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So guys its my second part of my os..i know i made you guys wait a lot..sorry for that.. I had high temperature and fainted …so I had to take a lot of rest .
I never expected to get more than 5 comments..but I was shocked and happy seeing all those comments in the last part…….some had suggested me make it longer so I have tried my best ..

hope you like it and do let me know how I can improve it ….
Shivaay : niaa..
Anika in her mind (why is he like this and who is nia ..)
Dadi hugs anika from back .
Dadi: ha betta ..you are our nia ..shivaay’s childhood friend..
Jhanvi: anika , shivaay and you were always together. You always wanted shivaay to teach you..


Priyanka:bhaiyyaa and you had a special bond ..
Shivaay is silent ..
Anika : but I don’t remember anything that happened 7 years back to me….i got to know he is my father from sahils bua …but she told me that he died during an accident .she had a photo of our family which she got from my bag when she saved me from the car..only his image was visible the other parts were burned…and…(anika suddenly collapses …and shivaay holds her in the nick of time)
Dadi calls the doctor..
Doctor comes and checks anika …
Doctor: the girl is a little stressed …see that you take proper care of her…
Dadi: sure doctor..
Om takes the doctor out.

Shivaay : I will stay here ..
Everyone is surprised to hear that..
Rudra: how come you have a sudden soft corner towards her..
Soumya : buddu.. they are childhood friends…I mean best friends..
Everyone leaves..
Shivaay sits on the sofa near the bed..he closes his eyes trying to reminisce the some moments during childhood..
Fb starts ***************************
A handsome boy about fifteen is sitting and doing his homework carefully…
A beautiful girl with long hair runs to the door..
Girl: yaar ..this is not fine ..

Boy : what is not fine..
Girl: you told me you will help me in doing math home work…and ..
Boy: I didn’t say that I will not help you ..i just started my studies..
Girl: hmm ..i am feeling hungry ..please cook something for me ..
Boy : haa..just now you told me you want to study and now you want to eat…
Girl : shivaay ….please ..please…for your nia right…
(yupp they are shivaay and anika )
Boy: ok ok come …
They move to the kitchen …shivaay cooks something ..and brings to the dinning table..
Anika: you are a super chef..love you shivaay..
Shivaay: haa..ok ..enough of praising ..now eat this..

Anika is talking about everything that happened in her class ..
Anika : shivaay I think my physics teacher is a buddhu..
Shivaay: how can you say that she is the first ranker in her batch..
Anika : whatever…still I think she don’t have brain..
Shivaay: ok now tell me ..what made you say like that..
Anika: I told her that tej uncle had travelled all around the world in his motor bike and returned to the same spot he began ..
Shivaay: so..
Anika: when I told it to my history teacher..she told me that his name is a part of history and praised him ..my bio teacher told me that he had to take rest and then she also praised his hard work and determination..but my physics teacher told me that according to physics he did not do any work…
Shivaay: (laughing)…you are the buddhu ..because she told you that ‘according to physics’ he did not do any work..
Work is done when a force that is applied to an object moves that object. The work is calculated by multiplying the force by the amount of movement of an object ..and hence her statement is proved correct..
Anika: what…
Shivaay: now I understood one thing ….i will have to teach you physics also…don’t know what you do in class…
Anika makes a puppy face..
Fb ends………………………………………………………………..

Another fb starts*****************************************
Someone is crying ..
Mrs arora: betta don’t cry just look at my face…
Anika/nia: no maa..i wont go for class …
Someone knocks on the door..mrs arora turns …
Mrs arora: beta tum..shivaay just tell her..she is still crying..
Mrs arora goes out of the room..
Shivaay: hmm so the brave girls cry…I thought ..
Anika : wiping her tears..i wont cry , but you will have to be beside the stage when I dance…I am scared of the audience , but when you are there I feel much comfortable…
mrs arora enters..

mrs arora: arey ..he cant be there with you , beside you for whole life..
shivaay in his mind no aunty I will be there for her throughout her life , beside her ..with her …no matter what the circumstance is …
fb ends************************************************************
back to the room ..
shivaay opens his eyes slowly ..he is weak inside right now ..
anika suddenly wakes up taking shivaay’s name..
shivaay goes and hugs her , she feels peace in his arms..
they break their hug…
anika: I saw something in my dream.. I think it’s something related to my childhood…
shivaay: take rest ..we will discuss it later..

Scene shifts..
Om is driving , when he suddenly sees a drunkard beating his wife..
He stops the car …
Om: please stop this..how can you beat your wife like this..
The man does not listen to his words..om quickly moves the lady and then holds the man’s collar..
Om: always remember to respect the woman you are from ,the one for you and the one from you…
The man moves away and says sorry to his wife..om drives back home..
A lady with a dark shawl on her face is seen in between the crowd..
The girl: I respect you and your words ..but will never forgive what had happened to my family …

I ishana arora will never return back home without taking revenge from you..
Scene shifts to college……………
Rudra: arey you are going to make a movie….
Friend: yaa …
Rudra: take me as the male lead…people will melt their hearts seeing the movie..
Friend: but…

Soumya comes from behind.
Soumya: if you want him to act ..only expect stones..and tomatoes..
Rudra: what about my muscles.. every girls will fall for it..
Soumya: cant you study right now …I am having lot to write, so don’t expect me to help you…
At oberoi mansion,
Anika : shivaay , I think I am able to remember certain things..
Shivaye: no need to stress dear…
Anika feels awkward when he speaks so lovingly..
Om: anika dii..when you were small you always wanted to be with shivaay..
Anika: but..ok..i want to see the house where I lived..

Shivaay: ok..but promise me that you wont stress yourself..niaa
Anika: I know that my name was nia..but call me only anika ..because the name nia is bringing certain fears in me…I don’t understand why…
Shivaay and anika reached the house..
Anika gets out of the car , she looks at the old swing..she suddenly stops and her memory takes her somewhere..she is able to see two girls playing..the girls are running to the house..anika follows them..shivaay who see this calls anika , but she was in her world of memories..shivaay follows her..

Anika walks through the corridor of the big bungalow..she sees old family pictures..she see’s the same girls in the photo..she clears the dust..
Anika: shivaay who are these girls..
Shivaay: ha..the one at right side is you .. and the girl with braided hair is you sister..
Anika: I don’t know if you will believe me , I always see them in my dream..and did I ever have a boyfriend…
Shivaay shocked: whattt..
Anika: I am asking this because every time in my dream there is a boy beside me .. helping me caring for me..
Shivaay: clearing his throat..yaa ..i mean I was the one always around you….
Shivaay walks forward and falls over something…anika holds him in her arms…he looks into her eyes..
Anika thinks in her mind: I want to know how I felt for shivaay when I was young..i want all my erased memories to come back….

She makes him stand and then they move forward ..she goes to the next room..
As she enters she is able to see the same girls..one was singing songs and the other was dancing beautifully..she comes back to present..
She opens the cupboards..there were beautiful frocks and shoes..everything were in pairs…she comes forward …she noticed a small photo album ..anika turns and observes each picture..suddenly she spots a lady in the group photo which seems very familiar to her..

Shivaay see this: anika that is Gayatri aunty..she liked you very much..
Anika: noo……..she ..she was the one who pushed me..
Anika suddenly realizes what she said..
Anika: yes ..i am able to remember the accident…
Shivaay looks at her in curiosity…

Precap: anika tells everything to shivaay…ishana and anika meet each other..

Forgive me for any grammatical and logical errors…

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