly happened but she controlled herself.
Now shravo fought daily with sumo.sumo cried but she loved shravo and never wanted 2 go away from him.
But shravo want her to stay away for her happiness.
He one day brought divorced pprs.
Sumo:shravan yeh kya hai.
Shravo:I m tired listening u.I m fed up.I don’t want to stay with u.u r a problem for me.
Sumo:shravan!!!wht r u saying u can’t do this.I love u.
Shravo:just shut up sign the papers.
Sumo:shravo we could discuss..
Shravo:just sign I don’t want to listen.
Sumo: say this looking in my eyes that u don’t love me.wht is issue .u r not telling me.u r lieing to me.
Shravo:don’t say anything.
Sumo:I want ans.at least pls tell me the truth.I m ur wife.
Shravo:I don’t love u.
Sumo:u r lieing say this looking towards me.
Shravo was not able to say.
Sumo:why quiet .pls tell me truth.
Shravo was quiet.
Sumo:tell me..
Shravo:tum bs chup rho and sign pprs.
Sumo: tell me truth.
Shravo:I can’t.
Sumo:u have to.
Shravo:i want divorce.
Sumo:I want answer.
One voice comes.
Voice:mai btata hoon.
Shravo:ram sir u here.but u can’t .
Ram:I can.listen sumo ur husband is a undercover agent.
Shravo:sir what u did.it was not in our rules.
Ram:but wht u did u r breaking ur relation.
Shravo:for my country I could do anything.
Ram:pr suman ko.
Sumo:shravo yeh kya hai.
Ram:actually he agent he was in mission when he fall in love with u.now he have to go for a mission related to terrioism and if they got to know about family relations ur life can be in endangered.
Sumo:(emotional)shravo itni c baat for u anything.
Shravo:sumo but.
Sumo keeps finger on his lip.
Sumo hugs him.
Sumo:I love u.
Shravo:me too.

After some days shravo went to mission.sumo was afraid.everyday she had nightmares.she was not having enough relief.
One day sumo was standing on beech (same beach). She was remembering her moments spend with shravo.
One boy comes and hugs her from back.
Sumo knows he was shravo .she was overjoyed.
Sumo:I know u will be back.
Shravo kisses her for head.
Sumo:shravo I m proud to be wife of u.
Shravo:and I as husband of my wife.
Sumo:I m so happy u r back.
Shravo:ha tumne toh soch liya hoga ki shravan.
Sumo:dhravan shutup not a word more like this.how would I live without u meri jaan toh tumme hai.
They hug each other.
The end.

Do u all like this.

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