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Hii friends , I got a story in my mind , so am writing it up as an one shot in three parts..please do tell me if its good or bad .

.Next day ,
Morning..oberoi mansion ..
Soumya : hmm I am really feeling hungry….
She stands and moves towards the kitchen when rudra comes to her .
Rudra: if you are going to the kitchen, I will also come with you..
Soumya: then you will have to help me in preparing the food…


They both enter the kitchen .they are surprised to see shivaay preparing food for everyone…
Rudra:bhai you…….so your conference.
Soumya: you are supposed to be there right now bhaii..
Shivaay smiles at them and continues his work.
Dadi comes there hearing rudra and soumya.
Dadi : beta …how come you are here..the meeting was really important for you right.
Priy: did it get cancelled…
Shivaay finishes the work and calls everybody to the hall..
Shivaay: I did not skip the meeting neither it cancelled..but the point is that I had got the remaining votes from the Arora’s..
Om: bhaiyya ..seriously are you telling us that the same Arora’s who wanted to destroy us , supported us right now..
Jhanvi: unbelievable..how can that be possible ..
Shivaay: even I was shocked . I had been there early morning ..

Fb shown********************
Shivaay: is everything ready Mr .Bose (bose is shivaay’s secretary)
Bose: yes sir..
Suddenly bose gets some call and says to shivaay that mr. arora is arriving..
Shivaay greets arora ..
Arora: I am ready to give my two votes..
Shivaay: that’s nice of you..but you never supported us these many years ..and why now.
Arora: I know that, I am sorry for that..but now I want to know how you know this girl..
He was pointing at the family picture taken by rudra , which was posted on rudra’s fb…
Shivaay : that’s anika..my wedding planner..
Arora : ok any way I am leaving now..we will meet next week for the schedule meeting..
Before shivaay could shoot any questions further , mr.arora leaves..
Fb ends **************************

Jhanvi : how does he know anika..
Rudra : he might have been searching for a wedding planner..
Soumya: that’s not the reason he gave the votes..there is something else..
Suddenly anika enters humming a song ..
Anika greets dadi..she is surprised to see everyone staring at her ..
Anika: what happened to everyone..
She see’s shivaay there ,smiling at her.
Anika : your meeting is today right..
Dadi : beta we got the remaining votes ..
Anika: that’s great news .
Shivaay shows the picture of their board members to anika ..
Shivaay: see if you can recognize anybody in the picture..
Anika eyes through the picture ..suddenly her eyes gets fixed on something..she sits back on the sofa with a shock..
Anika: papa …
Tears fell off from her eyes..

Everbody gets shocked hearing her ..
Shivaay :what ..mr .arora is your dad..
Dadi:anika beta , are you alright..
Soumya: do you know mr.arora personally dadi…
Om: dad and mr.arora were close friends , and we always visited their house , and had a great bonding with his daughters..but a accident changed the deep friendship to hatred ..his both daughters died ..
Shivaay comes near anika and turns her , he has tears in his eyes..tears of happiness .anika is surprised too see him like this..
Shivaay holds her hand and says: niaa..

Next part: anika reveals the past incidents…..ishana entry …childhood memories ..

Ok guys ..i know that it isn’t as good as the other os’s . but forgive me as its my first attempt..

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