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Memorizes made with love (AbhiGya Destiny episode -33)

Hi frds…i hope wil u all remember me..am really sorry for much delay..just took a break..but never misssd any of ur ff….all the ff writers wre really fabulous…i just love all of ur ff’s..its makes me so despread to ur ff’s.kk guys lets get into story.i hope u all will lik it.
Abi and Aaradhya were became very close. daily they use to met in park..pragya was busy in her works n Raghav left to states for some work.so al this times sid oly cared Aaradhya.Abi n little pragya were settled in their places.little pragya n Aaradhya were became so close .one fine day sid,Aaradhya n tweety(dog)left to park..sid was busy in a cal.Aaradhya n tweety were playing..tweety was running n Aaradhya chasing it..mean time Abi n her princess too came park..here abi too busy in a cal with bulbul.little pragya noticed Aaradhya n moved towards her to speak.soon Aaradhya,little pragya n tweety became frds..all three wer playing..later on abi seen Aaradhya n neared her.but inbetween,tweety(dog) seen him lik a stranger n starts to bark louder.seeing tis abi got fear n sat near by bench..both gals were busy in their playing.but our tweety jumped on the bench n stood near n arrestd him..abi feared a lot n sat by closing his eyes.after few mints abi opened his eyes by hearing laughing noise.slowly opened his eyes,both two gals n sid were laughing loud seeing him lik tis.abi,stop laughing man..comeon help me…first make tis hell to get down.hearing tis tweety barked a little bit louder.again he closed his eyes.aaradhya ,uncle don’t worry.she ll not do anything,just a over protetive towards me.thats it.sid controlled his laugh n said,tweety comeon get into the car.tweety gave a glare to him n ran to car.abi gave a relief breath.sid,when did u came man.how u spend time with our tweety..abi,hell wit ur tweety.within a mint my soul left my body..hearing tis aaradhya got sad.abi nocites that n asks hey what happen.sid,she was her best frd.abi,what….????dog a??sid,tweety……abi,oh sorry..ya ya..tweety .immediately abi moved to Aardhya n lefted her.both she turned her face.abi,sorry my princess….hereafter she also my frd…now happy…aaradhya smiled n hugged him tight n said don’t worry uncle ill say to her.abi,fine..come on lets leave…all they spended some vaulble time n left.

Aardhya was sharing her day with pragya.she says about abi(just she mentioned as sid frd n named abi nu).pragya feeded her n made her sleep.drifted into her thoughts about abi..made aaradhya to lie properly n coverd her with blanket.pragya moved towards living hall,opened her laptop n reviews about her n abi’s photos slept with tears in sofa..next day,as usuall morning,aaradhya got ready for her school n pragya to ready.

.pragya n aaradhya left the home n started school…likwise aaradhya started her baks baks n pragya lost in her thoughts..atleast they both reached school..pragya walks towards her class n leaves her with certain instructions.by that time she notics a gal was fainting.without any delay she ran n holded her.aaradhya,mamma she was frd…what happen mamma n started to cry.pragya,nothing baby….she was alrite.dont worry n left to hospital with her informing staffs.

pragya reached hospital n took for treatment..after few hours she was gained conscious.pragya sat next her.gal slowly waked up.she smiled at her.pragy.how r u now.gal,am fine aunty..pragya,thats sweet of u.what ur name. Gal,pragya….pragya stunned hearing her name to herself..smiled..pragya,k fine sweetheart..y don’t u have ur breakfast today…little pragya,aunty,i hate milk.but my papa gives me milk dialy.but i ll pour it in pot..pragya smiled at her naughties n thinks same lik her bulbul.sweetheart if u eat oly u ll b health.relse see that nursed aunty ll put big big injections…little pragya gets panicks n cluches pragya’s hand..pragya,u r a good gal na..so u ll should eat properly..u know aaradhya rite…she use to do lik tis oly..but one i have putted a big injections..from that day she was eating properly.but u r good gal rite.little prgya,u r aaradhya mamma a..?pragya nodes.both had some chits chats..little prgya,kk aunty, ill obey u..pragya,k sweetheart.i have already informed to ur school.so ur papa ll come to pick up u…slep till that n kissed her forehead.little prgya nodes lied in bed.pragya left the room.

sorry guys…i hope u all remember.

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