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Memorizes made with love (AbhiGya Destiny episode -34)

Abi was busy in his works.suddenly his mobile rings…hearing the information.he stormed from office to hospital.he enquries in reception n moves to her room..within a mint his soul left his body.he stroms inside the room…seeing little pragya sleeping,he goes slowly towards her n cares her face.later on,slowly little pragya wakes up.seeing him she jumps n hugs him…abi too hugs her with tears.abi,what happen sweetheart..how u came here…are u fine a..little pragya,OMG papa am fine…aaradhya mamma oly brought me here..she is a docter..but i have seen somewhere..abi,k baba..u just wait here…i ll see the doctor n come back..little pargya,no papa..i ll also come with u.abi,k fine…come lets go..lifts her..both comes out from the room…mean time,pragya comes in opposite side..abi was chatting with little pragya..she was coming with paki…suddenly pragya turns to leaves by side room…same time abi slightly sees her…he stood in shock..abi thinks whther am seeing her or dreaming.y,am feeling that she was here nu..his contiuous thought was broken by little pragya….paki comes to abi.paki,hey sweetheart….how are u….litle pargya,am fine aunty….wher s that another doctor aunty…..paki,oh….see….she was busy now darling….sure ill inform her…u don’t worry…little pragya,no i want to meet her rite now….say stubbornly.abi,hoi princess she is busy na..so v should not distube her.paki,u r good gal na…after a long struggle,little pragya convined.abi n little pragya moved to car…by placing little pragya on his lap n drives the car.he was thinking whether it would b pragya nu…atlast both reached home.. Abi makes her to slep in bed n leaves to balcony.thinks about pragya…..the nights passed by her thoughts.
Pragya,aaradhya wher r u…shouts having milk glass in hand.mummers tis gal na..sucking my energy lik his dad ..Aaradhya was siting under the table with tweety(dog)Aaradhya,hoi tweety pls don’t shout relse mamma ll find me..k…pls b silent..hearing her words tweety silenty lied next to her..pragya suddenly shouts,tweety whr r u…am having ur pedigree…so come soon..wher r u..listenly tis tweety barks…hearing the sound she found both tweet n aaradhya…holds her n lifts..pragya,hoi naughty gal..u cant cheat me….come on have it…aaradhya,mamma bcoz of tis tweety i have got…..wait tweety am gona to kill u….immediately tweety hides behind pragya…pragya,k fine aaradhya…i have a big news fr u…aaradhya was having milk,in mean time haa mamma i frgot to ask u,how was pragya…is she fine..hearing her name she went to her thoughts…how she ressembles lik bulbul n cute….aaradhya brought back frm her thoughts..

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