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Mere Angne Mein 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ashok talking to Riya and Prabha’s husband. They make plan to get all the railway guards and gather 200 people to protest. She asks him to get a sound speaker and thanks him. She says we have to do difficult work and want your support. Prabha’s husband says I m union leader, I will assure you help. She says no train should run today. He agrees. She says management will get under pressure and then give job back to Raghav. Prabha’s husband asks the men to support Raghav. Ashok says we will pressurize management so that injustice does not happen with Raghav. Riya says I will see how that officer does not listen.

She announces that an officer wants to snatch a honest officer’s job and earnings, do you want this injustice to happen with you, please support us.

The people protest in favour of Raghav. Riya tells Ashok that she will go and inform train driver also. Ashok also protests. Riya and Nimmi go to driver and TT. She tells them about honest employee Raghav is getting injustice, we are supporting him, we want your help. They agree to help. Riya says I want no train leaves from the station, come with us. More people join Riya. Shanti prays at home. Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram….. plays…..

Amit comes to Shanti Sadan. She asks how did you come here today. He says I did not get time before to come and came today. She says you did not had time to lift my funeral. Amit says what are you saying, you will live for long. He says even I m worried, I m in dilemma. She says you want to support your mum, I did not give anything to you. He asks what are you saying, did Papa come here. Shanti says why will he come here. Amit thinks Raghav is losing job, it means we can lose quarter. He says I will go and help Raghav, I m really worried. He goes. She says yes, help, he needs help a lot. Kaushalya sits praying.

Riya tells everyone that she wants to talk about their rights, some officers are misusing their power and post, some honest employees are losing job, one such employee is senior guard Raghav, wrong is happening with him, do you want this to continue, support me. Constable asks Riya to take protest somewhere else. She asks why, I m not hurting any public property, I m fighting for truth, I m not doing anything wrong. Riya’s protests go on. Raghav also comes there and gets shocked seeing Riya, Nimmi and Ashok.

The officer says see their dare, they got the goons. Ashok asks do you think they are goons, they are the workers of this railway station. The employees support Raghav and also Ashok. Riya tells the people that Sinha blamed Raghav that he has taken rent by giving quarters to strangers, but truth is Raghav’s family starts here, when Raghav tried to tell him truth, Sinha framed him. Riya tells media reporters that their protests will not end till their demands are met, no train will leave from Moghalsarai station. Shanti and Kaushalya pray at home.

People protest and burn some statue. Riya shouts and protests. Police comes there and stops Riya and others. Sinha says they have done the limit, they are blaming authorities for one man, this is our insult. Riya says we don’t want to insult you, we are not against the laws, we did this to show your mistakes. Ashok says we don’t want Raghav to face injustice. Sinha tells Raghav that Ashok was running gambling there. Ashok says no, some goons were doing it, I appealed you to make goons leave, but you have shut my canteen, don’t do injustice with Raghav. He tells them that Sarla is Raghav’s sister, we were staying there, Raghav gave house to Sarla so that she does not worry. Raghav asks Ashok to wait.

Riya asks Raghav to let Ashok say true. Sinha says they all are liars, Raghav takes rent from there, if he has his own house, how can’t he take railway quarter. Riya asks where is his house. Sinha says we know his house, Shanti Sadan. Riya says Shanti is our Dadi ji, Raghav’s mum, and that house is on Shanti’s name. Sinha says but it belongs to Raghav. Riya says house does not get on anyone’s saying, else we would have not needed legal papers. Raghav looks on.

Sinha shows the proof of Sarla’s pic. Ashok asks Sarla to come and tell everyone does she give rent to Raghav or not. Sarla worries.

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